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    Greetings, Many of you might remember me, but I'm sure there are new amps here whom I've missed meeting due to my inactivity the past several months. I'm RBKA since August, 05. Lost my leg due to complications from several cancer operations. I was plugging along ok, and posting frequently until August, 06, when I lost my son to suicide (he was only 26). The amputation was difficult enough to endure, but the loss of my son was a much MUCH bigger loss! I'll get over losing my leg, but never get over losing my son. Anyhow, I'm feeling like I'll live and just wanted to introduce myself to the newer members here! I look forward to meeting you all. And I'm busy trying to catch up on all the postings I've missed!
  2. Marilyn

    left foot pedal Car adaption photos

    Looks pretty much like my set up. I LOVE my left foot accelerator! I never thought that we'd become friends, I was sure we'd get killed due to my confusion (at first) of which pedal is what... but now it totally means freedom to me. Pray tell, how did ya get your floor mat under all that? My husband cut mine in half, which I think lends itself (the floor mat, I mean) to getting dangerously in the way...
  3. Marilyn

    Good tunes, great vibes

    Jerry, that's way awesome!! I was hoping I'd recognize the song and prove you wrong, but NOPE! Even this old mountain girl hasn't heard that song!! :D
  4. Marilyn

    Vehicle advice

    Caroln, I'm a RBKA and I use the left foot accelerator. I understand TOTALLY about almost taking out the drive through!! I've driven the 'normal' way for over 30 years and I had to completely re-wire my brain to use the left foot accelerator. With use, it actually does become second nature to use the left foot accelerator. I've been driving this way since this spring and it has become easier and easier. I still have my moments, but they are becoming fewer.
  5. Marilyn

    New Prosthetic design

    Sam, this is so cool!!! I love the leg and I'm sending all good thoughts your way that you will get to meet "the man"!!
  6. Marilyn


    Ann, this is great news!! I've been wondering how you were doing with all that. Make sure you tell them every issue you have with the socket at each fitting. Walk around the office for a bit in the test socket. Beg them to let you take the test socket home a week before they make the final, definitive socket! When i first started out on this particular journey, I had no clue what to expect, what things should feel like and what I should be saying to my prosthetist. Time and experience helps us to deal with the crutial fitting procedures. Keep us apprised as to how it is going!
  7. Marilyn

    Here's my story and I'm sticking to it!

    Welcome! You've found a great place to talk with others in similar situations... Glad you found us. Keep us informed as to how your fittings go and such.
  8. Marilyn

    Happy Birthday

    Well, Jerry, I'm later than the others, but hope you had a very good b-day!!
  9. Marilyn

    My news socket

    Ah, somebody told me the Ceterus was for golfing and such. I'm not super active (yet), but I'm working on it. I'll probably keep my current foot for another year, while I work at rebuilding my core muscle strength and losing some weight. Activities I used to do are hiking and camping. I could have resumed at least the camping, but for lots of other things not amp related. I think my life is calming down for a bit and now I can concentrate on ME! Would you recommend the Ceterus for hiking over rough terrain?
  10. Marilyn

    My news socket

    Waaay cool! Whoo Hoo! What kind of foot & ankle combo do you have and what do you think of it? I'm doing research for my next foot...
  11. Marilyn


    Welcome Caveman (curious as to your moniker!)! I'm RBKA for two years now. I never was very fit or active, but I've managed to surpass my own hopes as an amp. And still working on doing more. Glad to see you aboard.
  12. Marilyn


    Crazy! I guess I have fully accepted being an amputee... Last night I was dreaming I was looking a houses to buy. In my dreams I was paying special attention to the bathrooms, to make sure they would work for me, being an amputee and all! I find this a GOOD thing! :D
  13. Marilyn

    LBK, July 19th, 2007

    Welcome Joe! Glad you found us!
  14. Marilyn

    High Heels!!!

    LOL! You are right, Cat. No use to me at all! But thanks for responding! I shoulda known...
  15. Finally! Something that shows that a prosthesis is NOT superior to real feet and legs.
  16. Marilyn

    High Heels!!!

    I'm with Ann, Cat. What foot are you getting? I'm trying to study up on feet as I plan to get a new one within the year.
  17. Marilyn

    An amputee job

    Samuel, I would love to work as a techie back in the shop at my prosthetists!! Congrats! What does it say on your leg? I'm not able to see it well enough to read it!
  18. Marilyn

    High Heels!!!

    Jim, thank you for a totally 'man' perspective!! My mother and her brothers all hail from Arizona, so I know how much cowboy boots mean to them. I love shoes and after my amputation, I gave quite a few really cool shoes away. But now I find really funky and cool shoes with little to no heel... Sketchers makes some good ones. Heels? They were cool, but I got a bunion from them back in the day... The only really positive thing about my amputation was that at least they amputated my right foot -- which had the terrible bunion!! :P
  19. Marilyn

    Mauch Knee SNS

    I'm a BKA, so I'm no help at all. However that being said, a BKA I know was recently fitted with the Proprio (computerized ankle by Otto Bock). As soon as he stood up on it, he remarked "It's no Mauch." Apparently, back in the day there used to be a hydrolic (spelling?) ankle -- now defunct. He liked the hydrolic MUCH better than the new computerized ankle.
  20. Marilyn

    Shane in the news again...

    {{{{{Shane}}}}} Big cyber hugs for you! I was hoping you could avoid the surgery and all that encompasses! Well, nothing to do now but exactly what the doctor orders. I'll be thinking of you and do keep us up to date on how you are doing.
  21. Hello Folks, Well, after waiting and working toward it since Feb 2006, I finally have the leg I wanted (and then some!)... My last 2 sockets were made by a seasoned prosthetist who absolutely would not listen to one word of feedback or questions or suggestions from me. I now have an amazing guy who made a perfect socket AS WELL AS laminating it for me as I'd begged my other guy to do. I'm really, really sad because my new guy is leaving this area in two weeks. Not only is he a talented & caring prosthetist, but he's an awesome human being as well... I hate goodbyes and this one will be harder than usual... I will be working with the guy that Doug has trained for over 15 years. My new leggist is Steve and he has been trained by one of the best. It will be interesting because Steve is also a RBKA (which is what I am). Here are some photos. The pix don't do the colors justice because I'm using a camera phone with no flash. But the photo from Freds Legs gives the true colors. I picked this flamingo design in honor of my son, who loved southern Florida. I still have an issue with my scar tissue and an adhesion. The front of the socket is not touching the scar in any way, but there is some pistoning going on inside that is causing grief. My prosthetist and I are experimenting with different things to work this out. I really hate the idea of any more surgery this soon. But I'm watching Roz's thread carefully!
  22. Marilyn


    Lisa, I sure hope & pray you heal and are able to get up and about soon. I know how frustrating it can be. I was in a wheelchair for months even before my amputation and that surely gets old fast.
  23. Marilyn

    Marilyn's New Leg -- FINALLY!

    Ally, I remember reading some of your posts in the past about how your prosthetist would give you a test socket to take home and wear for awhile. And based on your experience I asked my old leggist if he would let me take a test socket home. He would never agree to this. I knew I had found the right guy when I asked him if I could take home a test socket for a week and he said "SURE"! So he took and wrapped my clear test socket in fiberglass tape and sent me home with it. I knew then, I found a jewel of a guy! I just HATE it that he is leaving in a week -- but I TRY so hard to be grateful to have even this one leg from him! And at least I get Steve, who my guy trained for the past 15 years or so... And it will be interesting working with Steve, since he's a Right BKA (same as me!). I'm doing much better with the new leg, despite the scar tissue and adhesions problems. I've found that the INSTANT I get pressure pain on my tibia, I add more socks and it helps 100%. I just have to stay on top of it.
  24. Marilyn

    Shane in the news again...

    Neal, I'd love to go -- but only as a spectator!
  25. Marilyn

    Busy week

    Paul, best of luck with the ultrasound. I can totally understand, I have to undergo regular tests and just last fall had some tumors at the back of my knee (lost my right leg due to complications from cancer), but turned out to be only fatty tumors. I'll pray the same for you!