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    Otto Bock KISS

    Hello, has anybody experience with this system? http://www.ottobock.com/cps/rde/xchg/ob_com_en/hs.xsl/14949.html I have herad, this system is more common in the USA. Ciao Thomas
  2. Thohom

    Anyone who don't wear prothesis?

    Hi Kimberly, I know such a person. My GF....about 2 cm femur and using a normal ak suction socket with some kind of garter belt. In about 35 years her stump has "grown" because the leg is mostly hanging at the skin. She uses her leg from morning to night. Her skin is stressed, but most time ok. She hast no pain from the prosthesis....only if skin is bleedy The socket is made by a "normal" limb-maker....ok, she knows him about 25 years. Ciao Thomas
  3. Thohom

    seal in socker and liner for AK

    hi ally, i dont loose suction....but i have the problem with the changing volume of my stump. ...hurts the at other places my question is: does anybody wear the "olympic"(5 rings) seal in liner with additional socks? at the moment i think that i need a new socket.....seems i "dive" too deep in. ciao thomas
  4. Thohom

    seal in socker and liner for AK

    hi, i wear the old version ( one ring) of the ossür seal in liner now for 8 month. my problem is, that i have volume changes....get thinner most time. to get the right volume i wear socks...sometimes up to three. works quite ok, until i could put the end of the socks under the lip of the liner. my technician glued now some cork in the socket....backside and outer (lateral?) side. works fine , but i get thinner and need probably a new socket soon. has anybody experience with this 5 ring-seal-in-liner and socks? for me the one ring version seems the better solution......or better ideas? when i am in my socket, im am fixed in it...no air inside over the day, no pumping...nothing but really got fit.
  5. Thohom

    Ottobock are horrible

    hi, just want to tell about my experiences with a variflex in connection with a c-leg. i am an active user with about 118 kg. the variflex saves too much energy for the c-leg ;-) has always to go in the "brakes", when the foot is moving forward so the c-leg was damaged. maintenance from otto bock gave no warranty anymore after 5 years, repair about 11€. new hydrolic necessary, new frame and new "shin" hose. got today my new c-leg. took just 24 hours from order to delivery...use now axtion foot again. will see how it works now. ;-)
  6. Thohom


    Hello, I have just decided to start with skiing and now I am looking for equipment. I found those in the net. http://www.superlite.org/outrigger.html Anybody given up skiing and wants to sell a used pair? I need the long ones ;-) Ciao Thomas
  7. Thohom


    If it makes you glad, it is ok for me...but are not the reaseon for my chnage of mind.
  8. Thohom


    Times can change, why not mind?
  9. Thohom


    you think, that custom made outriggers will be cheaper? thomas
  10. Just checked my liner.....it`s partly blue ...jeans-blue. I normally have "killed" my gel liners, before the gel could denature. Seems I was to aktive for them.
  11. PC 30 is white. That was other stuff, which "tanned" the liner inside, but what is the problem? It´s inside..... My experience is, that "rich cream" (??) helps me longer over the day , than this silicone oil.
  12. Thohom

    prosthetic leg

    I am also AK. I mostly wear a BK cosmesis. Tis foam thing with the nylons on top THe foam has a velcro on the backside from top to bottom, that I can remove it quick, when I wear shorts. The I like the robocop look, wehn I wear jeans the cosmesis protects them and socks fit better.
  13. Thohom

    Ottobock are horrible

    Thats the Trias foot, one of the better ones. Which foot would you prefer then? And do you think, that OB will control what foot you are actually wearing? As I wrote, I actual wear a Variflex under my C-Leg. When I hopefully get my own "false" knee back, I will use the Axtion again ( I carry too much meat around for the Trias or are my bones so heavy? ) The main problem for the change is to find the right lengh for the "shin pipe", because the feet build in different heights. The warranty problem is really strange.
  14. Thohom

    Ottobock are horrible

    Hi Tomer, are you limited to just one knee? As I know , there a many different knees on the market, which have similar or better features then the C-Leg light and eventually to a lower price. When you bought your knee, I suppose, you knew about the limitation to few feet. Why are you complaining now? What type of OB foot are you actually using? Ciao Thomas
  15. Thohom

    Ottobock are horrible

    Thanks for the explanation Ally,got it now...next time for me please in simple words... Amputees can choose their bits, but if the want to have warranty they have to check the rules of the game first. Is it really so wrong, when a foot is aligned to a knee and vice versa? Can you ask OB to align C-Leg for all avaiable feet? And give full warrany then, when the information given from the foot is necessary for the function of the knee? If there is a malfunction , there will be especially in the USA some lawyers, which are keen to make some money. So they want to be on the safe side. BTW...in my opinion the OB feet are nowerdays much better, when I remeber my Luxon Max.....was like walking with a plank, when I compare with the Axtion now.
  16. At the moment I use a silicon liner, before I have used gel-liners.....never hat problems with different kind of grease. There are maximum the upper 3 cm of my liner in contact with that grease. One problem was , that colour has changed.....but then I have use something with sun protection.
  17. I also use something to grease the upper part of the skin in the liner. It is calles PC 30. Here is a Link with an english explanation. http://www.terra-bio.de/downloads/PC30_Folder_e.pdf This PC stuff was the miracle fluid for all the amputees after WW2.
  18. I also use something to grease the upper part of the skin in the liner. It is calles PC 30. Here is a Link with an english explanation. http://www.terra-bio.de/downloads/PC30_Folder_e.pdf This PC stuff was the miracle fluid for all the amputees after WW2.
  19. Thohom

    Ottobock are horrible

    hi ally, much thanks for the war welcome.......but i don´t understand your last sentence there are always ups and downs in live...and in the moment i am sometihing in between.
  20. Thohom

    Ottobock are horrible

    Seems, that they see everything from knee down as a "system"? I bet u will loose also warranty, when you build in your Ford parts from a Mercedes?
  21. Thohom

    Ottobock are horrible

    Interesting thread. The "new" C-Leg ( the grey one) doesn´t need service every year. Only every second year is a service necessary. My C-Leg is now 5 years old and was sent to Vienna for service. I am waiting now, what has to be done. It now has some little problems around the hydaulic, might be expensive then. That OB feet are mandatory might be a reason that they want to sell their own feet. The old one from bock...I walked a luxon max....were not so good and i broke it after 4 years. Now i wear an axtion...this foot is much better. At the monent I wear a variflex under my service knee...maybe this foot saves too much enery and the valves in the hydrolic have to work too much? Ciao Thomas
  22. Thohom

    how do people beat the snow?

    Hi, I have my experience with snow here from south Germany. Shoes with a hiking profile ( is this the right word for this?) are ok with normal snow hights. Problems come for me , when the prosthetic foot can`t swing thru because the snow is too high. The I walk like Captn Ahab. A cane is then a good help for me. I have more problems when the snow has become icy and slippry on my ways. The I prefer my car Have to walk very slowly then, but never slipped out ...*knock on wood Ciao Thoams
  23. Thohom

    C-Leg Foot

    I wear a Luxon Max foot. I have heard, that the new Elation must be good. Changing feet was for me not possible, because my old Variflex builds too high for my c-leg hardware....and just changing feet for only some hours is not my thing. Would sound like shoe shopping. :lol: I was smiling, when I read your post Ally. At another place you wrote, that changes in your prosthesis are not your thing. Warranty is here about 3 years + extra 2 years if you pay for it. Would you change after 5 years the foot?
  24. Thohom

    Wife of AKA has question

    hi, i don´t live in the usa, but i think its good to a a good technician in the area close around. mine is about 15 km away and when i count how often i am there.... i know other amps who drive in germany hundreds of kilometers to get their leg fitted.....i would not like it, because it takes much time and i also need to do my work and have not so much holiday. ciao thomas
  25. Thohom

    Trying something new

    well mel, i am just trying to get used to a suction socket....in mas style. i was always wearing before a liner with pin lock. makes big difference and i think of going back to a liner with a mas socket. ciao thomas