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  1. Awesome Blue

    Hi, Mike from the UK

    .... Maybe
  2. Awesome Blue

    Hi, Mike from the UK

    Mike I'm sure we 'met' on here a while back. Not been here for a long time either, just stopped by for a look and spotted your post, thought I'd say Hi
  3. Awesome Blue

    Request for skiing, climbing, cycling advice?

    Hi Pippa, To answer your questions, I have sent you a PM Mike
  4. Awesome Blue

    Request for skiing, climbing, cycling advice?

    Hi Pippa Might be of help. Last year as part of our amputee user group, we did an organised indoor climb at a local climbing wall centre. We approached the staff to sound out the possibility of them accommodating a bunch of amputees, have to say they could not have been more helpful. The group consisted of both above and below knee amputees, of varying ages and abilities. The instruction was excellent the centre staff going out of their way to assist in whatever way possible, and by the end of a 2 hour session people who had never climbed before were scaling medium difficulty climbs. In fact a number of those have gone on to become members and now climb regularly with able bodied climbers. The one thing that became apparent was no special prosthesis was required just the correct climbing shoes for grip. I would suggest contacting your local climbing wall centre and having a chat, if they are half as good as ours were then you have no worries. As part of our amps can do anything philosophy we are embarking on a disability skiing session. This will be at a local indoor ski slope utilising a number of technigues, ski's, snow boards and sit on ski's. Have a look at The British Ski Club for the Disabled http://www.bscd.org.uk/ Quite possible they may be able to help. Lastly cycling ..... Nope not my thing at all ... now Motorcycling that is a different matter and I'm not giving my engine up for no one Hope this is of some use Mike
  5. Awesome Blue

    Where has everyone gone?

    I'm not here either :)
  6. Awesome Blue


    Your wish is the England team's command :D They must have been reading this thread :lol: :P I have tried very hard not to read this thread :lol: But credit where it's due .... They were the better team and congratulations to them
  7. Awesome Blue


    Cat, As we have suffered another very minor set back down under, may I just point out, that when we mounted our glorious and resounding thrashing of the Aussies a little while ago, you will recall after we kicked ass, how very reserved we were in our moment of glory. You will remember how we hardly mentioned the fact that we took apart, and dare I say humiliated the best team in the world. Indeed I’m hard pushed to think of a single derogatory comment that was posted on here. I do hope you are going to exhibit the same discretion and very British restraint in your comments, it would be bad form to gloat. :P :lol: :lol:
  8. Awesome Blue

    Top respected prosthesists in L.A. area

    Ring any bell anyone .... Methinks we had one right here on this very forum. I wonder whatever became of him, I seem to remember he helped many people here with sound advice. Ahhh well, in the absence of genuine professional advice freely and willingly given we can all play guessing games as to what is going wrong with prosthetics Perhaps it wasn't a price worth paying after all
  9. If I told you what I really wanted I would be banned completely from this site But I would be happy :D Very happy :D :D
  10. Awesome Blue

    Happy Birthday Jim!

    Hi Shane I've been called a lot of things but never a star :lol:
  11. Awesome Blue

    Happy Birthday Jim!

    Been a while since I have been here, but just had to say Happy Birthday to a real nice guy
  12. Awesome Blue


    He who speaks without modesty will find it difficult to make his words good. Confucius
  13. Awesome Blue

    Avatar competition

    My new super cool avatar !!
  14. Awesome Blue


    Fiona, I can relate exactly to what you said. I too hate the media circus. I feel angry so often about injustices, especially child poverty and exploitation. The older I become, the more I hate politicians who could do so much, but sadly often don't even begin to understand, yet think they are doing a wonderful job. There is so much I would like to change I could go on and on. However my thoughts today were just that, my thoughts, I share them on here with the people I have come to know and respect. I thank you (all) for your kind words, it means a lot.
  15. Awesome Blue


    One year ago today I was laid in intensive care having undergone emergency surgery that saved my life. I vaguely remember the nurses talking about a bombing incident in London. I was so far out of it I really did not grasp what had happened. Only some time later did I fully understand the magnitude of what had happened. Today I not only remember my own unfortunate circumstances, but also spare a moment to think about those who lost their life that day, and perhaps even more so those who have survived but have lost limbs. One or two of their stories have been told on here. A sad day in many respects.