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  1. Joachim

    Had Ertl Surgery June 28th

    Glad to know that you are well and safely onboard again.Let your organism take care of the healing and don't precipitate things.Everything takes its time and the the expected day of having your new leg will come!All the best for your recuperation. Joachim LAK+LAE
  2. Joachim

    Two Weeks Till Surgery

    Mary,due to travelling I have been a little bit distant to this forum.I am very glad to know that your surgery is within the next days and I am sure that everything will go fine after such a long period of incertainties until your final decision.From now on you'll have another quality of life and will enjoy it intensively.I am happy to know that you are already looking for nice fashion and with your new leg in the near future you certainly will be a nice and attractive lady living your new life in a way that you didn't know anymore during your last years.Everything will go well;all the best for your amputation and keep us informed. Joachim LAK+LAE
  3. Joachim

    I'm looking for some tips and tricks...

    Hi Cheryl,try to get an office chair with arm pit(in order to achieve lateral stabilization of the upper body)and the common small wheels.The office chair permits him,while sitting,to move in all directions using only his left foot to give the impulse.The dimension of an office chair passes all doors including the smaller entry to a bathroom.For the rest,I only suggest that he tries what he can;he knows better what hurts and what is more comfortable.Don't help too much,it's more dangerous for you and for him.I,as a LAK and LAE amp,never had greater difficulties in doing things,but I also never had injuries on the counterside and furthermore I am living alone with my wife in a 2.650 squarefoot bungalow,which gives me s sufficient space to move even with a wheelchair. Joachim LAK+LAE
  4. Hi Ellen,I am presuming that your amputation date is also your birthdate.If this is true ,I wish you all the best,health and happiness even being a onelegger!Happy birthday to you!



  5. Joachim

    Ertl Amputation It Is....

    Mary,I am glad to know that everything is coming to an excellent end, and that you are full of expectation,emotion and nervous within this pre-op phases is quite natural.I am very content that you achieved via your boyfriend the necessary funding in order to have the desired amputation made by Dr.Ertl.Everything will go well! Maintain us informed! Joachim LAK+LAE
  6. Joachim

    My Anniversary

    Go ahead,Mary,you are a winner!You defeated the bad times of your past with all your suffering,pain and depression and without knowing in what direction you should go.Now you have a goal to achieve and you'll do it with great success!You made your own decision together with the ideas and advice from all of us.Happy aniversary with a better quality of life for the future!You should make the day of your decision for a new life the day of aniversary and not the the day of your amputation.I wish you from all my heart that this is your rebirth for a better life. Joachim LAK+LAE
  7. Joachim

    What to do?

    Mary,just an observation: after completing BK amp you'll have more or less 3 weeks until taking the stitches off,then estimate 30 to 45 days with the shrinking of the stump in order to get a pros fitted.Let's calculate an aditional time of 3 months until you have your definite socket.Meanwhile you got completely acustomed to use and walk the entire day with the pros.That means that within a period of 5 to 6 months after amp (in your case october) you should be 100% perfect in order to assume your business.Try to have your surgery as soon as possible and have your business delayed to october.Negotiate with the owner!! Best wishes and success! Joachim LAK + LAE
  8. Joachim

    What to do?

    Mary,I fully concurr with Eag and Cherylm.Everybody here on the forum has given in the past its opinion.It's now up to you and you know that you can't sit on the wall hoping that somebody tells you to pull to whatever side it should be.I thought that your decision was already made;stand to your decision or refuse it,but then you'll be for the rest of your life incertain whether you should have made a decision while your foot is going worse and worse and time and life goes by...... Have courage and decide! Joachim LAK+LAE
  9. Hi Ellen, as an AK I walk with a significant limp although I am using my leg for 14 hours daily and should be better on it.However I am living in Brazil and I don't have a great choice of knees.I use an Otto Bock 3R15 monoaxis knee and a SACH foot.I tried a dynamic foot and didn't like it because you have the sensation of floating and the lack of a significant ground touch made me insecure.More modern knees are extremely expensive and no private insurance company pay them here.The national health system has only one type of knee and that is logically the cheapest one.Therefore I am limping with that one which I can afford.The only "luxury" I have is a CATCAM socket. Joachim LAK + LAE
  10. Joachim

    Ellen from Holland

    Hi Ellen, I am a LAK and LAE amp,I was born in Germany and live now in southern Brazil.Welcome to our group;you'll find a lot of marvellous friends here who are always willing to help you and try to understand your problems! Joachim
  11. In various situations I found myself confronted with the solicitation of my BMI (Body Mass Index).Due to the continuing existing height I have as an amputee a significant reduced weight.How does one calculate the real BMI? Joachim LAK+LAE
  12. A very good friend of mine lost at the age of 15 her right hand at wrist level while playing with fireworks.After her amputation she never had or used a prosthesis and refuses to wear one.When I was introduced to her 12 years after her amputation,she stretched out her right forearm with the wrist stump in order to shake hands (or stump)and I was reluctant what to do.I first thought in giving her a great hug or in my case as a left arm amputee shake with my right hand her remaining left hand.After an instant I gripped firmly her stump and was shaking it.I noticed a faint sign of satisfaction passing her face when I did it.We became very good friends and when time passed I asked her about that moment,why she extended her stump for shake hands and she replied that during all her childhood her parents educated her to give always the right hand for shake hands and that after her amputation she didn't have anymore her hand but would follow what her parents had said and instinctively strechted out her forearm with the stump to everybody.She does nearly everything with her stump only in certain cases auxiliated by her left hand.She said to me,if anybody takes her stump to shake hands without reluctance,then she feels good as this proves to her that she is accepted with her different body image.I would like to know how you are reacting in such a case seeing it as an outsider with your personal feelings.Was I right?Is she right?How to behave in such a case?
  13. Joachim

    Could it be possible?

    Hello Mary, before my revision to LAK I had a LBK amp with a 12 cm stump.My surgery was on 19th january and I received my leg in the first week of april.I walked during 4 days with one stick and from there on without stick and without any problem.At the end of may I walked 4 kilometers without problem on the stump or pros i.e. 2,5 months after amp i got the leg and 4,5 months after amp I walked that distance,using the leg from 7 am to 10 pm daily and doing all work around the house like mawing the lawn,keeping the swimming pool clean,driving my car .....Considering that everybody is different and no amputation is the same,that physical condition,spirit of life with a strong will to overcome obstacles and acceptance of some limits,I think that walking perfectly and initiate a course after 7-8 months pos-amputation is a goal that might be easily achieved.As you are already amputated,you are acquainted to certain problems as well as to a prosthesis and I think that the diference from a Chopart to a bk isn't so big.Think that you are walking on a very high heel on one side,that's more or less like that.You'll benefit more from a bk than trying to solve your problem without a definite solution for months and months or even years,loosing the quality of your life and precious years of your life.That is my very personal opinion,but the decision can only be Y O U R S !!!!!! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with a final solution in tranquility and peace in 2011. Joachim LAK+LAE
  14. Joachim

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all. Joachim LAK+LAE
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