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  1. Todd79F100

    Activities for AKA??

    First off, I was born without my legs from the knees down. Nothing on earth has been a better tool, sport, hobbie than ATV's!!! My parents bought me my first one about 30 years ago when I was 12. We lived on a small farm and 3-wheeler gave me the freedom to travel and explore like never before. At 18, I started racing 3-wheelers and then quads(flattrack and tt). It allowed me to have a exciting sport that I could do very well if you look in my garage at the trophy shelf. I raced ATV's and carts for about 10 years. In 1994, I sold all the race stuff and bought trail friendly quads. Now, my wife and children all have quads that we ride on our 13 acres and trails around our home. I use the quads everyday. I take the dog for runs, feed the fish at the pond. I could go on and on. I wish I could find others, like us to ride with. I have friends that I ride with,but rarely do I find a AMP riding. There are many quads that are easy for us to ride! Many are fully automatic with hand breaks. My Suzuki Z400 has a manual gearshift that I raised up so my small left foot can reach it. My front brake works the rear brake also useing a Beers pro-brake. Oh, I also like to fish and shoot sporting clays. :D
  2. Todd79F100

    I could use some advise?

    The c-leg is not a option for me because I can't carry much weight on my left hip.
  3. Todd79F100

    I could use some advise?

    Thanks! Anybody else?
  4. Todd79F100

    Childrens acceptance

    You know, I think it is just the time we live in. Parrents just don't teach their kids that it is not right to stare! My dad would have gave me a good talking to if I did that.
  5. Todd79F100

    Glad I found a place with people like me!!!

    I don't use a GPS riding. Getting lost is half the fun! :D
  6. Todd79F100

    Glad I found a place with people like me!!!

    My family ride 4-wheelers. You would be able to ride one with a automatic tranny just fine. My daughters have been riding since thry were 3. So, I know I could train you. It's a lot like a car. All the controls are opperated by hand on the auto's. You give it gas with the right thumb and the brakes with the right and left hand. Reverse and drive is also changed with the hand. Any local motorcycle shop would give you a test ride. Polaris makes most of their quads with the auto tranny. Everyone that loves to explore the outdoors should give 4-wheelers a try!!! Today I took the dogs and rode on a neighbors farm for a couple of hours. The dogs chased a rabbit and the deer were feeding in the woods. It was cool. I would love to share this sport with others with a disability. If I could help in any way, let me know. "GPS" is a global positioning system. Helps you not to get lost on long trail rides. :D
  7. Todd79F100

    Childrens acceptance

    My daughters are 6&9. They have dealt with my disability well! I was borned without my legs from the knees down and have been blessed with a great family and friends. But, there are times when I wonder if I am doing the right thing. When my girls have friends over, I want to keep my limbs on because I don't want to make the girls have to try to answer all the questions that may come up. My girls know that it is not normal for me to keep them on until bed. They tell me not to act any different. I worry about it more than they do!
  8. Todd79F100

    Glad I found a place with people like me!!!

    That would be Muz!!! :lol: Oh, I'm sorry, you meant SMORES, not SNORES! :P Have you been chatting to Mrs Muz by any chance :lol: Todd I like the idea of the ATV. I saw something similar on the Otto Bock website once and it was fitted with a GPS unit. I think it was electric though so you'd be a bit limited on range. Tried to find the link but it's disappeared. My family ride gas powered ATV'S. My Suzuki Z400 has about 35HP and runs about 75mph. It does not have GPS :(
  9. Todd79F100

    Glad I found a place with people like me!!!

    Greenthumb, I am not bragging!!! This may sound strange, but I feel that the Lord put ATV'S in my life to help me deal with the disability. It gave me something I could enjoy with others. I have met new friends riding.You can find cheap ATV'S if you look around. They have been a lot of fun, entertainment over the years. They have also gave me the freedom to places that would have been impossible without them. I can't hike trails, but I can ride through them. If I want to go fishing in a rugged area, I can. It is something that I can do as a family. We load them up and go exploring. There are several fully automatic tranny 4-wheelers out now. They are as easy to drive as a car or lawnmower. If you are ever in my neck of the woods, I would be glad to teach you. :)
  10. I am going in Tuesday to start the process og getting new prosthetics. I were both above the knee. What brand knee is the best? I like one that has a good brake without the clunk clunk clunk.
  11. Todd79F100

    Glad I found a place with people like me!!!

    That campfire thing would be nice! The only thing would be better is if we all could go on a long ride on the 4-wheelers, pull up by the lake and tell stories. They all don't have to be true :lol: Who would bring the smores?
  12. Todd79F100

    What is your hobbie?

    I like to go camping, ride ATV'S, watch motocross and NASCAR.
  13. Todd79F100

    Where Y'all from

    Kentucky :D B) :)
  14. Todd79F100

    Glad I found a place with people like me!!!

    Thanks everyone! All my life, I have wanted to talk to others like me. I have talked with people with disabilities, but not much with amputee. And for some reason, I find 2 attitudes with those with disabilities. Most I find have a bleak outlook on life. I can understand! If you feel like you have been delt a bad hand, it could give you reason to feel sad some. But if you put that face on everyday, who will want to be around you? I just have tried to make the best out of a bad hand. #2 I see people that have what I call "The Kyle Maynerd sendrom" They say I can do anything. Did any of you see Kyle on Larry King? How many of you think this man without hands and feet, crawing could win all these whrestling matches?IMO, I think people like that hurt our cause! Yes, we need to do all we can, but we can use a hand every now and then. We need people to understand us with a objective mind! Example- my with and I had been married for ten years when she broke her leg. At the time, our first child was just 3 months old. One day, she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said" I never new how it would feel to be you, and I thought I did". Ok, I'll shutup. I wish we all setting aroud the camp fire because I type slow :P
  15. Hello all! I don't know what to say. I have so many questions. Some may even be silly to some. I don't know many people with a severe disability and only one amp. It will be nice to discuss topics with people that travel through life the way I do.Well, I will tell you a little about me. 41 years ago, I was born without my legs from the knees down. I grew up pretty normal with a good family. We lived on a farm and at 13 my parents got tired of me riding the lawn mower until they were wore out and got me a 3-wheeler. At 18, I started racing 3&4-wheelers and moved on to race-carts. I did very well at this and will not bore you with details.During this time, I went to work at a local factory,got a degree in Psychology and married the girl of my dreams. We were blessed with 2 beautiful daughters(like their mom) that are now 9&6. Everything was going well until I started to get a lot of joint pain that slowed my life WAY more than my limbs! I have been trying all the meds, but the doctors say that I have wore my upperbody out from useing and abusing(to many crashes) over the years. Ok, enough about me for now. In the future, I will be asking your thoughts on, life, family, and hobbies.