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  1. eag

    Ladies Question re Wearing Dresses

    I totally agree cheryl....we {ladies} do not wear the same pr. of shoes with every outfit { if we can help it} like men usually do. We use colors, flats, heels and designs. This would be a multi-million adventure, for sure. I love to see her dance...{Amy}....such grace & poise. Did you see it Monday? Guess she injured her back/shoulder. Who do you think will take the win? I'm banking on our olympic champion.
  2. eag

    Ladies Question re Wearing Dresses

    I think it boils down to whatever is comforting to you.
  3. eag

    Ladies Question re Wearing Dresses

    Jane, I have been an amputee for 12 years & still can not go {bare legged}...I hate the looks & stares terribly. I always have mine covered. I have'nt worn a dress since. That's really bad I know, but just can not do it. It is just a hang-up for me. Since you have no qualms about shorts, I think you will get over this concerning dresses.
  4. eag

    Anger anyone?

    I also have anger over my amputation....several years after amp. was done, my husband had a slight stroke & the Dr. on duty was called. I was very surprised when it turned out to be the Dr. that had mis-diagnoised me & weeks later I had to have my leg amputated. I did not sue him, but I did order he send me my complete files. I then informed the hospital he was {NOT} in any way, shape or form touch my husband.....end of conversation. YES, there are doctors who will not change their ways....they continue to spread their medicine in a bad way., then again there are more that are very deducated. Every anniversary I get on my knees and ask GOD to please help me forgive him., it IS getting better in my mind. Thanks ladies for bringing this up in our forum.
  5. eag


    AGREE!!!! A very happy future to all & may this YEAR be the best.
  6. eag


    I don't know about anyone else, {BUT} I just love Christmas., all the decorations, cantatas, food and of course we can't forget the Drink. But just look into the kids eyes {sparkle & dancing} why even the adults are acting much more civilized. There is actually love in the air {sometime}. Just want to wish each and everyone of you the most blessed & healthy Christmas & New Year you have ever had. ann
  7. eag

    Hallowe'en Trick or Treat

    Heehee, everything is sooooo different when we have gotten older, heh?
  8. Cherylm, I really hate to hear this. You had a time of it last year, and isn't this about the time of the year when you do choral concerts? I remember something about music you told us about last year. We certainly do not want you in a wheelchair anytime. You get better, You Hear!!
  9. eag

    bob at holystone

    I agree, Bob is a real cutie!!
  10. Jane, I love the way you think..
  11. eag

    starting again

    Oh yuck... .. thats not exactly a good thought. What is brawn., some type of soup or broth?
  12. Neal, I looked online, but they didn't have a cover listed., either I didn't find it or they can't cover it....do you know?
  13. Higgy: it's the socket...they just can not keep me from hitting bottom...and of course, I don't have the guy who started me {just fill-ins} a real mess. I am thinking of going to his main office in Pittsburg as I am not getting the help here; that's for sure. I just must be a "b...h" !! Old enough to not take any more s..t! I checked out the unity system Neal was talking about online...it looks great., also they do not list any cover. Wonder if it can be covered? Send me a note & let me know how things are in your neck of the woods. We have had rain forever, but probably will get so hot we son't be able to go outside. Hugs & prayers, ann
  14. That is exactly what I was wanting to hear Neal. What is new! I am going to check up on it. I am having a horrible time with what I'm wearing now., BIG MESS is puting it lightly. Loved the pictures of you water skiing {you look like you were having the time of your life} plus the picture of you was great. NO SHINGLES {yes}