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    Classic racing motorcycles, motorsport, Now - learning to make my life more comfortable and to achieve goals set before amputation.

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    26th march 2005
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    Motorbike accident on 18/03/05
  1. aquarian63

    Shane in the news again...

    Hi Shane, I'm still around but playing a watching brief at the moment. I wish you every good wish for your ride in Orlando. I know you'll give it your best shot and not give up. Go for it mate ---- you've got top class vibes coming your way from from the UK I'll be waiting for the results and report. Regards John
  2. aquarian63


    Happy Birthday Shane Sorry its late -- but only look on here occasionally. (only came across Jim's by luck) Keep on riding mate and keep on living to the full Every best wish John
  3. aquarian63

    Happy Birthday Jim!

    Been away for a while but couldn't miss this auspicious occasion. Happy Birthday Jim Every good wish to you Jim on your 3 score and ten ---Be careful :D :lol: :lol: Best Regards John
  4. aquarian63


    Hi everyone. Still here. Been a bit rough of late and not felt like posting, but I still read the posts. One thing has made me post this and that is, that Afet is moving on. I would like to offer Every Best Wish to you Afet. You are special. You have helped me more than you could know with your pm's. Thanks You will be missed. I hope you keep as well as possible and that you succeed in your new endeavours and as we say up north -- Thanks LUV. John xx
  5. aquarian63


    Thanks Mike And the same Best wishes to you and yours And to EVERYONE ELSE on the forum John
  6. aquarian63

    Cutting down pin system liners

    Hi Mike, Recently had mine cut down but still a straight cut about 25mm above the highest point on my socket. This still annoys me and I will be taking it down further to about 25mm above the full contour of the socket. This should stop the constriction at the back of my knee. One thing to remember if you follow your socket contour is that the liner will only fit radially in one position and may take longer to don. John
  7. aquarian63


    WeLLLLLL -- I would imagine it's either to give a "blessing" or the "last rites" John
  8. aquarian63

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Best Wishes John
  9. aquarian63

    A potential amputee's daughter

  10. aquarian63

    Stress Management

    Great message Jim Love the one liners. I could have done with advice like that in my late 40's early 50's when I was going through a mid life crisis. The problem I had was finding the time to do anything about it. John
  11. aquarian63

    im so scarred

    Hi Claire, Soooo True. John
  12. aquarian63


    Fantastic and amusing posts I've been in stitches reading this dialogue :lol: :lol: :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: Never thought such blatant flirting could happen on this "amputee" forum Keep it up> Ooops What have I said Don't forget that the "stallion" is still available somewhere on this forum :lol: :lol: :D :D John
  13. aquarian63

    lostone kept one

    That made me splil my cup of tea. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :D :D :D John
  14. aquarian63


    Great post Muz. Another two persons (and a celebrety cat) suffer at the hands of car drivers. Many on this forum have similaly suffered. In my case the "lady" received a fine of £120 and £43 costs .for an accident in which she was 100% to blame, and emerged totally unhurt. When is the punishment going to reflect the crime???? In the case above, the world has lost a couple of possible eccentric characters, that brighten up the world around them and have the guts to be different. Sad John
  15. aquarian63


    It's sad --sad ---sad. God --- what a mental state they must be in to want to self harm to that extent. I pity --and feel sorry for them. Once they get the limb removed ----- what then?????? Is that the end of it for them or do they go on to other bodily parts. John