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  1. I too have a very funny story to tell.... I live near the beach and love to go belly boarding and swimming in the sea... so one hot weekend a couple of years ago i headed to the beach with a good friend of mine Manda along with what seemed like the population of the whole county. On arrival we dropped our things and jumped in the sea (equipped with a new waterproof limb). All was well until we got out of the water and my limb started making these horribly embaressing noises that sounded as though i was letting off VERY LOUD wind constantly. Having to walk through crowds and crowds of people having peaceful picnic lunches i decided to repeat numerous phrases implying that it was not from me that the noises were coming from!! being a totally fab friend Manda didnt say a thing just took it all in!!!
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    To niki Lea

    Hey niki lea I was reading one of your posts from March 28th... old news i know... but you were talking about wearing high heels and the need for an adjustable foot. I live in high heels... boots and shoes ive even been known to wear high heals that are so high ive given my fitters and doctors a shock and ive never had an adjustable foot (apparently my stumps too long!!???). My limbs have set heights...ive had foots that are set at all heights but currently my high heel leg is appropriate for 3 and a half inch heels... this might not be new information but just in case!!!! (p.s a good trick i've used is buy the shoes you want for going out in etc and then tell the doctors and fitters to make leg to fit your shoes... hopefully (as mine does) he'll find it a challenge) beccy xxx
  3. Hi i wanted to post a quick hello to introduce myself to you all, my name is beccy ((if you hadnt guessed), im 20 years old, live in the UK and have had a below right knee amputation since i was 18mths old!!! I guess that some of you are new to this and will have many adjustment difficulties that i never had and can not begin to advise on ... However i would love to chat to you all after all we have alot in common... Like many of you my main goal is too to have a leg which is mulifunctional but also looks PERFECT... i will not give up! I believe that everything is possible and try dam hard to prove it! I look forward to getting to know you all Beccy