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    Please help

    I’ve posted a few times in the past that I’ve experienced pain in my stump constantly since my amputation over ten years ago. Unlike phantom pain, this pain is directly in my stump. So far, the best any doc could do for me is prescribe an ointment like Lidocaine which only provides relief for 15 or 20 minutes. I did talk with a fellow amp who had the same problem and he said it was due to nerve endings trapped in scar tissue. This made sense to me but correction would require surgery which I am reluctant to pursue. Just recently I visited a neurologist who ordered that an MRA be performed. The MRA was done two weeks ago and I got the results today. The report said that there was a problem with vascular flow in my stump. That was the only level of detail that I got. They are faxing the report to my vascular surgeon and I’ll see what he has to say. I thought, in the meantime, I’d ask my friends on this forum if any of you had the same problem and, if so, what did you do. Regardless of how many docs I talk to I feel that the advice I get from you guys is much more reliable and I appreciate any help you can give me. jackcham
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    I have two Pugs; a male and a female. He is a little chunky guy who struts around like he's the boss and she is slim and wiggles her rump when she walks. What else could I name them but Boris and Natasha. Boris like to chase squirrels in the back yard. I don't know what he'd do if he ever caught one. They get along good together but not too good; we had them fixed. jackcham
  4. jackcham

    Don't you just hate it when ....

    Don't you just hate it when you enter a restaurant and your socket is loose and it sounds like you're farting all the way to your table jackcham
  5. jackcham

    Funny t-shirts

    Or how about this I put my prosthesis on backwards and I've been walking in circles all day jackcham
  6. jackcham

    Funny t-shirts

    pixy, LIFE IS GOOD...I CAN'T KICK jackcham
  7. jackcham

    Attitudes towards Amputation

    Pixy, I've been an amputee for 10 years. So far, I haven't encountered any negative attitudes. I do find it to be a two way street though. Many people assume that amputees need help and many amputees refuse to accept help. I find that most people are well intentioned and when they offer help to me, I accept it even if I don't need it. I think it makes people who help feel good. There are times when the help can be downright dangerous. For example, when I go into a store I use a walker to get up to the door and then I use the door for support to get in. More often than not some well intentioned person will come along anf grab the door out of my hand thinking that they are helping. Fortunately, I only fell once when that happened. Another thing that bugs me is how two-legged people are always pointing out what other amputees can do and I can't. They think they are providing inspiration but it comes off as criticism as if to say, "why can't you do that?" I wrote this rather hurriedly so if you want me to add anything just let me know and I will be happy to. By the way, you have a good subject and you're bound to get an A+. jackcham@aol.com
  8. jackcham

    NEW DOG !!!!!!!!!!!

    I have two Pugs, a male and a female. He's a chunky little guy and she's slim and wiggles her butt when she walks. What else could I call them but Boris and Natasha. jackcham
  9. jackcham

    The Butcher Dance

    Butcher Dance....second and last installment After traveling back to his starting point our guy decided that if he wanted his study to be complete he should stay in Australia for a year so he can see the Butcher dance. Allowing plenty of time for the second trip to the village, he started back the next year. He followed the stream, crossed the rapids, went past the flat topped hill and entered the forest. He got through the forest without incident and was facing the burning sands. Running, as he did before, he got safely across the burning sands and into the village.. Again, he was greeted by the chief who said, “Ah, you’re just in time. We will be doing the Butcher dance tonight. The guy was excited all day long. He had heard so much about the Butcher dance. He thought once he included the Butcher dance in the book he was writing, it would surely be a bestseller. Finally evening came and the villagers built a fire in a big open space and they gathered around it in a circle. The guy was watching and listening intently. He heard a low hum from the villagers that gradually rose to a crescendo. Then they all stood around the fire and started dancing and singing…..You Butcher left foot in, you take your left foot out, you Butcher right foot in and you shake it all about………” FINAL NOTE: You’ve probably guessed that I made the story up. The bears and the wolves in the forest are fictional characters and the rest is just Hokey Pokey.
  10. jackcham

    The Butcher Dance

    Since this story is rather long, I decided to tell it in two installments. If after the first installment, you've decided that's enough then I won't continue. The last thing I want to do is bore you. This guy is at a bar in Australia. He struck up a conversation with another guy at the bar who asked him what he was doing in Australia. Our guy explained that he had traveled the world studying dances of the various cultures. The guy said, “then you’ve seen the Butcher dance.” He said, “ no, I haven’t. what is the Butcher dance?” The guy said, “ it’s a ceremonial dance performed by a tribe in the outback. They only do it once a year and its scheduled in a couple of weeks.” “How do I get there?”, asked the guy. He said, “if you go out the back door you’ll see a stream. Follow the stream until you come to the rapids. You’ll know you’re at the right spot when you see a flat topped hill across the stream. Cross the stream but be very careful, the rapids are treacherous. Once across, go straight past the flat topped hill until you come to a forest. Be careful going through the forest. You’ll hear the roar of bears and the growls of wolves. They can tear you apart. If you manage to get through he forest you’ll be facing the burning sands. Make sure you wear thick soled shoes. The sands are as hot as the blazes and can surely blister your feet. Once you get across the burning sands, you’re at the village.” The next day the guy sets out for the village. He follows the stream to the rapids. He’s tossed this way and that but manages to get across. Past the flat topped hill he enters the forest. He hears the roar of the bears and the growls of the wolves and he figures he’s a goner for sure. Somehow he gets through the forest safely and now he’s facing the burning sands. He picks up his pace to get across the burning sands without burning his feet too badly. Finally, he arrives at the village and is greeted by the chief who asked him why he came. He said, “I came to see the Butcher dance.” The chief said, “I’m very sorry. We did the Butcher dance last night and we won’t be doing it again until next year.”
  11. jackcham

    Silly Stuff!

    Jim T, There’s a radio station in Philly, WOLG 98.1 FM, that plays nothing but oldies. My car radio is tuned to that station all of the time. The songs of the 50s do two things for me. First they are good listening and second, they bring back memories of my youth. When I was in high school the long running Broadway show was South Pacific. I had the lyrics of every song in that show memorized and as long as I kept them in my mind and didn’t blurt them out, I was a pretty good singer. I don’t know what Al Alberts of the Four Aces is doing now. For the longest while, after the Aces broke up, he and his wife were running a TV talent show for kids. He is a well respected member of the community in Philly. The other day I opened my high school yearbook ( I still have it) and there was a picture of the Four Aces receiving a commendation at our Saturday night dance. Jackcham
  12. jackcham

    Silly Stuff!

    Jim T, I'm probably revealing my age but what the heck. My culture is pretty close to yours but I'm sure you've done much more than I. My music is the same. I went to a Catholic High School and every Saturday night there was a dance. One of the priests had an in with celebrities who came to Philly and he had them appear at our dances. We had the Four Aces, Eddie Fisher and yes, even Joni James. I didn't know how to describe it then but with our expanded vocabulary today I would say it was awesome. jackcham
  13. jackcham

    Silly Stuff!

    You know what has always struck me as odd? If you went to a nightclub to see a comedian, you'd most likely hear the foulest language and you'd laugh your a** off. But if that person came into your house and used that kind of language you might very well ask them to leave. Many people are afraid of certain words. Then again, if you type the words using astrisks with just enough letters to get the meaning, that seems OK. I think, as Jim T has implied, people are not as uptight as they've been in the past. I don't know if that's good or bad but, after all, they're only words. I remember when I was a kid I went to see the movie "Gone With the Wind" In it, Clark Gable shocked the audience when he said, "Frankly Scarlett I don't give a damn." We've made a lot of progress since then...lol jackcham
  14. jackcham

    Silly Stuff!

    I just read Jim T's response and I have to say that I agree with him. If just one person is offended then it shouldn't be told. jackcham
  15. jackcham

    Silly Stuff!

    I have what is considered to be the best joke ever told. Its funny, some people say it is the best but others say it is the worst. But everyone who hears it can’t stop laughing. I hesitate to tell it because it contains some improper language. I could always replace some letters with *’s and the thought will remain. Maybe I’ll just hold it until I get the courage to send it. jackcham