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    April 6, 1991
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  1. HypotheticalJack

    Home-built peg leg.

    A few years ago, I found myself with a socket and adaptor cuff from an older prosthesis, half a shovel handle, and an intolerably unoccupied workbench. The obvious occured, and after a little measuring and cutting, I put a peg leg together. In terms of walking, it served pretty well, stairs providing a special challenge, and smooth floors requiring the addition of a rubber grip. Much fun ensued. It was light and very, very quick; I could shatter sandstone pebbles by dropkicking them. Plus, it rounded off the pirate persona pretty well. Eventually, it had to be sacrificed in the name of pseudoscience when I tried building a foot with an electric ankle. A while later, I got my hands on some pretty nice yew wood (got paid $10 to cut the tree down, too), and one piece suggested itself immediately as great carving material. Going to college slowed things down a bit, but over this past winter break, I found the time to bring about a reincarnation of the peg, albeit somewhat more stylishly. In carving: The finished product: Detail of the claw: Still needs some finish work. I've always figured that since I'm stuck not having a foot, might as well have fun with it. Like putting a smiley face on the tip of the stump and twisting the surrounding leghair into dreadlocks. Anyone else do stuff like this?
  2. HypotheticalJack


    Tentatively reappearing.
  3. HypotheticalJack

    Laminated leg

    My faithful sidekick: Next time it snaps in half, I'll get something more interesting.
  4. HypotheticalJack

    Which foot to you prefer?

    I've had a Pathfinder from Ohio Willow Wood for several years now, and it's served me more faithfully than anything else. It's held up well under some pretty rough conditions (a mosh pit comes to mind) and mile after mile after mile of walking. It's pretty heavy, but I've gotten used to that. All in all, a great foot.
  5. HypotheticalJack

    Long lasting skins

    You could just drop the skin altogether. Why not run with it and get a wild colored socket, if your prosthetic design permits?
  6. Usually 16-19 hours, or however long I'm out of bed. A few weeks ago, I stayed awake for ~83 hours straight, and kept my leg on for the whole time without any issues.
  7. HypotheticalJack

    Intraosseous Transcutaneous Amputation Prosthesis

    Hot damn! I'd read about similar research in Sweden, but this is the first I've seen to get around the skin problem. Tremendously exciting. I hope to get one of these while I'm still young enough to really enjoy it.
  8. HypotheticalJack

    Oy Vei.

    Pardon me, whilst I k'vetch a bit. <whining> What's a guy gotta do to get a date? As if being crippled wasn't bad enough, but I get to be queer too! In the so-called gay community, anything as minor as bad skin or crooked teeth will sorely hurt your chances of attracting anyone; missing a foot ruins the deal altogether! The odds against finding someone are so staggering, I might as well become a monk and save myself the trouble of looking! </whining>
  9. HypotheticalJack

    Joint damage?

    I've been wondering, will spending a lot of time on only one leg, especially by hopping cause the joints therein to wear out more quickly? I'm still young, but I don't like the idea of being arthritic by the time I'm 40.
  10. HypotheticalJack


    Hi everyone, I'm Jack. This looks like a nice place to talk. I don't know any other amputees, so hopefully it'll offer much to learn. I've been LBK for 14 of my 19 years, and am a student at the University of Vermont, currently majoring in Environmental Science.