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    Racing cars, flying planes, dancing, golf, darts, shooting pool, horse shoes, bowling, restoring my old cars, riding 4 wheelers, motorcycles, snowmobiles, jetski's and in my spare time running or riding my bicycle. Would like to try my hand at traveling and just playing poker proffessionally Ha Ha

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    right leg above knee
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    July 16th 1980
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    motorcycle accident
  1. Ally: I totally understand, I get them in the same place and it is very sore to walk on them after you lance them. Did have to have the doctor do it once(size of a golf ball) and boy does that stuff smell coming out(sorry guys), just part of our everyday living now. If ever find away to not ever get those let me know. Mine seems to come if I push and wear the leg to long even when its already sore. Pete
  2. Know what you mean JohnnyV, once you get dependent on that leg those crutches just get in the way, hate that. How long you figure you have to walk on those things ? Keep smilin it will be over soon. Pete
  3. ss7racer

    Rebuilt: The Human Body Shop

    Hi Marilyn: As to answer your question, my son owns his own production company(Mindspin Productions), he is not the producer of the show just knows people in the business and we recommended if they needed any input that this forum and ourselves would be glad to help. Keep up the good work and soon you'll be doing what ever you want too. Pete :)
  4. ss7racer

    Amputee Related Good Reads

    Thanks Johnny: Just ordered one myself. Keep in touch. Pete
  5. ss7racer

    Rebuilt: The Human Body Shop

    Hey Shane: Yes it is a great show and right now my son and I have been talking with them on our own versions so keep bringing your inputs (my son is a producer). There trying to get other channels to pick it up so lets get more peple to watch it. For anyone interested in there area go to www.discoveryhealth.com and you can find out what channel in your area or just get input. Good Job Shane :D Pete
  6. ss7racer

    A froggy story

    Thanks Ally It is such a big help to remind us every day how a positive attitude can get us to the top. :D Pete
  7. ss7racer

    Hullo, Newbie from Cincinnati

    Hi Marilyn: Glad to have ya aboard. Looking forward to talkin in the future. Can't say that once either HA Pete :D
  8. ss7racer

    4 Candles

    Thanks Jim Very Inspirational and nice way to brighten up your day. Pete :P :) :D
  9. ss7racer


    Hi Shane: Welcome to the forum, looks like lots of fun in the dirt. RAK for me and love to ride myself. :D Pete From Connecticut
  10. ss7racer

    Hello! ...choosing to amputate is tough!

    Hi Roz; I haven't had one either but, I agree with Cat in that you have had what you have long enough and looking for the best mobility with the least amont of pain. Keep talking to everyone you can that has had that and I think that would help alot. Keep smilin cause no one can ever take that away even if only in our dreams. Take care Pete
  11. ss7racer

    And now my journeys began.......

    Hi Terry: Keep up the great attitude and I wouldn't worry about what anyone else thinks. It sounds like everyone has already given great advice and I agree with all of them, we get used to everything in our own way. Me personally make fun of it all and just have a great time with it. I had a little kid walk under my stump while in the grocery line and kept asking mister where did your leg go and his mom was uncomfortable so I said I was a magician and put it in my back pocket, from there I just kept goin on like that and by the end the whole line was laughing and it made everyone comfortable and new friends. That always helps to teach people its all ok were just like you. Take care and keep talkin to us. Mind over matter does work and so does a smile its all contagious!!!!!!!!!!! Pete
  12. ss7racer

    Finally happened

    Those pictures are great and love the new edition, looks really fun to drive. Have fun and keep driving. Pete
  13. ss7racer

    ACA Conference in June 06

    Well it looks like I might not be able to make it after all, I'm checking as we speak but it looks like my sons High School Graduation is that week-end and I can't miss that. If anyones ever going to be around my State during the warm weather times and would like to meet up for golf ect... in the future please write and would love to get together. Feel bad, was really looking forward to meeting alot of you and having some fun, oh well you all have a great time and fill me in when you get back. :( Take care Pete :D
  14. ss7racer

    C-Leg Trial

    Hey David; I also have both the mauch unit with vari-flex foote (RAK) and the c leg. I've been walking on and off the c leg for about three years and have found that for very active times I will use the mauch unit for its ability for me to slam it around or not worry about it getting in water ect.... Now as for the c leg it is a total different walk and does adjust the knee from your shift in wieght and sends signals from the foot wieght and rotation and will adjust approx. 50 times a second, can also be programmed to you in 3 different modes with a lap top computer, you still have to keep it charged just about every day or two, my gait is much better on the c leg and it has never let me fall however if I wanted it to break loose it won't let me like the mauch unit, mauch unit great for running, dancing, working on cars ect... c leg great for walking, down stairs, hills, even terain. I also have a nice cover on the c leg so like business meetings ect... it looks quite real under pants. I have fallen many times on the mauch unit but, then again it depends on how active you are. For instance when driving the race car I need to use the mauch unit because I have more control in the bend and I can free flow it. Driving low seat sports cars you can't bend the c leg as far as the mauch and it can hinder things. Kneeling down on both knees and bending backwards is harder on the c leg but, again you can't beat for walking or not falling down or at least for me. Mine cost approx. 45,000 american dollars 3 years ago and came with a 3 year warranty, they take it back once a year and have it all re-done for free. My insurance paid for approx. 40,000 of the 45,000 dollars. I love them both for there different reasons. Gives me the best of both worlds. c leg is much more solid to walk on due to the feet were the mauch with the different flex feet can have that nice rebound action. Well hope this helps and feel free to ask anymore questions. I used to fly around the US putting on seminars and showing the differences between both. Take Care Pete
  15. ss7racer

    And now my journeys began.......