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  1. jenn


    i think this just can be start for question how good you are on crutches? .... i used to think i was, but when wathichg this...
  2. jenn


    A friend just showed these to me... as an amputee and crutch user muself... hmm i dont think i can do such things... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gVozwJb7D0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RtmBDKS2iM...en%20prosthesis any amputees here, espessially females. what u think about this? could u imagine such things are possible? what u think?
  3. jenn

    new amputee here

    Thanx for the reply Very Scared. Are u an amputee? U have practical experience of using that device! I think it can be handy im gonna try it.
  4. jenn

    new amputee here

    and what u think about the squatting in help of crutches? ill gonna try it cause im outdoors frequently u have practice experience of doing what u advicing? thanx for answers
  5. jenn

    new amputee here

    thanx for answers all ! they really helped me.. its a very difficult to loose leg.. yesterday i was at picnic and i want to ask girls a really weird question how u manage to pee with one leg in woods? when i was healthy i just squat under a tree.. but now.. on crutches.. if u want dont answer, im just curious .. if anyone can squat with one leg and pee/ plz sorry if my question offends someone... p.s i bought undearm crutches too
  6. jenn

    new amputee here

    Mel u dont use crutches?
  7. jenn

    new amputee here

    Thank you all for nice words. I becomed amputee 4 months ago. And im still a newbie in this :( Firstly i want to get tips for crutches users. What crutches u use (ellbow, underarm) and why. Any tips for crutching. As i can see, i probably wont be able to use prothesis :( Thats why anything concerning crutch use interest me. Also some girl only tips. Wearing skirts, crutching while wearing high heels etc. Anything u can advice for new amputee like me... Ill read forum archives too of course. This is really nice place as i see so far. Thanx for welcome...
  8. jenn

    new amputee here

    Hi all, im new. My name is Tanya and im from Russia. Im 20 years old and im very high Rak. Id like to chat with girls of my age who are amputees too, i have a lot of things to ask. I cant wear prothesis and using only ellbow crutches. Plz mail me i hope to chat on forum too. Sorry for bad english.. p.s jenny is my nickname