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  1. Neal

    Our friend Tammie

    Tammie (Higgy) had shoulder surgery on Thursday. It is her right, dominant shoulder. I talked with her and she is doing fine. She has some pain, but manageable. I can only imagine how hard it is to move through your daily life without the use of your dominant arm. Crutches, putting on your liner and other things would be so much harder without the use of both arms. She was training her husband, Jon, to help with those daily necessaries. We should see her back to normal in the next few weeks.
  2. Neal

    Why Can't I do this?1

    I agree with what Kitkat had to say. You get out what you put in. I worked very hard to achieve balance so my walking would be smooth and unnoticed by most. I don't know why I worried so much when I wear shorts 8 months of the year. I can't speak much about an AK leg as I am BK. If the fit is good, it shouldn't feel so heavy. The more the leg becomes a part of you, the less it will feel so heavy. Determination is the name of this game. My third legman did more for me physically than the first two and the physical therapist put together. He was an amputee himself and had a lot of empathy for his patients. It is a process and part of that process is finding a very knowledgable legperson you like who does great work. Good luck to you and keep us informed.
  3. Neal

    Hello all New Rbk Here

    Welcome Chris. I think you made the right decision. You can't expect a totally painfree life ahead. I even have an occasional 'bad leg day' after 7.5 years. Considering your age I think you'll do just fine with a prosthesis. I was 47 when I lost mine and yet everyone marvels at how well I walk and do things. It isn't such a marvel to me as I hardly notice the leg anymore. My leg goes on first thing in the morning and comes off when I go to bed at night. The only other time it comes off is when showering or swimming in a pool. I prefer to use a leg when swimming in rivers, lakes or the ocean. Getting your first leg and walking again is a great moment to experience. I'm glad you'll get it by Christmas. That's pretty fast to go from amp to leg. It was 6 weeks for me. I'm getting a new socket right now. It's a process I hate, but necessary to get the fit just right. Stay tuned as your leg will be going through quite a few changes over the next few months. You'll have to get rid of all that swelling from surgery, then your leg will start the process of shrinking as your muscles atrophy.
  4. Neal

    Our friend Tammie

    It's coming along. Still have the cramps, but we're working on it. Results of my blood test have not come back yet.
  5. Neal

    The Adventures of ED

    You're a busy guy Ed. I'm glad to have been a very small part of your adventures this past year. I can't wait til Dec, 2012 when we sail off on that 'historic' cruise.
  6. Neal

    Our friend Tammie

    I have room for both of you. You could come down for an extended stay.
  7. Neal


    That's great Chris. All the more reason why you need to go on our cruise. All ships are a smorgasbord of neverending food. You can add writing to your list of accomplishments. I enjoyed reading your blog. I do wish the type were a bit larger. As I told you on FB, those empanadas look amazingly good. I noticed that we (Heather Mills Forum) got a mention on your site. Good for us!!!
  8. Neal

    The Silence of the Amps

    It is way too quiet here lately. Isn't anyone having a problem? We all get busy with life. I do know that Higgy's husband had shoulder replacement surgery. He did well and is home awaiting rehab. Between the physical terrorists and Tammie, my thoughts are with Jon. LOL I finally got released by the surgeon following my revision surgery back in Sept. I had one little spot that had to be reopened and closed again in Oct. It was a tough little bugger to heal. I still have a tiny spot that can be painful, but I think I've finally gotten over that. My right ear has been stopped up for the past week. I'm taking MucinexD, a steroid, and an antibiotic. I go to an ear specialist tomorrow. I hope he has some good news as this is driving me crazier than I am already. Let's hear what's been going on with you guys.
  9. Neal

    The Silence of the Amps

    The papers were awful. I felt as if I had been run over by a freight train after 6.5 hours of inserting papers. Well 9 ibuprofen and a nap later I don't feel as bad. We ended up with 16 diners. The food was delicious. My step-brother and his wife weren't going to eat, but decided it looked too good to pass on. It took us awhile to clean the kitchen, but well worth it. I hope everyone else had as good a Thanksgiving as I did.
  10. Neal

    The Silence of the Amps

    Sorry to hear about your dad Cat. I lost my real dad to cancer when I was 17. My stepdad was a real father to me. I loved him dearly. He died about 12 years ago. Thanksgiving at my house. I'll have help from my sister, niece and mom. That's after I deliver 1300 of those humongous papers Thurs morning. UGH!!! My worst day of the year.
  11. Neal

    Oklahoma Earthquake...

    No damage here. We were about 50 miles from the center. Our early one 2:15AM registered 4.7. The one that night registered 5.6. It also lasted about 45-60 seconds. That one really had me thinking that maybe I should consider some earthquake insurance. I was just watching a news report about a house sitting on the epicenter. It was totalled.
  12. Neal

    Ad on Prosthesis...

    WOW. At that price, I doubt if he gets any takers.
  13. Neal

    Volume management pads

    I loved them while I used them. They take up quite a bit of space where you would normally have to use socks. They only work well with gel liners. I've used silicon since and they won't stick. You can still use them, but it's a real b*tch to get everything together. What liners are you using Chris? I would be glad to send you the ones I have if you want to try them.
  14. Neal

    New Socket

    I agree with that Cheryl. Too tight around the knee can result in pain farther down the stump as it can hinder blood flow and/or pinch nerves. I hardly have any full length socks left.
  15. Hello Bean, welcome to our forum. I want to thank you for your service. Sounds like you've been through a lot. Amputation isn't an easy decision to make. Though a lot of docs believe it to be failure, it is sometimes the best outcome for many of us. I, for one, had to make that decision in order to get on with my life. I've never regretted it, though there were times when I wondered. There are days when you have nagging pain or soreness. There are days when you can't seem to get comfy in your socket. There are days when the phantom pains drive you crazy. There are those whose phantom pains are with them every day. There are those, like me, that are rarely bothered with them. Most days for me are painfree. I can do anything I want to do. I hardly notice that part of me isn't my own flesh. I wear my leg 16 hours a day. I'm glad you found a prosthetist you feel comfortable with. I'm also glad he happens to be an amputee. He should be able to give you all the information you need. Amputation is 10-30% harder for every joint you lose. If it's possible to save your knee and still have a functioning residual limb, it would make living with amputation easier. It isn't worth it though if the knee is trash. You will end up with more trouble down the road and possibly need a revision to an above knee amputation. If the knee can be stronger through a replacement surgery, you might try that first. As a BK amputee, you will be able to do most of the things you describe. The only limits to a BK are those they place on themselves. I can't speak for AKs. I know quite a few who do some fairly radical things. It is just harder for them as they have two artificial joints. Good luck. I hope you find an understanding team who can work with you through this. Neal
  16. Neal

    New Socket

    Hey Chris: I'm sorry for all your troubles. Are you in a straight suction socket or a vacuum system? Some people, myself included, are just not successful with the vacuum systems. They either pull too much or lose vacuum all the time. It's way too much for me to have to worry about. I shelved it after a test socket. I use the same system that Kitkat describes. It's the 5 seal suction system by Ossur. I've been very pleased with it. It's as easy as the pin system to donn, sometimes easier as there is no pin to line up with the hole. It allows better range of motion in the knee because there is no need for a sleeve. The added plus for me is the fact that it doesn't milk my stump all day like the pin. I was also very comfortable in a suction socket. The only negative for me there was the sleeve. They are so fragile when you're an active person. The truth is this: There is no single system that will suit all amputees. When the pin system came out, all legmen seemed to want to fit it on their patients. Now the vacuum system is getting all the raves and the legmen seem to want to do the same with it. The premise behind the vacuum makes sense, but if it isn't comfortable it then becomes worthless. In seven years as an amputee I've tried almost all the systems. There are positives and negatives to all of them. You just have to find the one that works the best for you. I'm still looking for the best, but I think I've come pretty close with the 5 seal. I know that I lost the best. LOL I doubt that you have a neuroma. Those take awhile to form. You might just have a knot in the muscle. I get those on occasion. They are more like a bad cramp. Since you were in a poor fitting socket for some time, it might take a spell for everything to acclimate. Have you tried adding socks? Go back to your legman for some adjustments. It might be something as simple as lowering a trim line. Good luck.
  17. Neal

    Left and Right Below Knee Amputations

    Welcome Sarah. It's tough decision to make. I made that decision 7.5 years ago. I don't regret it. I have been able to do anything I wanted to do. I agree with Cheryl on losing both. I get along just fine with one prosthesis, but two? I don't want to find out.
  18. Neal

    Isn't It Lovely......?

    I like it Cheryl. I'm glad you joined the nekked clan. LOL
  19. Neal

    Getting up from the floor

    HAHA!!! I prefer bourbon, but the results should be the same.
  20. Neal

    RCR transtibial socket

    I'll have to do my own investigating on this. I've never heard of it. Sounds intriguing.
  21. Neal

    Neoprene sleeves

    I always preferred the Viva sleeves by Alps when I was using them. They were more comfy as well as a little more durable. There are new ones out now that have reinforcement in the knee area.
  22. Neal

    Moving as an amputee

    I agree with Marcia. I hate moving. I better have one more in me though. Our house is too big. I love the house, but should get into something a little smaller. The real estate market will have to come back some before I think more about it. I will get rid of a bunch of stuff before moving again.
  23. Neal


    I don't know Neil. Have you been trying to resolve this before now? Months of walking in pain is not good. Do your sockets fit or are they too big? Sounds like you're sinking too deep in the socket. We all lose volume after amputation, but with a proper fitting socket, you should never walk on the distal end of the bone. You should be suspended just to the point of not bearing weight right on the bone. Are you guessing about further amputation/revision or has a doctor already told you this? That sounds extreme. Start with your prosthetist and go from there. Good luck.
  24. Get it for yourself Cheryl. They'll see how nice it is. I get a lot of comments on how people like my leg. It's just something most people aren't used to seeing. We'll need to see some pics for our approval. LOL
  25. Neal

    one of two new left BKA's

    It is a good feeling to know that things are going to be OK again. It takes the better part of a year to do that, but it usually happens. I'm sure you'll be able to help your patients more now. You'll have a little different understanding. That's one reason why I've always preferred a one-legged prosthetist. They aren't as easy to find now, but I find more empathy from them than the two-legged ones. It would be nice to have your husband share sometime. I'm glad you joined. We might need to have some PT online some day. LOL