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  1. naylor

    becoming billateral

    hi i will become a billateral amputee as from hopefully tuesday or friday this next week i have diabetes and blood clots but not had one for 7 years at least as on medication for this, i have a rbk and a prothesis the physio says i need a balance wheelchair which is when wheels are set back which i have alos i have a social services ot and the physio from hospital say i need a ot from hospital for discharge why when i have everything, i was in hospital last week as i have charcot foot and had mri on 7th oct and foot clinic says bones are just mush now and when in hospital had iv antibiotics and was told to have ultra sound scan which was friday and the doctor which did this says there is no abcess in the foot which they thought they may have been but i cannot think why they let me go home if they thought it was a abcess or infection as blood test would have hopefully claryfied this surely so i opted for amputation and i was only in 7 days with first op and have been told 7-10 days if no complications the trouble is i dont know whether it tuesday or friday can anyone give me info on what to expect the hospital says i will be out of bed 2 days post op and drain will come out hopefully before 3rd day
  2. naylor

    foot abcess

    hi there just been told i have to have a ultrasound scan to see whether it is a abcess and if so how uch pus there is inside i have been on antibiotics and the diabetes doctor who wants the scan said its just to see which antibiotics to give during surgery is this normal another doctor who put needle in foot and drew some fluid out to take to lab said he does not think it is infected if it was infected surely they would not have let me out of hospital also i have to go back in on monday and stop blood thinnig meds but surgery could be tuesday or friday i live in nottinghamshire the only thing is i have everything in place at home but still need occupational therapist so i can be discharged as well the ward i was on says i should be in at normally 7- 10 days ifno complications i had ulcer on other foot which i would say is a infection but was only in a week with that amputation any answers or reassurrance would be greatful as i am petrified
  3. naylor

    becoming a double amputee

    hi there its ian naylor again just to say that i am diabetic and also have blood clots even not had one for seven years on blood thining injections everyday thats a bonus for how long does surgery usually take as i had problems in theatre last time i i had amputatation
  4. naylor

    becoming a double amputee

    hi as from onday 17th noveber i am going to be a double amputee lbk i am a rbk already can anyone say how they get around i do have a prothesis on right leg can anyone give advice moving in a disabled friendly property in two weeks how long is the stay in hospital i live in uk in nottinghamshire
  5. naylor

    hi i am back

    hi its been at least over 2 years, my partner had a rbk amputation in 2006 april and it took a while to heal then he got his prothesis and has done really well except he had a charcot on the other foot and doctors has been putting off doing anything with and put him in a air cast boot since 2007 in june and he went to foot clinic yesterday and he was told the mri scan which he had 4 weeks ago it looks as there is a build up of fluid as they cannot see the bone or the bone is all mush so they said they could do two things keep breaking the foot and religning it or aputate so me and ian decided to amputate the thing is he wanted to come home from hospital yesterday as we have been offered a disaqbled friendly council house which consists of wet room, ramp at back door, down and upstairs bathroom with stairlift and we should get the keys any time this next week or earlier week after so the nurses had a word with e i told him i would decorate and sort things out but the funny thing is they wanted him to see surgeon yesterday but he his not seeing him till monday but the good thing is he is on antibiotics so they will be in his system he says as well there is only six weeks till xmas and he wants to be home for this as i have told him he will be he was only in a week with his first amputation
  6. hi there folks walking around without sticks moved into a house with downstairs bathroom physio told me to use bottom to go upstairs if not got leg its a private rented house so looking into gettting ramps for it not sure where to go ot does not know anyway just wanting to know where can i have paintings done on my leg :P
  7. naylor


    does anyone know where to get bags for prothesis from
  8. naylor

    first leg

    hi folks last time i posted a topic i had two sinuses in my leg now great news i have a leg i went to physio yesterday and they got me walking up and down now my knee hurts when i put my leg on to the left am i doing anything wrong
  9. naylor

    hi its been a long time

    hi just a quick message still got on cavity in stump had a couple of infections one cavity has healed last on is just under 2cm partner is packing it now it took district nurse a week to swab it has they say no one told them or they kept forgeting swabs now just cos i moaned thye are wanting me at my local surgery and expecting me to go down hill in my wheelchair then make it uphill coming back i have a electiric scooter but feel as though i fall to one side on pavement when it slopes also i have not ben in pamaid through infections so i am still waitng for a leg partner now has a fulltime job 7-4 mon - fri so i am on my own much of the time i clean up etc as uch as i can but good news i am going on holiday to cornwall in a few weeks in a wheeelchair friendly caravan so lets hope i can through doors etc bye for now everyone
  10. naylor

    blisters on stump

    as all of you may be aware i have two cavitys in my stump still 8cm and 6 cm but there is new tissue firming so my vascuk#lar nurse said everything else has healed apart from i am using some kind of plater to cover up cavity when it has been packed with aquacel ag ribbon called alione hydrocapillary adhesive dressing and the nurses think they are causing blisters has i did not have any before starting on them on the 8th may they started to appeat a week after so today they have just put swabs over to cover aquacel ribbon with and put inadine on blisters has anyone else had any trouble like this
  11. naylor

    cavitys in stump

    the nurses are pushing up the aquacell ribbonfrom the bottom of my stump so i would imagine it would heal from the inside outwards wouldn,t it folks
  12. naylor

    cavitys in stump

    hi there folks went to wound care clinic yesterday they found two cavitys in my stump they put a probe up them and released a lot of fluid they have put something like velcro with silver in the to promote healing they say they cannot say whether it will heal or not the district nurses have been dressing it wrong hope fully it will heal now they have released some fliund i was afraid that they said it would have to go above knee but they said they cannot say that has any one else had anything of this sort if so please send me your messages
  13. naylor

    stump itching

    hi there folks been to physio today still not being able to go in ppam aid as i have to thicker bandage on physio about killed me with the exercises today (ah ah) stump still leaking a little but today it has rally been itching both sides have near enough healed its just bootom of stump 8% sloughy but d/n comes tomorrow i have now some aquaform to put on it as stump is open at bottom a little also a little inflamed but been on flucloxicillin since friday 1, 500mg, 4 times a day so hopefully doing trick any bye for now ian
  14. naylor

    wound oozing

    hi, thanks for the advice district nurse came on friday said it felt hot and looked sloughy(yellowie slimey stuff) asked if i were on antibiotics said no so she rang for a doctor to come out and see me he checked temp and pulse they were fine but funny thing is i had a chill feeling on wednesday night felt a little sick thursday morning but fine apart from that diabetes is fine doctor put me on 500mg flucloxicillin 1 four times a day the nurses are quite happy partner changing dressing over weekend but it is still leaking a bit but still trying ppam aid type thing out also nurse are putting inadine over openareas thats where it is leaking from only thing it is at bottom og stump the side has heal ed well i hope it will heal as i dont want it to go any further(amputation i mean) i know it will probably take time its only just three weeks since i had it done surgeon would not have let me home if it was not ok also i have a feeling of like somebody trickling water over it today friends have saud probably its healing inside now thanks for reading ian
  15. naylor


    does anyone know what i would be entitled to i am on incapacity benefit, occupational pension, i have applied for disability but do not know how much i would get and if anything would be taken off, would my partner be able to get carers allowance or does this come off my benefits