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  1. Papasmurf


    I thought I would remind everyone of this post that Gil posted on Dec 24 2006. Get a grip on it! All of us on this forum are an inspiration to someone, simply because we're who we are and where we are. Those who chose to sit at home and never venture anything probably are not an inspiration to anyone. I'm out in the public every day and have gotten more used to people coming up and telling me how "brave" I am. I don't really feel brave, but I quietly thank them and go on about my business. He was not only an inspiration to everyone on this forum but truely to his family also and all those people he met which he mentioned in his post.
  2. Papasmurf

    You get to choose!

    That was fun. 8/ 10
  3. Papasmurf

    The Question Game

    I would have liked to go back in time to the day before the dinosaurs became extinct to see exactly what happened to make them extinct. If I was alive then I would probably breathed a sigh of relieve! Gas prices? Average petrol prices in the UK are £0.95 per litre. That equates to about $9.50 per gallon. Please correct me if that is disputed. Petrol or Diesel cars and why?
  4. Papasmurf

    Fire in the Basement

    Hi Skully Thank heavens you are safe!!!!!!!! Is it me or do all us amps have a destiny with trouble??? Only yesterday someone drove into me when I was parked safely and minding my own business. The fact you highlight another episode that visits you when doing your thing on the phone is spooky.
  5. Papasmurf

    The Question Game

    Jim your next question is ..What was the last thing I was thinking about????? If the universe is never ending, are there an infinate number of universes? Supplementary question....if there are more than one universe is there a "me" out there with two legs?
  6. Papasmurf

    The Question Game

    No. But I have arrested lots of people.........but only the bad guys!! Whay do men have nipples?
  7. Papasmurf

    Dolphin Receives Prosthetic Fluke

    Horse with prosthetic leg.........http://www.oandp.com/edge/issues/articles/NEWS_2002-09-27_01.asp I think this has been done a couple of times now. There is another link here......http://www.nctimes.com/articles/2004/01/08/news/californian/1_7_0422_13_16.txt Don't know if I would put a bet on them though :lol: :lol:
  8. Papasmurf

    A video of me running for the first time

    I agree tried to upload the video and it would not load. :(
  9. Papasmurf

    For UK readers and posters....The NHS ARGGGGHHH

    Well done Fiona!! At least they are now communicating with you which is half the battle. What date was on the date stamp on the letter? Having your MP on side is indeed helpful especially as your consultant has backed your request on clinical needs. The PCT are certainly cheeky. Have you asked for the policy as to when funding for special activity legs is met? Social needs are as an important reason as any to allocate funding for a prosthesis!! What are they saying, that you should skulk away in a darkened room and not rehabilitate yourself to how you were pre amputation? Keep fighting you will get there. Bill
  10. Papasmurf

    American Idol Comment Demeaning Amputees

    No argument. That was my last word on this subject. There are no winners here. Bill
  11. Papasmurf

    American Idol Comment Demeaning Amputees

    I don't think Conal is doing any of this writing to networks etc for any personal gain. He is viewing the offence by the network as the serious point and has gone into battle for all amputees. His list of demands are reasonable to put to an organisation with thousands of employees and departments totally devoted to "Diversity Development." Whether the network then accedes to the list given for consideration is another matter entirely. But if you don't ask you don't get. One thing is certain though Conal has certainly stirred up a great debate.
  12. Papasmurf

    For UK readers and posters....The NHS ARGGGGHHH

    Rikk, Fiona is saying she IS entitled to the leg. Her NHS consultant has prescribed the leg but it is taking forever to get it because of budget constraints and managers making decisions contrary to the clinical decision taken by her doctor. It is very worthy of you to go and buy that extra leg but in my view if you put a clinical need to your own consultant and he agreed with you and prescribed it don't you think that you would be mad with the system for not allowing you to have it. Ask for your limb centre policy as to second legs and hopefully you will find that they view it as leg 2, leg2A, leg2B etc etc. Third legs in the NHS doesn't come in to it. So Fiona has emphsised NEED. And now she is fighting for it. Good for her.
  13. Papasmurf

    American Idol Comment Demeaning Amputees

    Oneblueleg, so where do you think your rights would be if those who in this country fought for the DDA had not taken a stand. Apparently the American Federal law enshrines the rights of USA disabled citizens. Conal is pointing out that Fox has limited its diversity policy to ethnic Americans. He feels this is wrong and wants the organisation to change and amend its policy. Policitcal correctness is only about ensuring that people think about their words and actions before uttering the words etc. The recent furore with Big Brother and the Channel 4 response is testimony to that.
  14. Papasmurf

    American Idol Comment Demeaning Amputees

    I think you are all missing the point. Conal is trying to ensure that the media in the USA, who are responsible for forming public opinion, make sure that bigotry is not fostered in broadcasting. Skully Cat sees it from the USA perspective and has expressed her deep held and passionate views. The system and opinions must be changed so words do not convey any impression that being different is used as a comparitive and in a derogatory way. Conal has started a debate on why the media should be used to edit such comments and lead the way in forming opinion. Simon's comments no doubt are ill thought out but would be brushed off by most, but not all, amputees. No, get to the main issue Fox ensuring that the comments are broadcast are the ones at fault by not editing it out.
  15. Papasmurf

    The Long Thread

    Best Bargain...... I went to the women's rowing finals in LA in 1984 with a friend of mine. We managed to get through the security without any tickets and bought entry tickets at the gate at face value. But we also bought two tickets at face value, $7 each, for the men's rowing finals which we could not go to. We then went to a ticket exchange / sale in LA and promptly sold them for $200 each. It almost paid for my holiday in the USA for 2 weeks!!! Oh those were the days.