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    Below knee - right leg
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    Due 14th Nov 2005
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    Blood clots and pressure sores
  1. leggy

    4x4 Wheelchair

    It certainly is one cool looking chair!! Philip http://www.disabled-help.org http://disabilityblog.org
  2. leggy

    CANADIAN website

    Interesting site - I'll have to have a good look thorugh! Philip http://www.disabled-help.org http://disabilityblog.org
  3. leggy

    New website - reviews needed :)

    Hi all, I've got myself a new blog - http://www.disabilityblog.org/ why not come and say hello :D Philip http://www.disabled-help.org
  4. leggy


    Oops, siggy now removed as it is also against the rules to mention other disability sites.
  5. leggy


    To Admin, please accept my appologies for my recent thread where I asked forum members if they visited any other forums. I appreciate that it is totally against forum rules. <_<
  6. leggy

    New website - reviews needed :)

    Cheers bearlover. :D :D
  7. leggy

    New website - reviews needed :)

    More reviews needed - pleeeeeeeeeease :D
  8. leggy

    New website - reviews needed :)

    Many thanks for those that have provided reviews so far :D
  9. ...resources! The way Heather has overcome her injuries is totally admirable but i must say that one reason she now copes so well is the amount of financial resources she has available. We must not forget that so many people with disablilities are on the bread line and simply can't afford to purchase the best equipment / doctors available. Philip
  10. leggy

    vegetarian benefits

    I believe that everyone should be respected for their own beliefs. If people choose to be vegetarian then that is perfectly fair and up to them. I myself enjoy meat, in fact, I wouldn't like to think of it being removed from my diet. All the best for the coming New Year. Philip
  11. leggy

    Hi from me, Philip

    Hi, this is only my second post on the forum so I thought it would be best to say hello here. I am 38, from Stockton on Tees in England and am booked in for a below-knee amputation this coming Monday :( As soon as I come out I will be a 'proper' member of this forum and will, no doubt, be able to relate to many other peoples experiances. See you soon. Philip btw - please feel free to say hello on my website - http://www.disabled-help.org
  12. Hello, I run a website offering links to all kinds of disability products and services together with independant reviews of products. I would be extremely grateful to anyone who could offer a review. It can be of any product aimed at the disability market - wheelchairs, powerchairs, motoring etc etc. The website address is - http://www.disabled-help.org I will add any reviews given ASAP although, as I am going into hospital for a right leg below-knee amoutation this Friday, it may be a few weeks before I can update the site. Kind regards to anyone who can help. Philip :D