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  1. Neal

    HO - Heterotopic Ossification

    I guess that's good and bad news. Good that you know what should happen. Bad because you have to wait so long to get it done. I hate complications.
  2. Neal

    New to site

    Welcome Charlotte. I'm still carrying around various socks after 8 years. Our weather changes so quickly in Oklahoma that I never know what I might need until it's too late.
  3. Neal

    Gambling problem

    Very funny. That's the best way to break the ice when dealing with people about your amputation. I like humor in just about any situation. Is that you Mark? I haven't heard from you in ages. How are things? We should probably get together and catch up.
  4. Neal

    New Hybrid Prosthesis (Aqualeg)

    Is it affordable? There has been a lot of talk about swimming legs on an amputee board on FB lately. The cost of a dedicated water leg is too much for most of us. Something that can be used on your everyday leg or one that still fits OK is much more reasonable.
  5. Neal

    HO - Heterotopic Ossification

    As awful as it might sound, it might very well be your best solution. If you have no use of the knee anyway, you may see a more active lifestyle. There are many highly active AKs anymore. I would consider it.
  6. Neal

    Elevated suction socket or back to......

    I think Doug has something. The vacuum system I wore was a manuel one. I'm sure it lost vacuum over the course of the day, but still felt secure. The motorized vacuum is applying too constant pressure on some of us. Any void at all will result in a blister. I've gone to an Ossur X5 liner and love it.
  7. Neal

    Newbie facing hemipelvectomy

    I had forgotten about Mario. I know a guy on FB who is a very active HP. I'll try contacting him.
  8. Neal

    Newbie facing hemipelvectomy

    Dr. Christine Skoski is a retired anesthesiologist from the LA area. I don't have any contact information on her. I've met her a number of times and she is very nice. I think she could give you some words of encouragement since she was discouraged following her amputation. You can try contacting her through the Amputee Coalition. She has a scholarship fund through them.
  9. Neal

    Newbie facing hemipelvectomy

    Welcome Steve. Sorry you're having to join our club. Cheryl and Tammie have given you good advice. I know of a woman who had a HP as a child. She went on to become a doctor. She almost always wears a prosthesis. There is new technology our there to make walking easier for an HP. Good luck on the surgery.
  10. Neal

    New Hybrid Prosthesis (Aqualeg)

    Is this just a cover for your prosthesis or is it a prosthesis?
  11. Neal

    what great palls

    Take some time to think about things. See if your life is better or worse with your friends. You're the only person who can let them back into your life.
  12. Neal

    HO - Heterotopic Ossification

    That's a bummer Doug. Some of us have it so easy while others, like you, have to put up with constant setbacks. I hope this is over for you soon.
  13. Neal

    HO - Heterotopic Ossification

    I've heard of people who've had this. I think the only solution is surgery to remove the excess bone if it bothers the patient. Some people get a little and it never really presents a problem. Others have razor sharp bone growth that is very painful. I'm sorry this has happened to you. Maybe someone else on the forum will come along that has had it. They will be the ones who can give you some advice.
  14. Neal


    Welcome back Ally. Ed told me your exciting news. Glad that you're still kicking.
  15. Neal

    new ak rig :)

    Looks good. I hope it stays comfortable and functional for a long time.
  16. Neal

    I am the new guy

    Welcome Doug. Like Cheryl said, we get quiet at times. I visit this forum daily to see if there is anything new. Hit us up with your problems and I'm sure we'll come up with about 15 answers. LOL
  17. I change shoes daily 1) because I'm a barefoot kinda guy. Bare in the warmer months and socks when it's cold. 2) I was told your shoes last longer when not worn two days in a row.
  18. Most insurance companies will not pay for a prosthesis until the patient has signed a delivery statement. This means that the final leg has been delivered to the patient and that he/she is pleased with the result. I never sign anything releasing them to bill insurance until the final leg is delivered. My leg shop is/has been very good at working with me. They are always very professional in dealing with this. I've never had them bill me for any repairs or adjustments made after the delivery.
  19. You write this with much humor. I'm glad it didn't ruin your evening. What we have to go through is incomprehensible to most normal people. You need to ask your legman for a heavy duty shoe horn. I got one at a past conference. I use it every day because I change shoes daily.
  20. No money should change hands until a final leg is produced. Did you sign off on the leg? I would call your insurance company to make sure they've already paid. If they have, they need to try to get that back. You should also try to get your money back. Then take the advice of another amputee not a doctor about the next legman you see. Find a support group in your area. Travel some distance if needed. Are you still in California? There are many great facilities there.
  21. Neal

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Good news Doug. It's a process that seems long, but it's worth it.
  22. Neal

    Moving --> Mexico City

    That's quite a move Javier. I'm not familiar with Mexico City. If you end up coming to the states, let me know.
  23. Neal

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Welcome to the forum Doug. I'm an LBK since April, 2004. Amputation comes with it's ups and downs, but generally I lead a very active, normal life.
  24. Neal

    New AK Setup...

    Good to hear. I love new technology. I'm always looking for the latest and greatest.
  25. Neal

    Hi again!

    Welcome back Shelby.