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  2. elnoviodelamuerte

    Hello from AK Drummer in Tampa!

    Mike! Welcome from the Forum's resident Kraut. Mike
  3. elnoviodelamuerte


    Hi Ally, I had been offline for 8 or 9 days due to a bout of shingles affecting my head and face. It's much better now and yesterday I returned to my work in the library. After quitting the forum I had saved your website among my favourites, but one day my pc could not trace your website anymore. I suppose I had fallen in with the wrong crowd/thread on that AbeBooksForum. :D Not really. They were really quite nice. I got to know a nice girl in Pretoria. But harmless banter somehow got out of hand, and now I top the List of The Most Wanted Villains in Louisiana and the only welcome I can now expect is a blast from a pump-gun. At present I have no reserve prosthesis. I hope to be fitted with a new prosthesis some time in the fall or winter. Am trying hard to lose weight. Definitely do not want to add diabetes to my list of ailments, and being vane, I do NOT want to be a grossly overweight amputee. You feel fitter and more agile that way anyway. Fortunately nothing dramatic has happened since I left the forum. My wife is fine and so am I. And now with summer arriving somewhat prematurely I'm even feeling better. You may remember that I just love the sun and heat. Should be living in a hot country like SA. But how have you been faring? I hope your son is well, too. Must be proud of his sexy, attractive mother who is sure to make some impression on his peers. Must close for now. Have a nice day. Love, Mike
  4. elnoviodelamuerte


    Dearest Marilyn, I'm sitting behind the circulation desk in the library. It looks like it's going to be a quiet afternoon. So I might as well write you a few lines. I'm not much of a talker, even less of a small talker. I find it much easier to express my feelings and thoughts in writing. On the loss of your son. My wife and I have no children. So it's impossible for me to gauge what it is like to lose a son. To lose a child must be even worse for a mother who has literally borne the child and given birth to him/her. In contrast to my wife I never cared much for having children of my own. Perhaps I feared the responsibility. If we had had children my library would certainly not be as sizeable as it is. So there is definitely a certain amount of selfishness involved. :D But there is also a price to be paid. One of us - my wife or myself - is bound to survive the other. If my wife should die before me, I'd be left with no relatives to take care of me. It's truly tragic that your son should have committed suicide at such a young age. I do have my doubts as far as the concept of free will is concerned. Is it fair? No. If you are looking for consolation try the website of the Sarcoma Alliance http://www.sarcomaalliance.org/ There you will find - among others - many stories of teenagers who are battling cancer and may never live to be twenty. Losing someone we love is the worst thing that's bound to happen to us at some time. In my case it was the loss of my beloved grandfather, an aunt and uncle, a fatherly friend and ... my dog. I have always tried to be stoic. We simply must accept whatever fate has in store for us. I hope I have not bored you. Take care! Love, Mike
  5. elnoviodelamuerte


    Hi Marcia, thanks for your kind wishes. Yesterday I went back to work. Still got a large reddened patch on my forehead and a last piece of scab which will come off soon. People and readers in particular wonder what's happened. My colleagues thought my wife might have hit me over the head with a frying pan. :P Most people suspect that I had a nasty fall. Fortunately the pain was not that bad, but I had to take painkillers. I've still got a slight headache stretching down to my left cheekbone and the left ear. Shingles usually affect one side of the body. How are things in Biloxi? What I remember from the news is that it was devastated by Katrina. Do they still have an army camp there? I did enjoy the movie "Biloxi Blues". Give my love to your husband and family. Love, Mike
  6. elnoviodelamuerte


    Mike, that's where my hubby had shingles.....on his face....and Doctor gave him 800 mg. of very strong medicine.....they are very painful. Hopeyou feel better ;) ann Hi Ann, fortunately the pain was not that bad, but I took painkillers anyway. Actually I had to take 800mg of that strong anti-viral drug five times a day which left me sleepy and groggy for one week. Still got a slight headache and a small patch of scab left on my forehead. Thanks for your kind wishes. Give my love to your hubby and family. Love, Mike
  7. elnoviodelamuerte


    Hi folks, Sorry! I have been off-line for the past 8 days. Had to take sick leave suffering from a case of shingles or Herpes Zoster. Never knew that it could affect the head and face! The strong medication left me sleepy and groggy and I've still got large red patches on my forehead with the last piece of scab likely to come off any time soon. Take care! God Bless! Mike
  8. elnoviodelamuerte


    Dear Higgy & Shane, thanks for your welcome. Forum's seems to have quietened down a bit since I left it last August (?). I stayed abstinent for a while until I joined the AbeBookForum in February. An unfortunate development - harmless banter with a bored librarian in Louisiana led to her being dressed down by her husband and being forbidden to exchange further posts with me. So much for a happy marriage where a mother of two grown-up boys is ordered around by her loving husband like a little girl. I was so upset by this turn of affairs that I proceeded to delete all of my 659 posts to that forum. I can be that uncompromising and unforgiving. Some piece of work, I can assure, but it helped to vent my anger and disappointment. Anyway better than grabbing a pump-gun and shooting innocent people. With my recurring depressions I get these compulsive negative thoughts like: I'm always the odd man out, I'm a social failure, I have no friends etc. I also get jealous and envious of posters who seem to rule the roost and are perceived by me as being more poular than myself. That's when I usually quit a forum. But my new medication has so far prevented these fits of envy and jealousy. I hope to stay for good. Love, Mike
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    Hi Lynn, tried to send you a message. Was refused. Will mail you a detailed post tomorrow afternoon. Love, Mike
  10. elnoviodelamuerte

    Everyones story

    Hi, if anybody should be interested: The Sarcoma Alliance were gracious enough to publish my story on their website:^ http://www.sarcomaalliance.org/ Click on or scroll down to SUPPORT, then click on Personal Stories: Michael Wackers, that's me. Kind regards, Mike
  11. elnoviodelamuerte

    losing my marbles

    Dearest Paul, WHAT STIGMA? Frankly someone who has had a close brush with death in the shape of cancer someone who had his leg amputated should not give a damn about what other people might think! Read VeryScared's post carefully and take it to heart! I often wonder what my life might have been like if I had started medication earlier. Take care! Mike
  12. elnoviodelamuerte

    losing my marbles

    Dear Paul, I know the feeling. Obviously you are going through a heavy depression where your inside, your heart and guts turn to stone and not even your favourite music can lift your spirit. High time you begin taking anti-depressants. Sorry, but what does EMDR stand for? Wishing you All the Best Love, Mike rhd
  13. elnoviodelamuerte


    Hi Cheryl, thanks for welcoming me back to the forum. Thank God nothing dramatic has happened since I last posted. I hope everything's ok with you, too. Have a nice day, Mike
  14. elnoviodelamuerte

    losing my marbles

    Dearest Hazel, I have been suffering from Bipolar Disorder I since I was a boy of 14 (1964). My self-diagnosed condicion was left untreated until the early 90s when I heard of this new American wonder drug Prozac. I asked my GP for a prescription. In my case the depressions clearly dominate with recurring undramatic phases of hypomanias. I made the same mistake as you, stopping the medication after two or three months when I was feeling better. Since August 2006 I have been regularly consulting a psychiatrist. We started with Prozac which only began to show a positive effect after 6 weeks! But at regular intervals of 6 to 7 weeks mild to medium depressions would return with the usual compulsive negative thoughts. I would double or treble the dosage and after a relatively short time the depressions would abate. To prevent these phases from reoccuring we tried Valproat, but had to stop the medication on account of sudden severe stabbing pains in the neck. I am quite content with my new medication Cymbalta which has restored my drive. Anyway you must continue your medication for at least a year or even longer. Give my love to your husband (the ex-Sapper)! Love, Mike
  15. elnoviodelamuerte


    Dearest Marilyn, Welcome back! I don't know if you remember me. I've just rejoined the forum after a lengthy absence. I was saddened to read about the loss of your son. I lost one of my few friends recently, and two penpals that I got to know on a sarcoma forum are now battling terminal cancer. Hope we all can manage to cheer you up a bit. Love, Mike