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    9th feb 2006
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    chronic pain/numerous failed ops
  1. terrih69


    hi Marilyn i remember you from before, i have been away from the internet for a little while, i had my amputation in feb 2006 and shortly after my life started to go mad! i am really sorry to hear your news, but relieved to hear that you are getting there now, as a mother myself, i cant begin to imagine what you are going through, i can only wish you and yours all the best. i think its going to take me a while to read everything to catch up... but i am going to give it a go! things as i said have gone mad for me over the last year or so, i have been ski bobbing twice in austria, scotland twice (white water rafting and other mad sports) i sailed around the english channel with 11 other amputees and loads more, thats without taking into consideration, moving to wales and my husband starting a new business... madness! i still dont know how to add photos to the site, any advice on that would be greatly appreciated pleaseeeee! catch up soon with everyone keep smiling and i am glad the site is still proving to help everyone, as it did and continues to do for me. Terri ;)
  2. terrih69

    Navigator foot

    hi all have not been able to come on here recently, things have gone really mad since i lost my leg last year! i was in scotland first in oct 06, adventure training week, white water rafting, high rope quad biking and loads ,more that i never thought i would be able to do, and this year i have been ski bobbin! great fun. was going to post some photos, but being technical minded..... not! i couldnt work it out! i was just reading through this thread and wondered if anyone has tried the navigator foot since? i had one fitted on monday? anyones thoughts would be appreciated. take care all keep smiling Terri x
  3. terrih69

    travel crutches

    hi all its been a while since i posted anything, my life has gone mad since last year when i had my amputation! went on an adventure week last october in scotland and have just finished a week in austria 'ski bobbing' with a group of other amputees! great fun, but very tiring! in between all this i am trying to study and look after two children..... madness!! i was wondering, as you are all experts and old hands in this field, does anyone know where i can get travel crutches from? i need a pair of crutches that will fold up and go in my suitcase? we are off travelling again in october and november. thanks again for taking the time to read this and best wishes to all take care and keep smiling Terri
  4. terrih69

    Calling out to all nutters

    hi would love to post some pictures, if someone would email me and tell me how please! Terri ;)
  5. terrih69

    Calling out to all nutters

    hi all back from scotland and what a wicked time i had! Looking back on the weeks photos, i cannot believe what we achieved! white water rafting, canoeing, fly fishing, clay pigeon shooting, archery, quad biking and high rope walking. have loads of photos if anyone would like to see them? spent the week with 12 other amputees (all ex military and all as mad as the first!) mixture of arm, below and above knee amputees, age range 25 - 65 years old. it was brilliant being able to compare and relate to one anothers stories. As you all know i am a recent amputee, so everything is new to me, i certainly learnt alot about where i go wrong, what i should be looking at and above all a confidence boost with what i am doing. before i had my leg off i dont think i would have dreamt of doing half of what i have done since the leg has gone, i have been asked to go ski bobbing next in austria, think i may well take them up on the offer! speak to you all soon keep smiling Terri ;)
  6. terrih69

    Calling out to all nutters

    Thanks Kaz, just finished packing a few minutes ago, lastminute.com in this house! :D yes i am a recent amputee, have to keep telling myself that, i have a second lease of life and want to try things i havent done in years, my husband thinks i am having a 'mid life crisis'! dont know if i will have internet access where i am going, but will update all when i get back takecare keep smiling Terri ;)
  7. terrih69

    Calling out to all nutters

    hi kaz fair play to you! i have been getting nervous about my trip to scotland on wednesday (25th oct) i am adventure training (havent been since i was 18 years old and i had two legs then! now 37 years .....young!) with BLESMA, abseiling, white water rafting, canoeing, quad biking, fishing and clay pigeon shooting, but after reading your topic, i feel like i am going for a 'walk in the park!' no useful hints here, but will read with interest any pointers from others, enjoy your trip! keep smiling Terri ;)
  8. terrih69

    Where I’m coming from

    hi sparky WOW! what a story, certainly puts life into perspective! cant think of anything to say that would do it justice, not usually stuck for words (ask my husband, he will tell you i always have something to say!) thanks so much for sharing your story and thanks for your honesty, really admire you ;) keep smiling Terri B)
  9. terrih69

    The journey has now begun

    hi anne that is wonderful news! i have been away from the forum for a few weeks and have just had a quick read, you have all come along way! you should be proud of yourself and each other. brilliant news on the drug free new life style, all i can say is vicki is an inspiration, and will give others the strength to get through their rough times. enjoy your holiday and look forward to the next instalments take care and keeps smiling Terri ;)
  10. terrih69

    New restrictions in place

    hi all i have just returned from my second visit to spain since my amputation and although security wasnt as tight this time from UK to spain, i was asked to take my leg off (which i dont have a problem with) i wanted to share this with you, it gave me a good laugh.... we flew from bournemouth airport last week to malaga, 4am in the morning (i am not a morning person) went to check in and got all bags through, then went to security, the man working there took my crutches off me to put through scanner and then asked me to take off my leg (not a problem) so he now has my leg and crutches, he then asks me to if i would mind walking through the scanner?! the whole queue went silent and then errupted into fits of laughter, as i said to him, i would love to, but due to him having both forms of my mobility, it would be a miracle if i did walk through! he was very red faced and apologetic when he realised what he had said, and thanked me for being understanding! i didnt mind, gave me a laugh at that time of the morning! then the opposite end of the scale, coming back from malaga, i didnt get searched at all, they just ushered me through? logic? ;)
  11. terrih69

    once a month phantom pain

    hi all i am so glad someone approached this subject! i thought i was going mad, every month when my period came, so did the achy legs and the phantom pains! Because all this is still pretty new to me (7 months) i sometimes wonder if its just everything still settling down. i have also noticed sometimes when i need the toilet, i do get a few phantoms, but not always. i have just returned from spain yesterday, whilst we were there we had quite a bad thunderstorm. i wanted to know if anyone else gets phantom pain or symptoms during a storm? sounds daft i know, but just before a clap of thunder i got a nerve sensation in my stump. could predict them, much to my husbands amusement! hope everyone had a good summer take care and keep smiling terri ;)
  12. terrih69

    Anyone Live in Wiltshire?

    hi i live in chippenham wilts, but am actually in oxford for my treatment. Which area were you looking at? maybe i can ask around for you? i will be out of the country for a week from tuesday, but if you send me a PM and let me know your requirements, i will be online sometimes from spain, i can check for emails from there, maybe i will be able to help you? takecare Terri ;)
  13. terrih69

    Marilyn's Absense

    Dear Marilyn i have been away for awhile myself and have just popped in to try and catch up with everyone's news. i really don't know what to say for the best, if there is anything anyone can say, other than my thoughts are with you. I can only repeat what has been said already. Take care love and bestwishes from Terri and Family x
  14. terrih69


    hi Rachel i too am a below knee and i too have an over protective husband! my kids are younger, only 9 and 13 years old, but they have the same chant from my other half 'remember mums leg!'. i have only been an amputee for 6 and half months, often wondered how wet is too wet, but have survived several water fights, down pours and i got soaked a while ago walking my daughter to school (a bus driver drove through a rather deep puddle and i got soaked!) we have just got back from spain and i walked on the beach, so its survived rain, water fights and sand. i have an appointment for a leg fitting this wednesday, just waiting to see how much sand they pull out of it (i dont have a covering on my leg!) never mind, if i get told off it was fun getting the sand in it, if i dont then its a bonus, like lizzie says 'you have to live your life' hope everyone had a great summer keep smiling B) Terri
  15. terrih69

    advice please!

    hi all thank you again for taking the time to reply. it makes a difference hearing it from people that have actually gone through it. i am not going to worry about this, not much point. going to speak to the surgeon that actually did the operation (appointment 8th august) will keep you all updated. take care all keep smiling ;) Terri