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    Feel Down

  2. Lark

    Terry Fox -- The Movie

    Thanks Afet, should be interesting to see how this one differs from that first television movie. Doubt they will ever be able to capture how his journey affected us watching at home, he was such a bright, earnest young man and he really had a lot of heart :)
  3. Lark

    Terry Fox Run

    Actually the runs take place all over the world. Check out the International link at the websiteInternational run locations
  4. Aw, the elephant looks quite mobile! Remember the story of the bird with the Barbie leg? Such amazing ingenuity out there! Good story Afet! Thanks Linda for finding the pic ;)
  5. Lark


    Hey Lynne, one day at a time ;) I'm sending you some healing thoughts and energy to help you along :)
  6. When you are discouraged, you could choose to fill your mind with negative, limiting thoughts that will deepen and intensify your discouragement. Or you can use your thoughts to break free of that discouragement. Your thoughts have incredible power because they determine how you see yourself and your situation. And your thoughts, powerful as they can be, are yours to choose. By wisely choosing your own thoughts, you can find new positive energy even when you have previously been overwhelmed with weariness. With your choice of thoughts, the difficult, challenging situations can be transformed into grand opportunities. Turn your thoughts around, and you can indeed turn your life around. Put positive power into your thoughts, and that power will spread to the world around you. What you think of yourself and your world has an enormous impact on how you relate to and deal with life. And you can, in an instant, choose any thought you wish. In this and every moment, choose the thoughts that will get you up and point you forward. Then live out the fulfillment and abundance as you surely bring those thoughts to life. -- Ralph Marston Great Day
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    Weird Coincidence

    Isn't that amazing that your wife was remembered so well after 20 years, she must be a wonderful person.
  8. Lark

    Terry Fox

    Park route named for Fox MARIO BARTEL/NEWSLEADER Barbara Harris, the site coordinator for the Terry Fox Run in Burnaby, has reason to be excited about this year's event, as the Parks Commission has approved to name the run's path through Central Park The Terry Fox Route. By Wanda Chow NewsLeader Staff Aug 19 2005 A five-kilometre route in Central Park will be officially named the Terry Fox Route to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the one-legged runner's Marathon of Hope, the Burnaby parks commission decided Wednesday "Well, I was thrilled," said Barbara Harris, site coordinator of the Burnaby Terry Fox Run, who approached the commission with the idea "It's an honour to be involved in any way with Terry Fox as far as I'm concerned," Harris said The route, comprised of existing paths, trails and parkways, will be marked with kilometre distance points and set out a circuit accessible from the four corners of the park Harris noted that the move saves her, and organizers for other charity runs, from having to rush around marking out the route just hours before their events as their agreement with the city doesn't allow them to post signs in advance It will also prevent problems of run participants being directed the wrong way, she added The decision is particularly fitting, she said, because this year is the 25th anniversary of Fox's run across the country to raise money for cancer research. The effort was aborted when the young runner's cancer returned and he died at age 22. More than $360 million has been raised worldwide for cancer research in Fox's name, said a city staff report. "Any time that we have an opportunity to recognize the sacrifice, the work, the heroic journey that Terry Fox took on behalf of Canadians, we should take advantage of it," said parks commission member Coun. Sav Dhaliwal, in an interview Calling the move the least the city could do, Dhaliwal said Fox "was very much synonymous with jogging across and running across the country. Any trail in that sense would be quite appropriate to name after Terry Fox "It's just, from my perspective, a very small appreciation for what Terry Fox did for Canadians. Meanwhile, organizing efforts for the Burnaby Terry Fox Run continue. The event takes place Sunday, Sept. 18 starting at Swangard Stadium with registration at 9 a.m. and opening ceremonies at 10 a.m. There is no registration fee, just collection and donation of pledges, and people can walk, run, roll or wheelchair as they wish. Harris stressed that, while avid runners can time themselves on the 10-, five- and two-kilometre routes, the focus of the run is on participation, not competition. "We have a start and a finish line but it's there for looks," she said with a laugh Newsleader
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    Hello Vince :) Keep talking to your prosthetist and tell him/her what you are doing and your frustrations... they are supposed to help you, so utilize their knowledge...don't be frustrated by the adjustments, they all will equal a decent fit... good energy moving forward!
  10. Lark

    Happy Birthday Lesley

    Have the best birthday ever Lesley!
  11. Lark

    Me today

    Wow! Is that what they call a "mighty machine?" I bet that is a fun toy ;)
  12. Lark

    Happy Birthday Debbie

    Have a wonderful birthday Debbie! I hope you get cake and eat it too!
  13. With each act, your confidence grows. Take the first step and you'll gain the confidence to take the next step. The more you do, the more you'll be able to do. Begin the journey, and you'll set in motion a positive momentum that can surely carry you through. Effort feeds upon itself. Even though you start small, you can soon go very far. Though you may not yet have what it takes to finish, you always have what it takes to begin. And from the most modest initial effort, magnificent results can surely and eventually flow. Whether the goal seems close at hand or infinitely far away, the way to reach it is the same. Take the first step, set the momentum of your action in motion, and grow along with it until you are there. Be willing to take the first step, then follow where each step leads. And even the most ambitious goal is well within your reach. -- Ralph Marston Daily Motivator
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    Both versions are lovely. Nice to see you ;)
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    I'm so sorry your new leg turned out to be a dud! Fingers crossed for the new version Cat. Any signs of it yet? :D
  16. Lark

    To all the Canadians...

    Happy Canada Day, eh!
  17. Lark

    Happy Birthday JohnnyV and Brenda

    Congratulations on celebrating a new number! I hope you have a glorious day full of good energy and happiness!
  18. Lark

    Happy Birthday JohnnyV and Brenda

    Have a fun filled day Brenda! I hope the family takes you out and you get to pick the place and fingers crossed for a lovely treat or two ;)
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    Happy Birthday Lynne!
  20. Lark

    Heather Mills on TV

    Heather Mills McCartney will actually be on tomorrow's Days of our Lives program (Wednesday, June 29th) and again on the 4th of July show. NBC You can view the video of this mornings interview on the Today show website. It is the 3rd option in their "More Today Show Video" section, just press launch after you find it :) Today Show
  21. Sounds like you all had a blast! I hope everyone had their sunscreen ;) So did you really "need" the gorgeous lifeguard's help or did you just flounder a bit for attention :P
  22. Makes me tear up everytime I think about how far you have come, doesn't surprise me a bit that you surpassed their estimations, way to go!
  23. Lark

    Baby Steps

    Sounds like a sweet moment empathizing and enjoying your grand daughter, determination comes in all sizes ;)
  24. Lark

    To all the dads

    I hope you are treated to lots of hugs and homemade cards representing all the love that surrounds you every day :)
  25. Lark

    Happy Birthday

    Have a great day Paul!