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  1. fivestringcooper

    1 year today!

    Mary, Glad things are going great for you!!!!
  2. fivestringcooper

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Hi Doug. I'm so glad you;ve decided to join heather mills, you'll get to meet some awesome people here. and don't forget to ask some questions.... Jerry
  3. fivestringcooper

    Celebrating 10 years survivorship 22 March 2012

    yeah I celebrated my 30th anniversary in March..
  4. fivestringcooper

    Laissez les bons temps rouler!

    Well have fun Marcia, Tell Don to keep an eye on you..... Jerry
  5. fivestringcooper

    sport setup

    Well, I don't have this foot but others who have it Love it. Here is the website for you to check out. I'm not sure if you can get it, since it's an U.S.A. company.. Jerry P.S. http://www.bioquestpros.com/BioQuest_Prosthetics/BioQuest_Prosthetics.html
  6. good thing will happen to you

  7. fivestringcooper

    Feeling Stuck in Limbo

    Hello Jenn, I am a Left Below Knee Amputee due to a motorcycle accident on valentine's day in 1981. I was in the hospital for over a year. I broke my left leg in 5 different places and also crushed my left ankle in the accident. The Doctors saved my life and I also had lots of internal injuries due to the accident. I was in shock trauma for almost 5 weeks. The ankle became infected and my foot wouldn't heal. So after a year I elected to amputate below knee. The doctors wanted me to save my foot, But I didn't want to put my life on hold for another year. Some of my family understood and then some didn't. I talked to my physical therapist and she told me that a below knee would be the best way to go if I was going to elect the amputation. We talked about this for a couple of days. Before my amputation I could only walk for about 100 feet then I had to sit down. if you do decide for elective amputation below the knee read up on the Ertl procedures. There are many amputees here who have the same issues. I'm am so glad that I had the surgery and within 3-4 months I was doing everything except running and biking. I lost a lot of muscle from the accident. The doctors told me that I would always need a cane to walk with. I kept it until I got my first prosthetic and then put it away in the closet. I also had to go to physical therapy in order to learn to walk properly. I went 4 times to therapy and the therapist told me once I could walk up and down steps without a handrail that I would have to keep coming back. I had 4 appointments with him and I haven't looked back. Most people that don't know are really surprised that I have a prosthetic. I wanted to tell you that this is your life and it's all up to you in what you want to accomplish. If you are determined you will do just fine. The only issue that I have is that I broke my hip really bad and that's the only thing that holds me back. Jerry P.S. Here is something for you to read. http://www.amputee-coalition.org/aca_first_step.html
  8. fivestringcooper

    New here

    Hi Rachel, You will find So much information here and learn from many great people. I've been a l.b.k.a. since 1982. Here is a great article to read, for a beginner. some other great infomation also available here. http://www.amputee-coalition.org/aca_first_step.html Jerry P.S. welcome to the forum.. if you have any ??? just ask...
  9. fivestringcooper

    Need suggestions on Prostetic companies

    Good Morning Wildcountrygrl, Here a website for you and hubby to check out. http://www.oandp.com/ Jerry
  10. fivestringcooper

    My husband and myself are glad to meet you all

    Welcome to the heather mills Shannon and Mark.. Lots of great information here and great people to talk to. I hope you enjoy it here. I'm also from west virginia, but I'm a LBKA. I hope Mark gets fitted soon.... Jerry
  11. fivestringcooper

    Elective Amps?

    Hi Jenn, I had an elective amputation in 1982. I was also in a motorcycle accident in 1981. I had crushed my foot and the doctors tried to rebuild it, But with limited movement and also some bone infections. I talked to a friend who was a physical therapist and decided to have an elective L.B.K.A. After the amputation I recieved my first leg and haven't looked back. I have some issues with it but no due to the prosthetic, due to other injuries that I recieved in the accident. Althought the pain went away, I still get phantom pains when the weather changes. But the pain level has lowered quite a lot since before my amputation. Before I could only walk with crutches for any distance, and know most people can't even tell tell that I'm an amputees when wearing slacks or jeans on. I haven't taken any major pain killers in almost 28 years. Drop me a line if you would like talk about it... Jerry
  12. fivestringcooper

    Happy Birthday Higgy

    Hi Ya Higgy, I just wanted to wish you A Happy Birthday. Enjoy your special day with Jon and tell him I said Hi. Do something that you want to do today... Remenber It's your Birthday Enjoy!!! Jerry
  13. fivestringcooper

    I'm about to become disabled.

    Hi Neal, I have had issues with cysts too. You will not be able to wear your leg until the wound heals. Take my word on that. Could you posiibly have a college student come in and help you for a couple of weeks. That would be helpful for you and would take your mind off of things so you will heal properly. I have found that the aluminum forearm crutches work the best for me... I'm Sorry you are having this issue with the cyst, But it has to come out. Jerry
  14. fivestringcooper

    Shave Hairy Stump?

    Hi Ya Mcatlin, I've been an amputee for 29 years and I was always told not to shave. you will develop ingrown hairs and some of them need to be removed by a surgeon. I would not shave at all.... Just my 2 cents worth..... Jerry
  15. fivestringcooper

    Happy Birthday Marilyn

    Just wanted to wish Marilyn a Happy Birthday!!!! and many more..... Jerry