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    News about Neal

    I will be doing some cardiac rehab. I don't know when it begins. With our heat around 110, I'll have to do whatever indoors. I'm trying to be smart by doing some things, but not too much. I found that I did a little too much Monday. I won't do that again. I've been a little dizzy today, but very little pain.
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    That's quite a deal.
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    Hi I am new here

    Welcome Lauren. We are a diverse group from around the world here for one common cause, to help other amputees. You will find the first year is the worst. You're limb will be changing and acclimating to it's new version. I still have a few 'bad leg days' after 7 years. Set you goals, keep on top of problems with your leg and you should do fine.
  4. Neal

    News about Neal

    I'm home now. Spent a few extra days because of internal bleeding. I didn't bother with my laptop as there wasn't a lot of room in this hospital room. I feel better every day. It hurts when I cough or take a deep breath. Thankfully I haven't had to sneeze yet. I use a pillow to hold tightly to my chest when coughing. Good to be back. Thanks to all for the well wishes and for being my friend. Neal
  5. That usually works for me too Ann. Seems that the pressures from a past socket are different and I can get some relief. Do they still not know what "thingy" is? That is ridiculous. You could have had the thing removed and be on your way back to walking.
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    Marcia will have to answer about Amazon, but Monistat is a feminine product that should be available at any drugist.
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    Inappropriate noises

    Hey Ken, long time, no hear. I've had that happen a few times when I was wearing a pin system. It does sound remarkably like that bodily function. If the one ply muffled it, then add another until it's gone. You can drill a hole or two in a pin system socket without compromising the fit. You don't dare do that in any other system as air in means no suction. Good to hear from you. Hope all is well.
  8. Neal


    It might be pricey, but I can usually get a year out of a jar if used sparingly on a daily basis. I haven't really needed it since I had the surgery to remove the scar tissue.
  9. Good to hear Freddy. It's just a shame that we have to fight for what we need.
  10. After reading what Chris had to go through to get his much needed new prosthetic, I think we should all get our policies out or check with our providers to see exactly what is covered. Many of us, especially new amputees or those who might have new insurance, have no idea where to look. The business office of your prosthetist's office is a great place to start. They are usually up-to-date on coverage from a variety of companies as they deal with them daily. They are also able to check on your particular coverage as your prosthetic provider. Prosthetics is generally part of your Durable Medical Equipment(DME) coverage. This is also where crutches, wheelchairs, mobility aids and other devices are covered. Like Chris found out, his prosthetic coverage was greater than his DME coverage. This isn't always the case. You need to check with your own provider to see what your particular coverage is. Some states have passed prosthetic parity bills which should separate prosthetics from DME or at least have different coverage for prosthetics from other DME devices. Each state passed their own version so it can be widely different in each state. Insurance companies are constantly changing their coverage. They are supposed to notify you of changes before they go into effect. Read those little notices that are sent to you. Pay special attention to those referring to DME coverage. Most employer based group policies are better than those purchased by individuals. This isn't always the case as employers who are forced to offer coverage are having to make cuts in coverage in order to afford the cost. Just because you and I might both have Blue Cross doesn't mean we have the same coverage. Employers can contract for better or worse coverage in certain policy areas. They do this in order to cut costs and still keep coverage that would benefit their employees as a whole. Amputees are usually the minority in any business situation so we sometimes get the shaft on prosthetic coverage. There is no simple answer to what is covered. You simply need to check for yourself. I'm sure I've left some things out since I'm not an insurance professional. Please add to this if you have personal or professional experience in an area I've neglected.
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    I've used Adaptskin for years. It is a wonderful product. My need for it was basically lubrication to keep the dreaded infected hair follicles at bay. I won't be caught without it.
  12. I never thought about doing that. I've never had to use it for a toothache so I don't even think about it's existence. Sounds like it could work wonders. It could work on a surface "zit, thingy, whatever", but would it be able to work on something deeper? I've had a couple of surface thingies a few times that are just annoying and cause a limp. Not terribly painful, just bothersome.
  13. It sounds like you'll soon know exactly what "thingy" is. I hope for a non-surgical solution also. Being legless "ain't no fun." Been there, done that.
  14. Neal

    Kitty here

    I'm glad you had a great vacation. It's nice to hear that you didn't let your recent amputation and getting used to a prosthesis get in the way of having a good time.
  15. Did he tell you to pad the distal end of the socket? If you have air space there the stump will try to fill that space by forming a huge blister. I've had a couple and one of those got infected. Not fun. The cheapest, easiest, quickest way to resolve this issue is toilet paper. All I do is take a wad of bathroom tissue. Put it in the socket and step in. If you don't compress the tissue, add more until you can see that you are compressing the tissue quite a bit. You don't want too much or it will throw your alignment off. It's amazing how much better it feels when you make contact with the bottom of the socket. Good luck Cheryl. It sounds like you're making progress.
  16. Neal

    New Pain Answer

    It is good news that you finally have some relief. I can't imagine how hard it must have been to go through each day knowing that you would experience that amount of pain. I get grumpy when I have the slightest pain in Stumpy. I was in a hurry yesterday morning and must have rolled my liner on wrong. I am still paying for it. It isn't that bad, just discomfort on the fibula head. It causes me to have a hitch in my get along. I know all too well how bad it is to have to use crutches after years of walking with a prosthesis. There were days when that walking was with a great deal of pain, but I was walking. I had surgery last fall to remove scar tissue that was caused by repeated infected hair follicles. I was on crutches or wheelchair for 8 weeks. I luckily had all my old sockets. I had to go back to the biggest I had and start the shrinking process. I went through all 6 sockets in 10 days. That was really hard to keep up with. I had to carry around a suitcase of socks just to keep somewhat comfortable. The surgery though was the best thing I could have done. I haven't had an infection since last Sept. That last one was one of the worst. I won't forget that pain for quite some time. Glad you reported back. We worry about what happens to you guys. Keep in touch. Neal
  17. Neal

    New Leg!

    Great news Chris. I know the road has been a long one for you. Hope the fittings go well and you'll be walking pain free in no time.
  18. Neal

    The Adventures of ED

    This is a great story guys. Ed and I discussed it the other night. I've always heard that you could make a well person sick just by telling him/her over and over how bad they look. The same is true that you can make a sick person better. The human brain is a strange thing. We all need to challenge our brains to keep them fresh and sharp.
  19. Neal

    Had Ertl Surgery June 28th

    I'm glad everything went OK. Let yourself heal some then get a leg and get on with your life. There will be no holding you back now.
  20. I'm sorry you're having to go through this Cheryl. I know how debilitating it is to have the real pain. I still am not plagued with bad phantoms. I always have the sensations. They don't bother me at all. I will get pain when I've been hard on Stumpy or sloppy with socks. I think I would have seen a prosthetist first. They see almost everything to do with amputees more often than most docs. With that being said, my prosthetist could not tell me a long term solution for my infected hair follicles. I found that info at the conference in Irvine, came home and did something about it. That surgery has been one of the better things I've done. No infected hair follicles since Sept, 2010. WooHoo!!! Good luck with your doc appts. I've been paying their Porsche payments myself. Neal
  21. Neal

    Great sadness

    I don't know if many of you have met Kathy Spozio, but she was there for you whether you liked it or not. She was an ardent advocate for amputees and their rights. She served on the board of the ACA for years, most recently as the Treasurer. She lost her leg to cancer some 10 years ago. She thought she had it licked. It would return in the spring of 2010. She tried every treatment available. She was a fighter. I was honored to work with Kathy on more than one occasion. She was a hard worker for the amputee community. She even established an ebay account where things were sold and all proceeds going to the Amputee Coalition. We've lost a good friend. Rest in Peace dear friend........
  22. Neal

    The Adventures of ED

    You are truly admired Ed. I'm so happy, blessed, excited and joyous that I call you my friend. Keep your adventures going. You haven't seen the world yet. I hope that someday I can join you on one of your expeditions. Conference time isn't long enough.
  23. Neal

    John Vacca article

    This article was published in Johnny's local paper. Good story. http://www.poughkeepsiejournal.com/article/20110705/COLUMNISTS07/107050319/Man-helps-fellow-amputees-find-people-talk-to?odyssey=tab%7Ctopnews%7Ctext%7CPoughkeepsieJournal.com
  24. Neal

    The Silence of the Amps

    Been there, done that Cheryl. Not too much fun, but now that I'm down the road, it was well worth it. I haven't had an infected sore since last Sept. I'm not doing anything special for the 4th. I've got too much to do to get ready for my own surgery. I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th.
  25. That's great Joe. I never could ride a unicycle even with two legs. I have ridden a bike on several occasions since my amp. It is hard to keep the foot on the pedal. I've been told that velcro helps quite a bit. Though I wouldn't recommend amputation to everyone, you are a good example of how little it really affects our lives. If you are doing this well in just 3 months you'll be doing great by the end of your first year. It is the first year that is the worst. Thanks for sharing with us. Keep those updates coming.