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    Below the knee right leg
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    August 24,2005
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    Car accident
  1. Woodstock79

    Vacuum Suspension Socket

    Hi Everyone, It's been ages since I've been here but I saw this thread and had to reply. I just got fitted and have received Ohio Willow Wood's Limb Logic battery operated vacuum suspension system and so far so good. I've had it for about 2 months now and the only complaint I have is amount of time it takes me to put it on. I've used the pin-lock system since my accident in 2005 and its a lot quicker. Using 2 liners instead of just one took a little to get used to, but now I wear it from about 0330 to about 2300 everyday. I had some issues with the interior liner and my skin at first but now that I am used to it I've had no problems. I sweat, but it is minimal. The liners can be cut to right above the socket and I like that. Its not heavy, and I love not having to add socks throughout the day. Hope you have great success in your leg hunt. Diane
  2. Woodstock79

    Insurance Question

    My current insurance covers everything, but if I left my job I would only be covered for 18 months on the cobra. After that I would have to find new coverage. That is what I am wondering about, if it is considered pre-existing for a new policy. And I should have specified that it would be for the states. Diane
  3. Woodstock79

    Insurance Question

    Hi Everyone, I hope this finds you all well and happy. I am still waiting for my leg to be built after the revision I had in April. Things are going well, I will be returning to work as soon as I get it. I have a question that I couldn't find the answer to after a search: Do insurance companies consider being an amputee a pre-existing condition? I am thinking about a job change and will lose my current insurance after my cobra runs out. Thanks for your help. Take care, Diane :)
  4. Woodstock79

    Don't you just hate it when ....

    ... instead of coming to your door to deliver the certified letter you have been waiting for, the mailman leaves in your mailbox a notice to go to the post office to sign for it instead because he is too lazy to pull into your driveway and get out of his mailtruck to do his job! Or the UPS guy that is afraid of dogs refuses to place a package inside your doorway (I'm still in wheelchair after revision surgery and cannot get out of house easily) because he can hear your dog barking from the room he is locked inside and instead drops it on the grass along the drive. Right in a pile of dog poop that your Newfoundland deposited there just 5 minutes before.
  5. Woodstock79

    What would you do?

    Hi Marilyn, I just had to respond to your post. I have to ask, I am assuming that you have a 9-1-1 system in your town, have you considered calling and giving them the info without leaving your personal info? I work for one here outside of Philly and we take anonymous tips all the time. Since all the calls for 54 different jurisdictions are sent to one center we have 7 digit numbers that people call and we have no idea who they are unless they give us a name. Maybe you could call and leave your suspicions about the little girl being in trouble that way, using the abuse of the kitten as an example. I used to teach Special Ed and know just where you mind is going, and yes I think you have reason to be concerned. There are always on call social workers and such that could return a call to a cell phone or even a payphone if you didn't want to wait until the offices opened on Monday morning. I know in our county all tips are taken seriously and checked out, even the anonymous ones. I hope this helps and maybe gives you an idea or two. Good luck, I know it would be a hard decision to make for me as well. Diane
  6. Woodstock79


    Cat, You are an inspiration to us all. We should all have the strength and courage you possess! You are truly one to be admired. Rock On! Diane
  7. Woodstock79

    Hello Again

    Hi All, And it just gets better. I got papers in the mail today from Hanger wanting me to sign a release stating that I accepted and took the check socket and insert for the Harmony unit I was being fitted for before my revision. I advised them that since the insert was waaaay to big (casted and measured in Feb. not fitted until 7 weeks later) and did not fit even after 5 hours of adjustments that I would not be signing anything. I have found a new prosthetist and am even willing to drive the 90 minutes it'll take to get to his office. I am so fed up with the B.S. my current prosthetist has been shoveling. I cannot wait to get the stitches out and move on. Anyway, thank you for all the sock support. LOL. I hope all of you have a great weekend. Diane
  8. Woodstock79

    Hello Again

    Hi Everyone, I thought I would drop a quick note to tell you all that has been happening to me in the past 4 months. I went back to work in January on a graduated schedule and then back full tim eon March 1st. By the end of the month I knew that there was going to be another medical leave as the fittings for my second leg were failing miserably. I had a revison a week ago where the surgeon took the redundit tissue that was hanging about 3 inches below the end of my bone and wrapped it up and around the bone, sewing into the actual end. He drilled holes at the end and sewed everything into them. All I can say is that this better work. By the end of March I was wearing 25-28 socks daily and literally scraping the end of the bone on the front of my prostethic with each step. I have started a search for a new prosthetist as I believe 25-28 socks is absurd. I have somehow remained in good spirits and am waiting to get the sutures out anxiously. I decided not to return to work unless I am in a great fitting leg with no issues what-so-ever. We'll wait and see how that goes. I have started a jewelry line and have been concentrating on marketing it, so far just one store but there is always room for more. I just need to get these leg issues settled then I can go on a little more aggressively. I want to say welcome to all the newbies out there, this is a very good place to be. Hello to all you old timers and God Bless to everyone. I will drop in from time to time. Have a blast at the conference. Diane
  9. Woodstock79

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Lynne Diane
  10. Woodstock79

    Fond Farewell To An Old Friend

    Thank You All for your kind words and thoughts. They have made the loss of Buzz much easier to deal with. :) Diane
  11. Woodstock79

    Fond Farewell To An Old Friend

    Sheila, Higgy, PamR, Jim, and Roz, Thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts. Each time I check in and see more words of support it reinforces how I feel about the people on this forum. What wonderful people you all are. Higgy- when I do return to saddle I will certainly contact you. Thank you. God Bless You All Diane
  12. Woodstock79

    Fond Farewell To An Old Friend

    Thank You Afet, MDMILS, Marcia and Lynne Your kind words mean a lot to me. Diane
  13. Woodstock79

    Iceross Liner

    Hi All I just checked the dates on my liners...June 2005... Higgy I think you may have something there... I am going to talk to the Hanger guy in the morning about this... Diane
  14. Woodstock79

    Fond Farewell To An Old Friend

    I went to the barn today for the first time since I was struck by a car and my horse Buzz was killed. I tried to imagine just how hard this was going to be but I wasn't even close. My husband has decided to convert the stall area into a spray booth for his business (he's a cabinet maker and the barn is attached to his shop) and has promised that if I decide to get another horse then he will build me a new barn on the corner of our property where I want it. I took my time out there. I went through Buzz's tack box, smelling the brushes for any hint of his scent that might have lingered in them. Crying the entire time, but I got thru it and bade my best friend farewell. I miss him sometimes so much it hurts. On days that are warm and sunny I think of how great it would be to saddle him up and go for a ride. I have decided that when the time is right I will start to look for another horse. But it can't be just any horse, you know? I will have to have the same connection I had with Buzz, if that is even possible. I am returning to work next week and need to move forward. This is one of those steps that had to be taken. Thanks for letting me "bend your ears" so to speak. I feel like I can share this you all of you and you'll understand exactly what I am going through. Diane
  15. Woodstock79

    Does anyone want to stop smoking?

    Hi Ally About 8 years ago while at work I went outside to have a cig. I lit up, took a drag or two and just stopped. I asked myself why I was standing outside in the rain trying to stay dry just to add pollutants to my lungs, horrible odor to my hair, clothes, etc., and paying outrageous prices for all of that. I quit just like that after smoking for 25 years. I guess I just got bored with it. I couldn't reasonably convince myself that it was exciting anymore (as if it ever was). My husband is a non-smoker and he used to do all the things people do when they think they are helping a loved one quit: hiding the cigs, throwing them out; you know the drill. None of that ever worked. I just got bored. No other explaination. What I loved about quitting is that within a few days food started tasting sooooo much better! I could smell things again, not always a plus :lol: , and for the first time in years I didn't get broncitis twice a year! All of us start smoking for different reasons and I think most of us that smoke want to quit for a variety of reasons. I was lucky in that I was able to quit without any cravings. I wish you all the best with this Ally, as I had made several attempts to stop and didn't succeed until that day 8 years ago. Unfortnately there is no perfect way to do it, but maybe if you can convince yourself you are just down right bored to tears with it you'll continue to have success. So take a deep breath of cleaner air :P and GOOD LUCK! I know that any woman with your foritude will be able to do this. And think of this...If you take the money you pay daily for your cigs how much less would a ticket to the conference be? Or a new saddle for that beauty you just got? Wishing you all the luck in the world! Diane :)