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    I love the outdoors. I love working in my flower/ vegetable gardens. I can't wait until I can get back into it. During the summer, my family loves going to the pool as a Sunday outings. There's nothing better than the fresh air, warm sun and a refreshing pool.<br><br>My support dog is my newest member of my family. He brings so much joy to us. Some where I heard... "a dog is a man's best friend. " That is so true for me. It's hard for to remember what my days were like when everyone gone to work or school and he wasn't here.

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    both legs below knee & fingers
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    January 2004
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    TSS-Toxic Shock Syndrome
  1. Justhumbs

    "Happy Father's Day!!!"

    B) I just waned to wish all those Dad's out there a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! :D :D Patti
  2. Justhumbs

    Limb regeneration

    :D Thanks Linda for sharing this article with us! I love the idea~just hope they can work it out to be used on humans. I love the idea of growing my fingers & legs back some day even though it might happen sometime in the future. Patti
  3. Justhumbs

    Just checkinging in...

    :D Thanks Marilyn for your comforting words! They really hit home. Patti
  4. Justhumbs

    What do you want?

    I would to be more mobile and enjoy some of the simplier things of life, like: swimming, planting a flower garden, taking a long walk on the beach, etc.
  5. Justhumbs

    Do you name your prosthetic??

    Hmm, I've been known to call mine something similar on occasion! "DITTO" that for me!! Especially since all this trouble I have had. ;) Patti
  6. Justhumbs

    Just checkinging in...

    :D Thanks for such a warm welcome back!! I see there is alot for me to catch up on here. Everything is well here with my family. As some of you might know, we lost my Dad on May 12th with his battle of lung cancer. I thought I was prepare for that, but I was wrong. That was one of the reason for absence & the other is my left stump was acting up. I was in bed for over a month. Ray, the 3 girls & Elmo are all doing fine. TTYL Patti
  7. Justhumbs

    Just checkinging in...

    Hello~my good friends...I'm sorry it taken me a while to write a post on here. I'm not sure how much you know about my absence, but I have had a lot going on with my family and with myself. I just wanted to stop in to say I was thinking of you all & I'll try to catch up on reading of everyone's post as soon as I can. Patti
  8. Justhumbs

    Sorry to Bug You...

    That's just TOO CUTE!!! Thanks for sharing this with us!! Patti
  9. Justhumbs

    Happy Birthday Justthumbs!!!

    Linda, I didn't know you could sing, but it sounds BEAUTIFUL!!!! Patti
  10. Justhumbs

    Happy Birthday Justthumbs!!!

    Thanks to everyone for all the warm birthday wishes!!! It means so much to me that all of you remember me. I'm sorry that I have been away for so long. I have been spending a lot of time traveling between my parents, the residential home (where Samantha is at) and home. I truly miss talking to everyone and are in my daily thoughts & prayers. Love always, Patti
  11. Justhumbs

    New House.

    What wonderful news! I sure hope you enjoy your new home. Patti
  12. Justhumbs

    Support Dogs

    I just wanted to share Elmo's hospital visit with Dad. Last Saturday, Ray & I took Elmo to the hospital with to see Dad and to hear what Dad's doctor's had to say. I was so pleased with Dad's reaction to Elmo's visit. Elmo rised up on the side of Dad's bed and began to give Dad kisses on the hand. Dad had a great big smile from ear to ear. We brought Elmo up to the hospital everyday over last weekend. It seem the more Elmo visit, the better Dad started feeling and was less confused. I have heard of therapy dogs going to hospitals and rehabilation homes to visit with patients. But seeing the love between Elmo & Dad, plus Dad's mental recovery, just admazed me. Dogs, like my Elmo, bring so much joy to sick. I'm just glad that Elmo was able to help bring my Dad's memory back so he can enjoy his time with his family. Patti
  13. Justhumbs

    NEW DOG !!!!!!!!!!!

    Please keep us updated on Tootsie is adjusting to your home. Give her a hug for me!!! Patti
  14. Justhumbs

    Does anyone want to stop smoking?

    Thanks everyone for keeping my family in your thoughts & prayers! Dad has improve a bit since the last time I wrote. Yesterday, the test results came back clear. Thank God for that. Dad walk around the whole 6th floor last night. Today, they had him try some steps. Dad said that wore him out. Dad's thought are clearer and he's not confused any more. Mom Brought my Dad home today. The doctors said that he dosen't have any food restrictions. In fact, he can go back to everything he used to do before he ended up in the hospital. Mom will be calling hospice later this week. Dad has to go back to see the cancer doctor next week. I really appreciate everyone support during this time. I just you to know 'll be spend a lot of time out at Mom's & Dad's. So if I don't post, it's because I stayed with them & they don't have a computer. Patti
  15. Justhumbs


    Shane-- A big warm welcome from your northern neighbor in the Show Me State. You truly are an inspiration to all of us. Keep up with the great work with your recovery. Patti