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  1. Kencor

    Inappropriate noises

    Went to the prosthetist today and found out what was causing the air to be forced out in the first place. The hollow pin which is an integral part of my vacuum system was plugged. Glad I didn't drill those holes in the socket.
  2. Kencor

    Inappropriate noises

    Hi Marcia. I wouldn't completely rule that out but the system is only about three weeks old so I don't think that's the problem. Thanks.
  3. Kencor

    Inappropriate noises

    Thanks. That was a good idea. I had one of those left over from a previous pin system so I tried it and it seems to help a little.
  4. Kencor

    Inappropriate noises

    Thanks guys. I will try the additional ply Neal. It's a new leg so the fit is pretty snug already but I might be able to squeeze in another. It's a vacuum system but the socket is not part of the air containment. There are two liners and the air is trapped between them. The outside liner also has a pin so it's a pretty secure system as well as being comfortable. The biggest problem is that blasted noise. Mad: I would embrace the noise but I'm not witty enough to come up with something humorous with every step I take, and that's how often it's sounding off.
  5. Kencor

    Inappropriate noises

    Hi all. Just wondering if anyone else had had embarrassingly noisy sounds emanating from their sockets when the air is forced around their liner with each downward step? Sounds very much like an inappropriate bodily function and I work in an office building that is so quiet it makes a morgue sound like a circus. Consequently I'm afraid to get up and walk anywhere without drawing unwanted attention. I've tried a one ply sock, which reduces the noise but hardly eliminates it. I am going to see the prosthetist who built the leg in about a week but in the meantime I thought I'd ask if anyone has ever tried drilling a hole or two in their carbon fiber socket so the air can escape before it's squeezed between the liner and the socket? What would be the downside to that? Thanks in advance.
  6. Kencor

    problem with my *stump* hate that word!!!

    I'm jumping in a little late here but would like to add that I have exactly the same situation as Neal. When I walk a lot, particularly at an abnormal angle (hills, stairs) I usually pay for it with the kind of pain you are describing. A little rest usually does away with it.
  7. Kencor

    More April Birthdays

    Thanks all. It was a good one!
  8. Just remember they drive on the wrong side of the road over there and I think they get testy if you don't so the same. Have a great trip.
  9. Kencor

    a good day went bad

    You've just found out that no good deed goes unpunished, Mick. Seems to be one of those universal laws. I just know that if I am ever wandering around lost (which is not a stretch for me) I would far prefer to encounter someone like you than an uncaring soul. That old woman probably thought she was doing you a favor, or was mentally ill, or any number of other explanations but bottom line is that you should not feel bad for doing the right thing.
  10. Kencor

    News to share

    I don't just dislike speaking in public, I have a pathological fear of it. So, like skydiving, I find myself drawn to it because of the rush, and have done it quite a bit and am still here. Two things to remember: Your audience wants you to succeed, and the old adage "what's the worst that can happen?" applies. Zipper down? Something stuck in your teeth? I sat in front of an audience once with a rip in my pants from the bottom of my zipper extending to my butt, so the audience knew what kind of underwear I wore by the time I got up to speak. Didn't know about it of course until I had finished speaking. I'm still here. You will do fine.
  11. Kencor

    Nick Vujicic

    I had the distinct honor of seeing Nick speak at our church a while back. The man is truly an inspiration and if I even so much as let a small amount of self-pity creep in due to the fact that part of my leg is missing, all I have to do is think of Nick and it vanishes.
  12. Kencor

    Limb Transplants

    Here's an example of some of the important work going on in this field: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/03/22/...in3960219.shtml
  13. Kencor

    Limb Transplants

    You are absolutely right Ann. I wasn't trying to imply that I was the only one to have learned something from this ordeal. Just trying to find the positive spin. When I went to the ACA conference it was a real eye opener to see how many people are dealing with situations that would basically make me throw in the towel. My point was that I hope that the future of limb replacement leans more toward growing the limbs from your own tissue, which I believe they have done with some organs already. That's a win win instead of a transplant, which I see as a win lose. Ken
  14. Kencor

    Limb Transplants

    Although I would love to have my leg back, that is the one method that seems to carry as much inherent "baggage" as losing it in the first place. (Not to mention risk of infection and the emotional cost of possibly having to lose it all over again in case of rejection.) At a real cost I've learned some interesting life lessons in the last three years. A better method would be to harvest some tissue and grow a limb using your own cell structure, DNA etc. Lower risk with the same reward and you haven't cost someone else anything.
  15. Kencor

    I was wondering!

    I have a relatively short stump also. One of the "benefits" of that shortness is that I don't seem to have the volume change that everyone refers to because what's down there is mostly bone covered tightly with skin. It's been three years this month and I haven't had to have any changes made to my socket. I've been getting by just fine with the pin system. I leave my gel liner fairly long so it goes halfway up my thigh also. Doesn't slip as much as I imagine a shorter liner would. That having been said, after seeing the vacuum systems demonstrated at the ACA conference in Atlanta this year I am eager to try one out and have mentioned this to my very busy prosthetist. Good luck.