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  1. barbklim


    I happens to me even if I do not actually fall on the stump. If it gets shaken up from tripping, bumping, etc., I get phantoms. This happened less and less since my amputation 6 years ago. However, in March I had a substantial injury. Since then every little thing riles it up. I am struggling with various pain control drugs and techniques, but it is far from conquered.
  2. barbklim

    too big socket and no $$$ for new one!!!&#3

    I will ask him when I see him next week.
  3. barbklim

    Horrible hotal experience

    About 2 months ago, I went to a Crowne Plaza hotel for a conference. I was in a handicap access room with a wheelchair-accessible shower (I am not in a chair). It had a shower bench attached to the back wall of the shower. While taking my shower, I felt the bench break away from the wall!!! I somehow managed not to hit the floor. Instead, there was an excruciating, long period where I was hanging by my right arm on the grab bar, while reaching for my leg (to the left of me), putting my liner on, getting the leg on, hyperextending my amputated leg knee when it slipped while putting the leg on, getting towels to sop up the water, and eventually getting the leg on. I am still treating for the knee injury, injury to the shoulder from hanging on the grab bar, and many, many emotional and psychological effects of it all. The most shocking thing to me was that when I was finally out of the situation and looked everything over, I saw that the bench was attached with those little plastic anchors you use to hang pictures on the wall!!!! I am definitely going after the hotel, and getting both physical and psychological help. Since they have not returned any calls from me, I fear that they just screwed the bench back in and put the next person in the room. I wanted to post this, just to get general comments and reactions, as well as to provide some kind of warning, although I don't have any idea how to prevent another such incident, even if warned.
  4. barbklim

    sweating in liner

    I got a message from K31Scout, but my reply failed for some reason. K31Scout, you asked if I solved the problem. Not yet, but I have been advised to try taking beta blockers. I am about to try that, and will let you know if it works.
  5. barbklim

    too big socket and no $$$ for new one!!!&#3

    My prosthetist came up with a creative solution for me. My socket was too big, but I was continuing to lose weight and did not want to get a new socket too soon. He used some interesting material to solve the problem. I had my liner on and a new sock. He had some stuff that consisted of two materials: a can of brown goo, and some liquid drops. When everything was ready, he put the drops into the can then the stuff foamed up and turned into a thick material that he then slathered onto the sock. When it was thickly covered, I stepped into the socket (which was lined withe plastic), and stood there for about 15 minutes while the stuff gelled up. It became a new interior surface for the socket. Each time we did this, the liner sock lasted for about 3-5 months. It was a great interim solution.
  6. barbklim

    sweating in liner

    Is the liner and socket fitting ok, I have found I sweat more when its a bit loose. I am also below knee and what I do is carry some kitchen towel around with me, and just take the leg & liner off when its sweaty and dry it and my leg off. We are working on fine-tuning the fit, but it appears that the problem goes beyond fit. I get major slippage of the line after a few minutes of walking. There is no way I can take the log off frequently enough to conquer the problem as it is now. I think I need wither a topical application or a drug to address the problem and I am looking for guidance on this.
  7. barbklim

    sweating in liner

    Hi, I am returning to this forum after a long absence. I am RBKA for 5 years. Recently, while in the process of getting a new prosthesis (same liner, same setup), I have developed excessive sweating in my liner. I am now 60 and I suppose it could be menopause-related, although I am not noticing an increase in sweating elsewhere. What solutions have worked for this problem? THanks for your comments.
  8. I have learned to drive with both feet. (I am RBKA). I accelerate with the prosthetic foot and brake with the left. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be! Barbara
  9. barbklim

    Phantom Pain & Pregnancy

    Hi, I'm jumping in after a long absence. I am BK as of 2 years ago. I have no experience with pregnancy, but I have had an ongoing struggle with phantom pain. All the pain meds that work give me extreme problems with my gut! I was recently turned on to getting the pain meds by means of a topical ointment. It permits far lower doses and gets almost immediate effect. A compunding pharmacist mixed it up for me, and it's only been a few days, but I feel like a miracle has occurred! Check it out. Barbara
  10. barbklim

    Any Tips?

    I have had my right below knee prosthesis for 4 weeks today. My biggest problem is that I need a full left knee replacement that is indefinitely postponed. Ally's comments are definitely right on. I have found that this is the best advice is that you have to think about each step at first, and focus on engaging the leg fully. Stepping hesitantly is the real problem. Think about engaging that leg right down to the end of the foot and you will surprise yourself. Yesterday, I walked in and out of 5 different places, and could not believe it myself!
  11. barbklim

    Shrink socks?

    Mine is also stretchy without a belt (Juzo sock). It is comfortable enough when it is on - the problem is keeping it there when I sleep! Barbara
  12. barbklim

    Does anyone want to stop smoking?

    Ally- Here is a link to the Dog Whisperer's info: http://www.dogchannel.com/dog/experts/cesa...px?Google_Cesar Here is a link to his Dog Psycholoogy Center: http://www.dogpsychologycenter.com/ The info is not in a book - it's a DVD It's easy to walk him on a leash - even if he's new at it! Barbara
  13. barbklim

    Does anyone want to stop smoking?

    Ally - I quit 26 years ago after 15 years of smoking. I did it with the 3-minute concept, too. The cravings get further and further apart, and easier to bear each time you succeed! As for walking the dog - do you get to see the Dog Whisperer there? in the US we get him on the Natioanl Geographic channel. If you don't you could order his video - and it will change how you and the dog walk! He should not be pulling you. If he is in front, he is the pack leader! Barbara
  14. barbklim

    Shrink socks?

    My prosthetist suggested I wear it at night, because the shrinking process is just beginning for me! During the day, he has me wearing an Iceross liner like the one I will be getting with the prosthesis.
  15. barbklim

    Shrink socks?

    Hi, to all! I am new to this forum. I am RBKA as of Oct. 11 '05, due to sarcoma. Because of healing issues resulting from prior radiation, I am just now getting ready for my 1st prosthesis, and just got my 1st shrinker sock a few days ago. I am finding that it rolls down a lot, especially in the night. How can I prevent this? Barbara