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  1. Hi,

    this is only my second post on the forum so I thought it would be best to say hello here.

    I am 38, from Stockton on Tees in England and am booked in for a below-knee amputation this coming Monday :(

    As soon as I come out I will be a 'proper' member of this forum and will, no doubt, be able to relate to many other peoples experiances.

    See you soon.


    btw - please feel free to say hello on my website -


  2. Hello,

    I run a website offering links to all kinds of disability products and services together with independant reviews of products.

    I would be extremely grateful to anyone who could offer a review. It can be of any product aimed at the disability market - wheelchairs, powerchairs, motoring etc etc.

    The website address is -


    I will add any reviews given ASAP although, as I am going into hospital for a right leg below-knee amoutation this Friday, it may be a few weeks before I can update the site.

    Kind regards to anyone who can help.

    Philip :D