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  1. Jodi

    Just checkinging in...

    Welcome back Patti, sorry to hear about everything - be good to yourself. I'm sure others would agree that it's time for an Elmo story or at least another pic... Take care, Jodi
  2. Jodi


    Great idea! - maybe a web based one so we all can benefit. You know that saying that something is so "ugly that it's cute"? Well, my ugly shoes NEVER turn cute. My daughter opened my closet the other day and said, "all your shoes look the same". Welcome to my world!
  3. Jodi

    Hello! Your newest member writes in

    Hi Mr. Phil. Great topics in this thread - AND, thanks for sharing your skating techniques. I tried ice skating a LONG time ago with no luck and just couldn't really picture how you do it - very impressive. And, I love your idea of a gym but in 31 years I rarely run into another amputee (that I know of) unless I have been in a special program (ex: skiing club). How about a personal trainer who could travel around and visit each one of us and get us set up in a workout program in our communities and also work on gait training/correction? I would love that kind of personalized attention - specific to my unique needs. And, for the right person, that would be a very enjoyable job I would think - what with meeting all these fabulous people and traveling to exciting locales! I'm sure it would be expensive in the short term but no different than paying for the occassional prosthetic (unless you are one of the lucky people with full coverage). Jodi
  4. Jodi


    we should have a special shoe pic posting area on here - just to annoy the boys.....
  5. Jodi

    Hello! Your newest member writes in

    Hi Mr. Phil from the other edge of the U.S. Would you mind telling us a little more about your skating? That just totally intrigues me! Thanks, Jodi RAK
  6. Jodi


    :D Welcome Peacebaby from another Oregonian! Jodi
  7. Hi Susan, Great job on the weight loss! I'm also a long time user (31 years) but have not had the opportunity to try out any of the microprocessor knees and doubt that I will for a long time. It is great that you are offered the choice to compare knees and if nothing else, you are helping with your CP's education which will help others eventually. Good luck. Jodi
  8. Jodi


    Hi Linda, Have you tried looking on nordstrom.com? Sometimes they even list the heel height which can be helpful. I'm in a particularly limited foot - ugly shoe period so one thing I'm thinking of trying is somehow adding a strap to those flat, dressy, backless shoes that are so popular right now. My shoe frustration has led to obsession with purses - anyone else have this happen? If you start your own shoe line - I will be your first customer and will pay BIG BUCKS! Good luck, Jodi
  9. Jodi

    Mauch Knee

    Hi Ally, It can't hurt to give it a try. I have the Mercury, Jr - which I believe from other posts people (maybe you even) have said is similar to the Mauch. 3 months on it and I LOVE it. I don't know what I had before (don't yell at me) but I started each step on my heel. This knee is oriented for me to focus more on going over the toe so that the knee doesn't lock. It has a very smooth and comfortable feel and the whole thing weighs 9 lbs. I weigh more than you do (my driver's license says 125 lbs. so that has to be right, right? ;) ) and have worn a prosthesis for 31 years full-time. This feels the lightest of all - probably because the mechanics are so smooth. What I will tell you is that this took me a good month of wearing every day for 16 hours or so to get the hang of it - probably because it was so different than what I was used to and I think my body mechanics had to adjust - my whole body is in a different position now when I walk. The other notable difference for me with this set-up is shoes...I have to wear shoes at all times (something I hadn't done before) and can't seem to change shoes with slightly different heel heights as easily as I had done in the past. Shoes are always an issue though anyway, right??!! Let us know how it works for you. Jodi
  10. Jodi

    Hello from Oregon

    Hello Ken, Welcome to the forum - I hope you find what you need here. I'm your neighbor up in Portland, RAK 31 years ago. :D Jodi
  11. Jodi

    Hot Seat Part VI

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I was betting you'd say "x-ray vision" but you're much more creative!
  12. Jodi

    Hot Seat Part VI

    what superpower do you wish you had and why???
  13. Jodi

    Increased airport security after 9/11

    Hi Mike, I've flown about 25 times in the US since that time and have had many interesting and invasive experiences (once even had to go in a room with female security guards and unzip my pants to show them the top of my prosthesis at hip level - that was during one of our heightened terror alerts). The routine seems to be that I have to remove both shoes and get my hands and shin area of prosthesis "swabbed" for bomb making residue (or whatever that's all about). I've learned to take it all in stride. Where are you off to? Jodi
  14. Jodi

    Help - Need Advice

    Gaza, I've had many set ups in 31 years and have been on a Mercury, Jr. knee for two months and it is the best I've had. I don't know anything about it's mechanics other than it is a hydraulic so maybe it is similar to the knee you already have but thought I'd suggest it as I rarely see any mention of it specifically. It does have a lock feature which I personally would like removed. It only locks for me now that I'm used to it sometimes when I go down stairs or when I try to pivot around but I haven't fallen at all. Jodi