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  1. I happen to know that the Runway feet are not going to be discontinued. Some other company must be spreading rumors. Freedom says they aren't discontinuing it.
  2. Sanicki


    You're absolutely right Marilyn. Thank you Lark, Doggie, Brenda, and Johnny. One particular moderator, however has spent years nurturing this forum and has always stood above the rest with her dedication and visible influence. She welcomed me with open arms and I've seen her welcome countless others the same way. She was often the first to post when someone was having a difficult time, and she was always there with grace and humor when I needed it. I am a better person for knowing her. Thank You Afet Couldn't have said it any better myself Marcus. :)
  3. Sanicki

    do i like my body?

    I can't take credit for this...it was someone else's comment. Sums it all up................... I may not be perfect, but parts of me are excellent! :D Accentuate the positves in life...& don't linger on the negatives. Easier said than done at times, but not impossible to do. Linda
  4. Sanicki

    do i like my body?

    Hi, Yes it's sad & yes we all still have days like that. I love when I go to the prosthetist's office & they put me in the room with the full length mirror on the other side of the room. You're sitting there & waiting for him to come in, so you're kinda forced to stare at yourself. Do I think it's a good look...not necessarily, but nothing I can do about it. I accept it just like any other flaw my body has. Not that there are many. :P What I'm trying to say is, it's not what you would have chosen for yourself, but this is who you are on the outside. Don't let it overcome you. You have to see past it so others will to. :) Not only am I a BK, but my legs are pretty scarred up. That's a bit of an issue for me to handle. Especially if you're unveiling to someone new. :P I mean...it's normal to have that thought wow...look what I'm bringing to the table...surprise! :o But, I have so much more to bring to the table & I am so much more than missing limbs. It doesn't define WHO I am. Make the best of life...you only get one & we have been fortunate enough to have a second chance. Your legs can be fun to...my kids still say do Dino...(the dinosaur/dog from the Flintstone cartoon). We used to make shadows on the walls at night & we figured out that if I put my leg up with my knee bent, it looked like Dino. Ofcourse I had to add the bark for the full effect. :lol: Just saying it's normal to feel the way you do. Can't say alot of things I do are normal...but I have been where you are. Take care...good luck with your fittings. :) Linda
  5. Sanicki

    What do you want?

    I haven't met him yet. On Barry??? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. Sanicki

    What do you want?

    Damn, only thing onmy doorstep is the freakin paper. Just had the radio on Barry White...You're the first...... the last...... My Everything.....That's something I'd want to be. ;) Linda
  7. Sanicki

    What Is Your Occupation?

    And that kind of understanding & appreciation for eachother is the reason you've been happily married for 47 years.
  8. Sanicki

    What Is Your Occupation?

    Oh Neal....I was liking you up till now. Domestic goddess or household engineer....either description...still describes an uappreciated understated job description. I have worked outside the home & presently am in the profession that you describe. I admit, the outside work, had more benefits, shorter hours & more pay. It's a job that could be filled by most any inquiring potential employee. My present positon however, is a position that requires unique qualifications. It is a job that most men profess an aversion to being able to handle & as you have made it sound, a job that requires very little. I would suggesst that in the future you rethink the comment. Is your wife employed? Do you have children? I would love to work, but insurance issues are what have made me leave the work force. I do however, raise my boys, car pool to basketball or baseball & all that goes with sports mom duties, I cook, clean, paint, I've dry walled & installed flooring, I cut grass & helped build a retaing wall, I maintain my car, pay the bills, look out for my parents & their needs, involved in school organizations, shall I go on. All this minus 2 legs. Although I was married for most, I still felt like a single parent so it's not been much of a change. I could go on, but I think you get the idea. I know you didn't mean to come off condescending & I don't mean to sound mean. I just couldn't let this one slide by. Please don't be mad. :( Linda
  9. Sanicki

    Melting Pot Of Ideas...

    Hey Jim, We have alot in common. You do need to use the nylon on the outside to get in the socket. Me...at this point I have about 10 plies of sock on the outside of the left & 12 plies on the outside of the right. Self explanantory as to why I am really ready for some new ones. They were supracondular too, but during my first pregnacy I ripped that edge off the insert & used a sleeve to hold it on. Add that to my melting pot. :D Linda
  10. Sanicki

    Melting Pot Of Ideas...

    Most of you wear liners...I still wear an insert. It's like a liner, kind of old school prosthetics. They mostly are made from a material called Plite.(a more rigid foam type). Looks like the shape of your socket that fits over your socks. You wear a sheath, (nylon) then your wool socks & over that goes the insert. Then you put on the socket. Like I said Old School, but is done me well for years. I keep trying to use a system with a liner...but like I said...trying. :)
  11. Hey, Jim T gave me the idea when he described the forum as a melting pot of ideas. I got to thinking, that over the years I've made my own personal adjustments to both my prosthesis as well as to adjustments in the way I do things as an amp. One example, is I placed a bath sponge trimmed to fit the bottom of my insert. It filled the void & compressed just enough to make the insert more comfortable. The suggessted plastic bag, didn't work for me. I'm sure it's fine for others...just didn't do it for me. So, that's the point of the topic. Not to insinuate people change what THEY do or how THEY do it. Just simply, have you come across something that has made your prosthetic more comfortable or the day to day aspects of life less compromised. Linda
  12. A few years ago, a neighbor lost his leg below the knee, to diabetes. He had his shower remodeled. They made a built in seat. Nothing enormous that interfered with an able bodied person using it. It totally matched within the design of the back wall. It also had an adjutable shower head that could slide higher or lower or removed to be a hand held. I wouldn't mind having that seat in my shower as an amputee or not. Just sitting there with the water hitting you sounds quite relaxing. Personally, I kneel. I have no problems with that & also don't get how you wash your limb if you're in a prosthetic shower leg. To each his own. :) Linda
  13. Sanicki

    What do you want?

    ...tomatoes & pineapples. ;)
  14. Sanicki

    What do you want?

    Oh, you could grab me, hold me down, make me your prisoner...(hey, wait a minute..that doesn't sound so awful..a bit fun actually.. :o ;) ) But I'll never crack!!!! Might dent a bit...but I'll never crack!! :D Linda
  15. Sanicki

    What do you want?

    Never say never Don. :( :) Linda