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  1. dancingfool

    I am the new guy

    Welcome to the forum. En joy your stay.
  2. dancingfool

    The Silence of the Amps

    No excuse for not posting. I need to get a life!
  3. dancingfool

    Hello again!

    That's a long story thay will make you cry and laugh at the same time. But it looks like I might not be able to use a prosthetic except to smack people with. But that going would be wrong! I had hoped to be further along in my progress but no go.
  4. dancingfool

    Hello again!

    Just briefly checking in. Still not using a prosthetic. It has been one thing after another and feeling a bit frustrated. Welcome to all the newbies and hello to the old crowd!
  5. dancingfool

    This should be interesting

    Unfortunately, I am well acquainted with peoplee like this. Since I am a lady I am only MENTALLY giving him the finger. With both hands!
  6. dancingfool

    Shave Hairy Stump?

    You're spelling of hairy made me think of a stump shaped like Harry Potter! The topic of hair removal never came up with my doctor. Are you allowed to wax or use some other method?
  7. dancingfool

    Happy New Year Everyone

    Best wishes to all! May you ring in the new year with lots of cheer and beer.
  8. dancingfool

    Entice me

  9. dancingfool

    Entice me

    You are supposed to entice me with words. Not pics. I'm not that kind of girl. Usually! I'm interested in what makes your city special and what would entice me to move there.
  10. dancingfool

    Entice me

    I haven't been enticed in a while. Give it a go, newcomers.
  11. dancingfool


    I'm committed but that's a whole different story!
  12. dancingfool

    Music hath charms...

    What songs help you destress? I don't know why but both heavy metal and classical seem to work for me. Or cool jazz. I love Led Zepplin followed by classical piano.
  13. dancingfool

    What Is Your Occupation?

    Ally, do you have clones to get all that accomplished? I'm between jobs. Looking for something soul satisfying, a good fit with my talents and pays well both in salary and perks. I'll settle for a job that pays well with perks. And a constantly filled coffee pot.
  14. dancingfool

    Hi everyone

    Welcome. I am so jealous. That outdoor adventure centre looks like a lot of fun. I'll have to see if they have any near me.
  15. dancingfool

    How "active" are you?

    Don't you get enough exercise hoisting beer? Or was that me?