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  1. snowyh


    Actually, what I was trying to offer in my earlier post is the mathematical proof, stated from a slightly different perspective than Roz's explanation, that the puzzle is indeed an optical illusion. The key is--neither composite figure is a perfect triangle. (They're close, which is why your rough-cut carpentry failed to reveal the illusion.) If they were, then the sum of the areas of each internal piece would equal the calculation of the area of the composite (length x height / 2). But they don't. Fig 1's area is a little short, and Fig 2's area is a little over what they should be--hence the concave/convex discussion. The difference is very small, which is why the illusion is so convincing! This was a good puzzle. Thanks for posting it.
  2. The last time I got my driver's license renewed the clerk asked me to place my right thumb on the fingerprint pad. I just stared at her blankly until... she... GOT IT!
  3. snowyh


    Try thinking of it this way, Jim. If you compute the area of each piece in the first figure, you get: Red - 12 squares (3x8/2) Dark green - 5 squares (2x5/2) Orange - 7 squares Light green - 8 squares Sum - 32 squares However, if you compute the area of the composite triangle (5x13/2), it's 32.5 squares. The sum af the areas of the pieces in the second figure is 33 squares (32+1 extra). Does this help explain the optical illusion? It's the same thing Roz was saying about the grades of the hypotenuses of the red and green triangles not being equal. Her explanation meant that the sum of the parts would not equal the whole in either figure. The above area calculations prove her explanation to be correct!
  4. snowyh

    FAO Admin - Does she?

    I second that, Muz!
  5. snowyh

    shame about the topic that was locked

    I had the same thought as well, trwinship, but knowing nothing of the lady other than that she married ex-Beatle Paul and is a model and spokesperson against landmines, I decided to order her book, A Single Step. It appears to be out of print, so I was able to pick up a new copy for only $3 + S&H through amazon. I look forward to finding out whether she sees herself as a role model for other amputees. In particular, what was her motivation for creating this discussion forum? Did she just lend her name to it, with no real participation or guidance, or was she actively involved (at least at the beginning)? I think it wise of her NOT to be a visible presence in this discussion forum, as her participation would likely stifle free expression. I fear that, once HMM will have spoken, all would either fall in line or fall silent (IMHO). Hmm... I wonder how she feels about Iceross liners?
  6. snowyh

    Dump it all here

    Why, thank you, DF! Today happens to be the 34th anniversary of my amputation, so I'll accept your congratulations. (If I recall correctly, 1/13/72 was a Friday the 13th as well.) Welcome back!
  7. snowyh

    shame about the topic that was locked

    I, too, was sad to see the New Devotee Site topic locked. I value the free exchange of ideas, especially with people like oneleggedtog, who had direct knowledge of what he spoke. Even though our experiences brought us to different conclusions, it was great that we could, for a time, exchange our experiences and opinions. Isn't that how we learn? There are aspects to being an amputee about which not everyone agrees. "I like the Iceross liner." "I had a bad experience with Iceross liners." Those who feel disharmony just because not everyone shares their opinion should simply leave the thread, and let the debate between the different camps enlighten anyone who has a sincere interest in learning about Iceross liners from those who have actually used them. I wouldn't want to live in a world free of disharmony--it's what keeps us questioning, growing, thriving. Utopia would be damn boring. Wasn't there a Twilight Zone episode about this, where the residents at first thought they were in heaven, and then came to realize they were really in hell?
  8. snowyh

    Big Howdy from Texas!

    Thanks for the welcome, guys. Ted, only one more day before reapplying nose to grindstone--hope you do something fun with your last day of freedom! If you're ever in Houston, give me a shout.
  9. snowyh

    New Devotee Site

    You'd think so, wouldn't you? But apparently, for many a discriminating dev, all my wonderful qualities have not been enough to make them want to pull up stakes and move to Houston. Guess I didn't have the total package... just the missing limb part.
  10. snowyh

    New Devotee Site

    Reread the above thread if you don't think someone was peddling BS long before my arrival. I'm apparently one of the few posting on this thread who has even engaged in actual communication with a dev. It is my opinion, based on my REAL experiences. What is your opinion based on? What makes you think I'm not content with HMM? I just saw a dark corner and tried to shed a little light, that's all. I love a good exchange of ideas with people who don't see things exactly as I do--the world (and this forum) would be a pretty boring place if we all thought alike. Was I mistaken to think y'all wanted to have a little real experience mixed in with all the rumors? I believe you when you say that no one is going to convince you of anything--you've made that quite clear. Me, I like to keep an open mind. Our differences make the world a more interesting place, don't you think?
  11. snowyh

    New Devotee Site

    A pedophile could use the same reasoning Well yes, I'm sure criminals of all kinds have favorite victim profiles. What's your point? Here's mine: NON-DEV DATING CRTIERIA Good - SWF, long blond hair, blue eyes, pretty face, 5'3", 100 lbs dripping wet. Better - All of the above, plus she's intelligent, kind, and has a good career. Best - All of the above, plus her daddy owns an oil well. Pass - All of the above, plus she's SAK. DEVOTEE DATING CRITERIA Good - SWF, long blond hair, blue eyes, pretty face, 5'3", 100 lbs dripping wet. Better - All of the above, plus she's intelligent, kind, and has a good career. Best - All of the above, plus she's SAK.
  12. snowyh

    New Devotee Site

    Thank you for your cautionary words, oneleggedtog. The first question I posed on the first devotee discussion group I joined was whether there was a list somewhere of the "bad" devs. Didn't want to send a pic and then have it show up all over the Internet, you know. The responses I received said to just take normal precautions. Rule of thumb--don't send anyone a picture you wouldn't want to see plastered all over the Internet. This is, of course, the same advice one would give to anyone posting or emailing a picture of themselves (it's not particular to devs). They also recommended getting to know someone first before giving them my last name, address or phone #. Again, good general advice. I'm getting to be a pretty good Internet detective. Once I obtained certain information from the devs directly, I have been able to independently confirm that they are 1) a university research engineer, 2) an airline pilot, and 3) a city council member. (This may be more difficult to do with non-professionals, however.) They're in more of a position of risk than I am, now that I have their employer's contact info. I also verify that they live where they say they live. Beyond that, you just have to trust them--same as anyone else you meet online (or in person, for that matter). Another cool trick I learned was to google their username. If they use it on the dating site, they may use it elsewhere. This way you can find postings they may have made on discussion forums on a variety of topics, and gain insight into the way they think. If you're lucky, you'll be able to find out how they talk about lady amps when they think they're just talking to other devs. As far as details of encounters showing up, well, I'll just have to accept that risk. But keep in mind, this could happen to anyone, not just amps dating devs. There are bad apples in every barrel--we have to do the best we can to figure out who's who. But I can't live my life in a prison for fear that someone might share a photo I sent of myself, fully clothed, with empty sleeve clearly visible. Some consider this "dev porn", but to me it's just a picture that I wouldn't mind being printed in the Houston Chronicle.
  13. snowyh

    New Devotee Site

    You betcha! I surely did want to make contact with men who not only didn't care that I was an amputee, but even considered it a plus! It was like dropping my line into a stocked pond. Heck yes, I knew there would be devs there--I assumed that was the whole point of disabled dating sites. That's why they have a category for non-disabled members--Helllooooo! And, it did not escape my attention that I got to join for free and the ABs had to pay. The devs are the bread and butter of these sites. It's kinda like Ladies Drink Free night at the local bar--the ladies aren't just going for the free booze, they expect to find men there. And they do.
  14. snowyh

    New Devotee Site

    You bet they are (and God bless 'em)! Most human beings would not even date someone at all unless there was some sort of physical attraction first. It's shallow, but that's we way we are. Criteria such as facial features, body type, hair color/length, height, weight, skin color, etc. Devs just happen to have one unconventional trait on the list--a missing limb. It lifts my spirits to find there are people who consider it an asset that I only have one arm, rather than a liability. Now that we're interested based on each other's physical appearance, we move on to how well our potential mates meet criteria group #2: religion, politics, family, finances, job stability, etc. If there are not enough other elements of attraction, the relationship goes nowhere. Devs are no different than the rest of us--they're looking for a special combination of traits in a potential mate. And like the rest of us, they have turn over a lot of rocks to find the right partner.
  15. snowyh

    Big Howdy from Texas!

    Hello, All. My name is Helen and I had a right forequarter amputation (arm, shoulder, collar bone & shoulder blade) at age 15 due to osteogenic sarcoma. I have, but rarely wear, a shoulder prosthesis--no arm pros. I'm a CPA, currently working as Director of Accounting for a national non-profit organization (10 years now). I'm 49 years old, have never been married, and have no children. My interests are hiking, tent camping, treehouses, antique biplanes, yodeling & acoustic folk music. I am an active member of several amputee forums & Yahoo discussion groups, which is where I first heard of devotees (this all came about last year, mind you). Since then I have learned a lot about the atttraction, and have even joined a disabled dating website. Am curently corresponding with a few devs, and have found them to be intelligent, articulate & respectful on the whole. I think I'm as curious about them as they are about me!