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  1. Well, What Happened in 2013?

    http://www.ossur.com/?PageID=17800 This should be the page for the Unity System. I looked under the UK page and could not find it. It might not be available there yet.
  2. Well, What Happened in 2013?

    The pump is about the size of a dollar coin in diameter. It is only about 3/8 of an inch thick. It is only available on a few feet now. They cannot retrofit it at this time. They have positioned the pump where it is suspended over the carbon fiber of the foot itself. That way it doesn't hinder the performance of the foot. The spectra sock and footshell cover that. The only thing is a tube that extends from the pump up to the socket. Check Ossur page for more on the Unity system. They also have a new Seal-in liner called the V. It has a single seal, but unlike the original, it has fins on it like a fan. The fins collapse or expand as you change volume eliminating the need for added socks. The system really intrigued me. I checked with Scott Sabolich after getting home. They have used it a couple of times with great success. That is good news. You hear from the exhibitors how great the system is, but it's totally different when your legman says it works well also. It's always great to visit with old friends and make new ones. I hope everyone can put the Tucson conference on their calendars. We'd love to see you there.
  3. Well, What Happened in 2013?

    It was great Cheryl. It is a lot networking for me. The sessions are mostly the same. I did attend a couple of technology sessions. I'm always searching for the next best thing. This year, for me, it was the new vacuum system by Ossur. It is based on their seal-in liner which I love. It incorporates a pump similar in use to the Harmony. The pump is located on the top of the foot under the foot shell. The best part of this system is that there is no need for a sleeve. The seal-in liner is all that is needed. It's called the Unity system. I was able to waterski on Sunday which was on my bucket list. It was a ton of fun. I first skied upright on two skis. That wore me out so I sit skied the next time around. It was a hoot. Tammie, Marcia, Ed, Joe, Beth Marie and others were there. It was hot, humid and rained most every day. Not all day, but mostly afternoon thunderstorms. I don't what they're thinking, but the next conference is July 23-25, 2015 in Tucson, AZ. That will be one hot conference. I hope to see you there.
  4. I haven't heard of that one. The two feet from Freedom Innovations that I've used have been great. Good luck on the new leg.
  5. Happy Birthday Neal!

    Thanks to all for the wishes. It was a good birthday. Every birthday is a good one. The alternative is not an option.
  6. Hello from the Shire

    Welcome Wagas. Glad to have you aboard.
  7. I Am Still Alive!!

    OMG Cheryl. I'm glad they're aggressive with treatment also. Suck it up girl!!! You do need that foot. I wish the best for you. Check in when you can.
  8. Blisters

    The few times I've had them they pop on their own and go away. Sounds like the new leg isn't making good contact in that area. Since you're not wearing the leg they should go away.
  9. Contact dermatitis

    Ajax is too harsh. I use body soap when I take my shower.
  10. Boots with Zips or Fasteners

    Just talk with a shoe repair shop first. They should be able to put a zipper in a boot for you.
  11. Hello from Israel

    Welcome Ofri. Glad to have you.

    Hoppy Birthday Tammie. Hope Jon makes it a great day for you.
  13. Gathering of Ladies in Florida

  14. New to amputation and new to here.

    Welcome Katie. Sorry you had to join our club. It's a very expensive club, it'll cost you an arm or a leg. HaHa. Well it's too early for jokes. I hope you heal quickly and get on that leg a ride. I am much more hot natured now than I was before the amputation. I seldom get really cold. Like Sue, I feel the temp extremes much worse now.
  15. Thankful for Prosthetist

    There are some very compassionate prosthetists out there. I really don't know what mine would do. He has come to my town a couple of times. Not just for me, but a few people.
  16. Hello, I am home again

    Glad that everything went well. Take care, heal well, then get ready to rejoin the adventure.
  17. HO - Heterotopic Ossification

    Good luck Doug.

    I have a few sleeves. They aren't too bad to wear and don't weigh all that much. I'll just use one that day.

    That sounds like a hassle Marcia. I will bring a sleeve with me. That should be enough.

    HOLY ????. I can't wait. That will be my a$$ that doesn't make it all the way to the landing platform. LMAO What will we do to prevent our legs from falling off? I think I'll take a sleeve. I wonder how many stairs to climb to get to the top? I will still do it.

    I'm gonna do it.
  22. Scuba Trip

    That's great. I'm a little fearful of diving. I wouldn't mind trying it in a controlled pool.

    That looks like fun. That's on my list of things to do. I also want to parasail. I was going to do these things in Hawaii, but the rain put a damper on most everything.
  24. New to forum

    Welcome Dave. Life is what you make of it and it sounds like you're making it just fine.
  25. Share my jy!

    I'm glad Eddie was able to help you. See you in Orlando.