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  1. Neal

    DIY Paint Job Prosthetic Socket

    My legman has hired an artist to do airbrushing on patients at no charge. He can do amazing work at no cost to us. I understand the US Dept of Defence is using GTOPI to decorate the prostheses of military personnel. It's no wonder our country is fast going broke. I know the owner of GTOPI. He does good work, but I agree that he is overpriced.
  2. Neal

    painkiller side effects

    Good to hear Kate. You sound more positive. Long term use of strong drugs is never a good thing.
  3. Neal

    DIY Paint Job Prosthetic Socket

    I'd be interested also.
  4. Neal


    I saw one once like Cheryl described. It cost $7K over the cost of the leg itself. Looked good, but not worth it for me. One of my FB friends had one made. I've never seen a picture of it on him. He was military so they paid for it.
  5. Good for you Joe. Someone once told me that I'm my best advocate. You have to fight for what is right. You're lucky that you won this war. Have you put any thought into how you'll handle replacement sockets and feet? I guess the battle will begin again. Unfortunately, there are many doctors and legshops out there prescribing outrageous prosthetics for people who don't need them. They seem to think that bigger is better and it will help them walk better. I can't tell you how many C-legs I see on people in wheelchairs. That's a $40K waste. Insurance companies are not totally to blame for our situation. I haven't noticed an increase in static electricity since becoming an amp. It's mostly a problem in the winter when the air is drier here.
  6. Neal

    Coloured stump socks?

    I've not seen any. That would be cool though.
  7. Thanks for sharing Kirk. I'm glad you got a new leg that better suits your lifestyle. A lot of amps don't realize that they can see someone else. They're lead to believe that they are stuck with the same leg shop. It sometimes helps to get another perspective. The younger guys haven't formed the rut that many prosthetists get in. This is where "one size doesn't fit all". I've always been one to look for and try new technology. It hasn't always worked, but it kept my legman on his toes. I have a new legman and he sees things the same way. He likes diversity.
  8. Today is my 8th ampuversary. The accident was Mar 8, but amped on April 5, 2004.
  9. Neal

    Hey, new from SC!

    He will be seeing many new challenges over the next few months. Like Cheryl said, it's best that he learns to do them himself. We are here to help steer him in the right direction as we have learned ourselves. There will be ups and downs. Let him know that it's ok to let his emotions out. It can be very frustrating trying to learn to do things again. It can get overwhelming for some.
  10. Neal

    painkiller side effects

    Why are you going to be on it the rest of your life? I was never on anything stronger than Lortab and found that Advil did about as much good. The phantom pains, which drugs didn't touch, went away with some time. Any stump pain is short lived. The only drugs I take are for cholesterol and blood pressure. You are in control of your meds, not your doctor. Tramadol is a very mild pain killer from what I know. If your doctor won't listen to you, then you need to find a new doctor.
  11. Neal

    gel sleeves

    Have you worn this type before? Were they the same material? Try using a mild lotion to soothe the skin. I will sometimes get a mild version of this even though I've used the exact same liners for years now. Wash and rinse the liners very well before using them again.
  12. Neal

    KD Amputee ready to get a new knee/leg.

    Correct. Make your appt with Andy or Scott.
  13. Neal

    KD Amputee ready to get a new knee/leg.

    I don't know about knees. I've always heard that the fake knee is what makes a KD so hard to deal with. I do have a friend who is a KD. He uses a C-leg and walks flawlessly. He goes to a major prosthetic company in OKC.
  14. Neal

    Getting a new leg

    I don't like the process, but when it gets done right, it is so nice. I got a new leg in Dec. I've had it tweaked once and will need at least one more tweaking to get it feeling just right. Worse part for me is that I travel 100 miles each way for my legman.
  15. Neal

    2012 Forum Upgrade

    I like it.
  16. What Ann says makes sense. Tell your legman you want to try different systems. If he is unwilling to do this, try another legman. It is your longterm comfort and health that is important here. He can make suggestions, but only you know what works best. I don't have a skin graft, but cannot wear the pin system because of the pulling on the end of the stump. I've never used the Harmony system, but have used a vacuum system. I liked the way it made the leg feel like it was really part of me, but I didn't like the way it kept it's tight fit while sitting. It all boils down to the fact that no one system is good for all of us. I've been using Ossur's Seal-in X5 liner for the past 4 years and love it. It has the convenience of a pin system without the pulling and yet the snug fit I like as in the vacuum without that tight fit of a vacuum. It works quite well for me.
  17. Neal

    3 weeks into wearing my leg!!!!!!!!

    Great Chris. We told you it would only get easier. I haven't tried to skate since losing my leg. I don't even know if there is a rink in Tulsa. I might have to check that out.
  18. Neal


    Great news. Hang in there. It gets much better.
  19. Neal

    Blog about KP

    I commented on the blog. You should post a link to the blog on the AMPS group in FB. There may be others who are facing the same issue.
  20. Neal

    Merry Christmas

    To you also.
  21. Neal

    I'ts Xmas morning

    Merry Christmas to all. Enjoy being with family and friends.
  22. Neal

    Below knee problems

    I've had them Ann. Especially since you've just gotten a new leg, sounds like your trim line needs some tweaking in the back. I used to get them so bad that I ended up with lots of scar tissue. Had to have surgery to get rid of that. Get back to the legman soon. Neal
  23. Neal

    Happy Belated Birthday Cat

    I already sent birthday wishes your way on FB, but here it is again belatedly.
  24. Neal

    new member

    Welcome Igor. Your life is far from over just because of losing a foot. I lost my left leg almost 8 years ago. It slowed me down for a bit, but I lead a very full, active life.
  25. Neal

    Hey - My story

    Welcome K. Glad that you're getting on with your life. It's a process, but well worth it.