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  1. Happy Birthday JimT

    Again, thanks to all of you. Just knowing that I was in your thoughts at that moment was the greatest gift. BTW Johnny. I finally learned how to "save" those PPS things from here. I've already sent this one back out. Thanks.
  2. Happy Birthday JimT

    Thanks to all of you for your thoughts. I've been concentrating on learning Dreamweaver CS3 and doing wome web making for others, so don't get on here much, but do check in from time to time. If I can ever be of any help to anyone - you know how to reach me......and in reverse, I know where to find you if ever need be. You all have a great day, and thanks again for your wishes. P.S. Getting older is a blast - mentally. I keep thinking: "So this is what I became when I grew up :lol: ". All of a sudden (really slowly), things in life start making sense. I wouldn't want to be any other age. Don't write me off though - I've still got a few chapter yet to write. And yes 1BL, the "fire in the belly" is still there - I just have to make sure that it isn't heartburn. :P
  3. Amputee Soldiers

    Jim, I have finally found out why a lot of us cannot play your Fox video links. When you follow the video links from their home page their video player is activated automatically, your link somehow by-passes this activation. I have managed to get the link so that their video player loads – hope you don’t mind. http://www.foxnews.com/video2/launchPage.h...ers_320x240.jpg Long I know, it’s the best I could come up with. The story is fantastic and every one should see it. Mark Thank you Mark. I just took the liberty of posting you complete email here to further explain.[/size=2]
  4. Amputee Soldiers


    I think that your "opinion" is right on. I have heard far more comments of respect than I have of ridicule. I would say 99-1 (or at least 90 - 10). Somewhere in there TO THOSE WHO UNDERSTAND - NO EXPLANATION IS NECESSARY. TO THOSE WHO DO NOT UNDERSTAND - NO EXPLANATION WILL SUFFICE.
  6. Devotee

    To wrap this all up - for me, let me say that not in this life time will I understand what it is to be a woman - As it should be. However, to understand what it is to be the recipient of the advances and unwanted attentions of a "devotee" of a young vulnerable male - Much more than you can imagine. Like I said, you ladies do not have a monopoly on their attentions. If my comments seem a little rough around the edges, it is perhaps because this has denegrated from a "discussion" to one of a more personal nature and had dredged up some memories better left forgotten. I am not longer enjoying this ......... whatever it is now called. Certainly not a discussion. I choose not to be any further fodder for the imaginations of the "devotees" that I am sure are........ giggling with delight over this conversation. So, again to answer Cherlym's suggestion that we all agree to disagree on this subject, my answer is still..... OKAY. I'll leave this to the rest of you to "fight out". Oh - and also, for those of you that are surprised to find the devotees here....... I suggest that you get out more often.
  7. Devotee

    Okay :P I meant Okay, but I do have to respond to one thing. Who the H*** gave some of you women the idea that you are the only ones in life who have ever been preyed upon - and what in God's name makes the AMPUTEES so darn special. We lost our legs - not our spirit. Or at least I and some others I know didn't. This happens everyday in every corner of the world, and in all walks of life. I do know that for a fact. So, my suggestion is for everyone to quit their whining about being a girl or being vulnerable. We all are - or have been in our life in one way or another. This doesn't minimize for a second what some of you have been through at the hands of "people with an unusual interest, but you may not be the only ones.
  8. Devotee

    Okay :P
  9. Devotee

    Cheryl, I agree with you 100%. I had been an amputee for over a year before I had even heard the term "devotee". Forewarned is forearmed. Knowledge is power. Being educated is never wrong. Sorry, Jim. JudyH Oh gosh - no problem at all Judy. If I thought that we were having anything other than a friendly exchange of ideas then I would have dropped out long ago. I have the utmost respect for Cherylm, Higgy, Lizzie2, Cat, Judy H and all of the others that may - or may not be agreeing with me. We can disagree - without being disagreeable. Now, with that said, you make my point. You've lived life for a few years, and to say that this is the first time that you have ever heard the term "devotees", is absurb. Oh, the exact terminology may be different, but we were forewarned about people with "an unhealthy interest" in us in our childhood. The point that I have been trying to make is that to find them in our amputee world ALSO, should come as no surprise to anyone. If anyone is surprised, then I say that they are either naive or immature and have their heads buried in the sand. I mentioned before, that my children were raised with admonitions of the "devotees" ( to use this word) in the world - as was I, and were my grandchildren and are my great-grandchildren now. I am continuing on with this discussion, simply because I enjoy a good debate with intelligent people - however, I truly don't believe that this subjects warrents this much space on the forum. We are attempting to spoon feed a very few who haven't really faced the realities in life - yet. If this is how we choose to spend our resources - then fine, I'll play. I've nothing better to do - at the moment
  10. Devotee

    Yes, but we're all grown-ups[/i]. (I'm just kidding, but I wanted to see if I could hear your scream all the way over here.) :D Seriously though, there is no way that I could picture being a woman. Now, with that said, the only point that I have been trying to make, is that if others can't make it through the amputee world without getting freaked out about there possibly being "devotees" around, How (and I'm mainly speaking about women here - but it really includes both sexes") did they make it through life with all of the physicals and doctors - gynocologists, mammorgrams - sports doctors, and on and on and on. What are they thinking when they try on a new pair of shoes? My God - who might be watching? What is my teacher - co-worker - boss or even friend thinking. What I am trying to say is that all of this is centered on the amputee as if we are something different than the rest of the world. I lost a leg - period. Yes, it was a big deal, and now I suppose that I have to address the issue of "dev's" in my new world, but what I'm trying to say is that I (and all the rest of us) have been dealing with them in the rest of our world all of our lives..... and if they think not, then they have been burying their head in the sand. There are "dev's" about children - boys and girls, dev's about sports figures - men and women, and models, actors and actresses, and the waitress down at the cafe, and the nurse in the doctors office - and definitely the secretary. If you go around thinking AMPUTEE 24/7......THEN YOU ARE ONE. I am not. I'm a man - a father - husband - grandfather and great-grandfather. A businessman, and many more things,,,,FIRST. Oh yes - I had the lower part of my leg amputated - but I have to tell you, as much as I didn't like it (and still don't), it isn't the worst thing in this life that has happened to me, and sure isn't the end of the world. I've climbed many mountains by my fingernails, and pulled myself up out of some pretty deep holes by sheer will. I'm sorry to dissapoint the dev's out there that are reading this, but I really don't give you much thought, and like Clark Gable said in the movie Gone With The Wind "Frankly my dear, I don't give a d***. Now, get in my face, or get hanky panky with me, and I will definitely put you in the front of my mind - real quick. BUT, I don't need to be taught on a forum, how to do that. I did it when I was 10 1/2 with a swift kick to the nether regions. Making me an amputee didn't change anything - except, now I would probably have to use my other foot, or my leg might come off. :lol: My advice to others, is to get there head out of being an amputee - and get on with life. I receive calls everyday from people around our country here (and emails from outside), wanting to talk about their new amputee status. I listen and try to console and understand - and then suggest that they put on their leg, or hop on their crutches and get on with life..... and if they aren't sure how to do that, then I am here for them (as we all are), but my attitude is "quit whining and get on with getting better". EMPATHY....... absolutely. Being a fellow amputee I have loads of it. SYMPATHY......someone once told me where to find it in the dictionary. Is this being unecessary harsh - perhaps. Where I come from, we call it tough love. You've heard me say it before. My ego doesn't have to be right all of the time - but...... my values mean that I do have to be honest. I just was. OH YES, ONE MORE THING. I THOUGHT LIKE THIS WHEN I WAS A "NEWBIE" ALSO, AND SURE DIDN'T NEED ANY INSTRUCTIONS. Now, Lizzie you can go ahead and scream. :P :P
  11. Devotee

    Point made. I don't think AMPUTEE 24/7 nor do I live in an amputee world. I am just a man who had his lower leg amputated.......and a kidney removed, and a bypass put in and taken out and, and, and, and. In short, I live in the everyday real world and as such am acutely aware of the pitfalls and hazards in it - and how to handle them. To all of a sudden feel it a duty to inform new amputees about the "dev's" that abound, in my opinion is "closing the barn door after the horses have gotten out". If the mature people on here don't realize about the hazards living in a society by now - it's a little to late. And if they think that: "OH, YOU MEAN THERE ARE THAT KIND HERE????" then they must have had their head buried in the sand all of these years. Is this the first time that they have heard of amputee dev's??? Probably. It was for me - but to no surprise. I've lived outside in the real world in life and have been fully aware of them in our society for a long time. I don't see what makes an amputee dev, any different than the other kind, that go around .....doing things like I just crossed out and decided not to print. <_< Has anyone noticed that this particular subject has had 53 posts and 675 views, in it's relatively short run - this time? I find it hard to believe that all of it is in the interest of "informing the newbies". To touch on subjects like this, are all part and parcel of what this forum is about, but boy - I bet the dev's are sure having fun realizing how much commotion and interest they have caused just by their presence.
  12. Devotee

    Ooooookay. <_< I agree? What I am trying to say however, is that one should not be so surprised that they are here - and some seem to be. That's all.
  13. Devotee

    At one time or another through out life, I have run into dev's of one sort or another in almost every walk of life. From the time that I was 10 1/2, and had a gardening "business", to the clasrooms - in the army - in construction - and in the corporate boardroom. To think that this is an isolated problem with only amputees is both naive and ill informed. If all dev's ( of any kind) were all of a sudden colored red, we would be amazed as we go about our daily lives. THEY ARE AMONGST US - EVERYWHERE. I know one in particular who is the deacon of a church and a former bank president. Another who was a chef in a resturant, and another who is in everyday home delivery. (These examples are just to name a very few that I have run across, since my first encounter at 10 1/2 while mowing lawns. - Oh yes, I almost forgot about the one in the orpahnage when I was just under 5)) I am not saying which way that their deviation leans, but as Ally said, all have different interests, but they all have a basis in sexuality, and their interests are not puritanical. Sooooooo - are they in the amputee arena? You bet your seet bippy (as the saying goes - and I haven't the slightest idea what a "bippy" is :lol: ), but to single them out and then feel that you have won is ....... again, naive. Oh yes - most all that I have encountered (knowingly) have their own groups and organizations - web sites, and some even magazines. We are all being "watched" almost daily, in one form or another. Now - the touchy, feely part is obvious, and the extreme answer is a right hook to the jaw (metaphorically speaking, of course), but I leaned the word NO at an early age. I am always polite, (at least I try ) - until it is time ...... not to be polite.
  14. Devotee

    In return you must treat him well and respect him too. Its a 2 way street! Absolutely - because I don't think that either of you would want a man that didn't know his worth also. Like K said - "It's a two way street". That's why my wife and I have been a "team" for 49 years in November. It's called "mutual respect". It's more than a marriage - it's a partnership.......an equal partnership. I look after her interests - and she looks after mine. And no.... we haven't sacrificed any of our independence or individuality. We are still ourselves - together.
  15. Devotee

    Good Morning Cherlym. From my viewpoint, I don't see that we disagree at all. Different viewpoints - possibly, but disagree - never. :lol: I was on my own - not by choice. My insurance illegaly cancelled me after the operation (after 15 years of paying without a single claim), just because they thought (rightly) that I would have more operations. So, the hospital refused therapy, and by the time I made the insurance company live up to their "One year notice for cancellation without cause - clause", I had learned to walk on my own and didn't need the therapy. Also, there were no support groups in our area, and I didn't know how to operate a computer at that time, so I wasn't aware of forums like this (if there were any). Had there been any groups, or forums, I would have gladly embraced them as I am now, but as it was, my wife and I had to go it alone. (As we have much in our lives.) I ALWAYS listen to advice. Whether I take it or not depends on whether I agree with it or not. I don't care whose idea it is - mine or someone elses - I will do it the best way that I see. I have no ego problem - there. As for making the foot myself - believe me, I would, if I couldn't find one on the market that was to my liking. That is what I did with the shower protector. I didn't like what was available, so I went out to my shop and designed and built my own. That is my way. However, I am very fortunate that there are some very good prosthetic feet out there to chose from. As for taking the advice of my CPO, I also take the advice of my doctor, and the pilot of the plane I am on, and the driver of the car I am in. This in no way negates my "maverick" personality. There is an old saying: "EITHER LEAD - FOLLOW - OR GET OUT OF THE WAY". I am definitely not a follower in life, but I will walk side by side with someone If I agree with where they are going. A follower NEEDS a leader. I don't. I am also not a leader. A leader - to me - NEEDS a following. Again, I don't. I am perfectly willing to walk my direction on my own. Now, if others like the way that I am going, and want to walk side by side with me - and some want to follow - then fine, just don't get in my way. In short - I "march to my own drummer" -pretty much. We amputees, do not have a monopoly on the "weirdos" of this world. I raised our children with the admonition of: "Keep your eyes open - it's a jungle out there". EVERYWHERE - IN ALL WALKS OF LIFE. To single out a special education just for the amputee ones, would be "whistling in the wind". Then we would have to have special educations for this one - and that one. All of us on this program are at least at the age to hold a meaningful conversation here, which tells me that we all must have some experiences in life in general, and a certain maturity. Sure, the very fact of "weirdos" (for lack of a better word right now), surronding us in our daily lives, should always be at the front of our mind. People have all kinds of fetishes. An amputee may only think of the amputee "dev's", but what about the ones that .........say, like red hair - or the ones that like really short people - or tall people - or heavy set people - or ones in uniform - or out of uniform, and on, and on, and on, and on. There is no stopping once we get started. The point that I am trying to make is that life is full of fetishes, and we have to look outside of our strictly "amputee" mentality, and be on the guard for all of them. This is life. Instructions should start with our children as they grow up, and not wait until there is an amputation to start making people aware of the ........."weirdo's" in our midst, (Again, for the lack of a better word). You always make sense Cherlym, which is why I enjoy our "discussions". Disagree? Absolutely not! We just may see the same things from different angles on occasion - that's all - and like you said - saying the sme thing.....in a different way - perhaps?