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  1. steve@c-legs


    Hi Missy I hope you are well and thanks for the message. let me know what area you are in as NE is a big area and i will try and help accordingly. Catch up soon..... Blue feeling in the pink as just got back from swimming!!!!
  2. steve@c-legs

    Support Groups in the UK

    if you want a user and or support group in the uk .... i know of approximately 50 or so across the country!!! let me know the area and i will email you with the contact details. i hope this helps. S :)
  3. steve@c-legs


    Lisa I hope you are well and Happy New Year. While i don't live in Derby now, i use to as i went to Derby Lonsdale College!!!! Anyway i am heavily involved in support and or user groups across the UK and if you want some help please don't hesitate to contact me. i would be really interested in your group anyway and how you get on etc ..... so please let me know at some point! just for your information i am a double above knee amputee who walks (unaided well most of the time) with 2 off C-legs! i hope to catch up soon and don't hesitate to contact me when ever you feel it appropriate! Steve
  4. Hi Could somebody tell me if it worth attending from the UK ....i have been to ISPO and BAPO in the UK .....so i supoose i am asking what the difference is and what would i gain from attending .....from an amputee point of view ??? Any views would be appreciated. Steve
  5. steve@c-legs

    Messages for Martine Wright

    Your right that chap is me .....Steve McNeice ..........i have two c-legs and as a consequence i do know and have helped both Martine Wright also Danny Biddle (another amputee from the bombing who lost one through knee and one above knee and has also lost an eye ....he is still at Roehampton and is still rehab'ing) with a few tips on walking, mobility and general motivation - i think they will both do well they just have to keep at it. it is good they both keep getting press coverage as it raising the profile of amputation everywhere ... Any other double AK's please get in touch ...a very difficult amputation level and we need to supoort you guys and girls ...need a hand or want some tips .... email me as i walk everywhere as a double above knee amputee ... steve@c-legs.co.uk
  6. steve@c-legs

    Seal-in-liners" for AK

    Hi you don't know me but i am a bi-lateral trans-femoral amputee that walks with two c-legs .... i think i was the first in the UK.... over a year ago now ..... anyway not important .... The reason for the posting is i use two sealin liners ..... the principal is fantastic but the secret is to get good fitting sockets because the liners will only be as good as the fit of the socket .... Good luck ......any questions donlt hesiate to contact me. .. Steve