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    I love to cook, run track party hang out with my Boyfriend.<br>I love to laugh and make people laugh. I love to help people when there in need.

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    May 10 1987
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    Missing Tibia bone in right leg
  1. Dell

    An amputees mum

    When I was a baby and my right leg was amputated, My mom tolf me that she didn't know what to do of who to turn to, she was exactly like you. I was only a baby when the took my leg but I and now 20 and I love to do everything I can. walk, swim, bike, party all that stuff. I was able to walk by my self only 1 year after the operation. The doctors even told my mom and dad that They didn't think I would be able to walk again... I guess I proved them wrong. You just have to keep her motivated and keep telling her to keep her head up high like the princess she is, and that anything is possible.
  2. The only advice I can give you is to try and stay off of it. I knwo you are an on-the-go person and all but it's probally the best thing for it. it will heal up and it will be the fastest way to heal it. I had that problem befor and thats what I hadd to do. I had to stay off my leg and now it's all better. I was off of it for about a week and I got no infection ar n e thing.
  3. Dell

    new leg

    Yeah i finally got my new leg and I love it I am so happy that I have it... well i got it a couple weeks ago just before christmas but i have been so busy i didn't get a chance to tell u guys about it. But I love it. My back doesn't hurt as much when i am at work standing all day and i feel that i am not lop-sidded n e more. It's great. I wear heals all the time now because I can bend my ankle and i have so many heals that i couldn't wear before with my old keg and I can wear them now. The leg is 2 colors, the pole is like a yellow green but i'm gonna paint that and the socket is pink, my fave color. I love it. I am so happy yeah.
  4. Dell

    Life's lesson

    I read this in a store while shopping for a gift for my grandmother. As I read it I thaught to my self wow so true ~*Work like you don't need the money, Love like you have never been hurt, and alwayz dance like no one is watching *~ Everytime I think life is getting hard I just remember this saying and it gets me through the day. Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy new Year in 2006 I hope everyone will have a great year Past, Present, and Future.
  5. Dell

    Chapters customers

    HEHE That happened to me when my family and I went to Mexico. I was that last one through and it went off and I showed them and everything. They didn't want to believe me that I wasn't a crazy person trying to crash a plane in to the white house or some thing. They made me take my leg off and hop through the decetors. I wasn't even allowed to go to the back room so they could see. and I was wearing pants so I had to take my leg off with my pants still on while a million p[eople were staring at me. It was kinda funny now that I think about it. My mom wasn't to happy tho she was rite pised off heeheehee. She even asked to speak to the head officer dude, and me and my mom got moved up to first class... It was sweet. heeheehee :lol:
  6. Dell

    Amputee Athletes

    Hi there. I am a a/k amp and I ran the 100m Amblitiory In high school. I was pretty good. I won gold in OFSAA in 2004. I wasn't actually sure why I joined the track team. I guess I thaught that it would be fun. While tranning for my races, I would train with the able bodies. I aslo raced a couple of them and i can in 5th out of 7 witch is reallly good. Alot of prople kind of stared and wondered why I would run by my self, and I would go and just tell them that no one if as good as me so i'm in my own catagorie. I hope this will help you and if you need n e mor info just PM me and I will try to help.
  7. Dell


    Yeah it was funny and no I didn't mess my hair-do and yeah I guess I looked good... I don't like to admit I look good cause I don't wanna become big headded) lolz but Yeah I did look alright. Thanx for the compliments
  8. Dell

    Glad I found a place with people like me!!!

    Hey there todd. It's great that you have joined. It is amazing here and I want to welcome to you... Just remember that there is no such thing as a stupid question and i am sure alot of people will be happy to try to anwsre them for you at best to there knowledge. Congrats on all that you have accomplised and I hope you, you wife and children are well.
  9. Dell


    So My cousin is in a hair dressing school called VOILA and today was there graduation and so the needed models to do there hair and make up and explain wut they have learned through out there time there. I was one of the Models. So I was derssed up nice and pretty my hair and makeup was so perfect. So t was my trun to walk the run way and I was a little nervous ( I have bad stage freight) N e how... I was walking the run way doing great, I was half way down when all of a sudden my leg gives out and I fall flat on my face. I didn't know wut to do so I just started laughing. Than when everyone relized I was ok they started to laugh also, It had to be the highlight of the night. And it was kinda lucky Idid fall because my cousin got extra marks for me laughing. I guess the same thing happened in another class and the girl started to cry and she ran off stage. I am so accident prone. My name shouldn't be Dell it should be Tipsey McFall, because I always seem to fall all the time at the most serious moments. Like when I was at a Policemans ball I was walking across the dance floos and I fell rite on my butt. I was so bruised, but it was funny... I guess the reason for me being on earth is to teach everyone that it's ok to laugh when you fall because you can always pick ur aself up and do it again.
  10. Dell

    New leg

    So today I went and got fitted for my new leg that i'm getting. Everything was fine and dandy, Then my doc wanted me to walk to see if it was ok and stuff... So as I started to walk I kept hearing like a crunching, grinding noise. I asked wut it was and he said nothing. I was told to ignore it so I did and continued walking. And wut do u know I should of stopped walking when I heard the noise cause the very next step I took the whole thing snapped in half. HEEHEEHEE It was so funny. So after i stopped laughing I took off the leg and I He had to re-fourm the socket and the knee joint. My doc felt so bad about it he took me out for lunch. It was sweet. He was so amazed that it actually snapped in half. I guess thats never happened to n e one be fore... but hey the docs alwayz told me I have broekn my legs like no one else. It was Great.
  11. Dell

    Amputee Attorney Introduction

    Welcome to the Fourm it's like were all family here and if you need anything there is at least one person here who knows what you can do about it.
  12. Dell

    Where Y'all from

    Hey all 'm From Kitchener, Ontairo Canada EH!!! lolz I love it
  13. Dell

    Hello! I am new here. (pics inside)

    Hello and welcome. I my slef just joined a couple of days ago and have found the fourm a great place to talk about everything... First of all sorrie to hear about ur leg it must have been very emotional... and that guy that hit you is an idoit and should get more than what he did... But on a brighter note I LOVE YOUR BIKE it is so beautiful. I love them If I could ride one I would. I know it's hard and everything to get over not being able to do something or have something. ( like me I want a viper but I can't drive standard, The whole 3 pedals to 1 leg ratio doesn't work). and yes I have tired. heeheehee....... N e wayz welcome and I hope to talk to you soon
  14. Dell


    So my brother and I went snowboarding one time last year and I was doing ok I would go and make it like half way down the hill and fall and get up and do the other half. But because I have to put my good leg at the back to steer the board my wodden leg foot would get all twisted and come loose. So I got off the ski lift and I was all ready to go down the hill when all of a sudden my foot came off and my board went all the way down the hill with my foot inside. When I got to the bottom of the hil everyone was standing around it looking in awe at what was in the boot...( it's not everyday you see a boot with a foot inside it)... n e wayz I broke my way through the crowd and picked up my board and pulled out my foot and said " Oh thank guyz I was looking all over for my foot" It was so funny because my brother started to laugh and everyone gave me a look like " wut the Hekll just happened" I don't think they knew what to say or do. As I walked off They all just stared at me. I don't think they knew that I had only one leg. It had to be the funniest thing that has happened to me. But this year when I go I will make sure my foot is nice and tight.
  15. I have had my stump all my life and it has been fine always the same. Until one day I took my leg off and i was a blister or a pimple or something it was kinda hard. I called my leg doc ( he is so cool we have plaster fights) and I went to him and he said it was because my leg was rubbing the insid eof the sock. o cushioned it. But that didn't do n e thing at all. now I have like 3 or 4 of them on the end of my stupm. Does n e one else have this problem??? Or am I the only one????