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  1. Muchlygirl

    ACA Conference 2007 Review

    I wanna come toooo!! I am so glad you are all together and the traditions we started last year are continuing. We are watching for each post and wondering how you are all doing. I hope before the end you post a picture of you all having a margarita for me. Love you heaps Ruth
  2. Muchlygirl

    Happy Birthday

    TY TY TY my friends I had a wonderful day although still tired and recovering from our sons 21st party last weekend, Cat rolled into bed at 3am leaving me to keep the guest company until 6.00 :o ) Your card arrived on time Tammie Ty so much sweetie it brightened my day. Neal - I am still waiting for the treats you had in mind for me. Marcia - I miss you & Don so much Karen, Cheri you better behave this year without us there to keep you in line :lol: Thank you all for you wishes - can you believe this time last year we were on a plane heading your way :( I want to come again Well maybe next year Have fun for us Love you all heaps Muchly
  3. Muchlygirl

    I'm Back after Ertl and a few setback

    hey Karen Good to see you are well enough to check in here. As you can see we have all been thinking & praying for a speedy recovery. With all your family there, you should take advantage girl, lay back and be waited on for a few days. Looking forward to the next time we share a drink and have a good laugh Love Ruth
  4. Muchlygirl

    Avatar competition

    How about this one Although I think it is cheating cos Cat the "professional Avatar Specialist" made it for me. Maybe I will try to get my own Muchly
  5. Fantastic photo heres the link http://starcntexas.mycapture.com/mycapture...&thispage=3 Muchly
  6. Johnny Thanks for sharing. It looks like an awesome adventure with some very humorous folk. The pics were wonderful and the text has had me giggling. Congratulations you continue to be an inspiration to us all. Debbie I recognised you straight away. The hair & gorgeous figure gave you away. Would love to see the link to that pic. Muchly
  7. Muchlygirl

    ACA Conference 2006 Review

    Thanks Amy I'll have to see if i can recreate the taste here. We get wild Rice but it comes from Aisia Thanks also for the wonderful time and laughs. We never did get a chance to finish that conversation so I hope we both get there next year!!! Or maybe we can take it offline :P Ruth P.S. 'SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM'
  8. Muchlygirl

    ACA Conference 2006 Review

    The pics are great and we are missing you all so much and talk about you all the time. Tammie, we are still stuggling to get over the flight and Cat picked up a nasty bug the last couple of days and is very unwell. (*cough* I'll be ok *cough cough*) she can be such a bloke sometimes !!! Neal, I am working on Atlanta, the good new is we came in under budget on this trip (must have been Y'awl buying our drinks) so that is going straight into next years fund. The second piece of good news is we over the last few years I have accumulated enough frequent flyer points for a return flight to SF or NY so I guess we are close to half way with a year to save. Won't commit just yet but it is looking very good. If we all make it this time I hope we can arrange some extra days together as the conference was so busy it didn't leave enough social time for us together. Better write a new budget today :D Ruth
  9. Muchlygirl

    ACA Conference 2006 Review

    OOps ...Marcia and Don
  10. Muchlygirl

    ACA Conference 2006 Review

    Marcia and Don
  11. Muchlygirl

    ACA Conference 2006 Review

    Johhny V in the House
  12. Muchlygirl

    ACA Conference 2006 Review

    Tammie and Jon
  13. Muchlygirl

    ACA Conference 2006 Review

    Paula and Neal at the dance
  14. Muchlygirl

    ACA Conference 2006 Review

    Marcia running ( I had to play with it as it was too dark)