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  1. anne.brook

    The journey has now begun

    Thanks for the info Stumped. It's so gooooooooooooooood to return to my friends here. You are all so knowledgeable. Victoria, as I am sure you all do, gets frustrated because she feels that she is mentally fit for life and the leg prevents her from being physically fit. But hey, look how far she has come since the awful day of the accident eight years ago.
  2. anne.brook

    The journey has now begun

    Hi Bear. Thank you for your reply. Victoria is off again today for yet another socket. So far, after over four years, they have still not been able to achieve a satisfactory suction leg for her. She is still wearing the elastic waist band. Unfortunately this gives her all sorts of problems. Now that she is no longer Anorexic and her weight is stable, things should start to improve. As her personal life is no better than it was, she has thrown herself back into education and has re-commenced her law degree. She has also become somewhat of a fitness fanatic. She goes to the gym at 6am each day before work for a workout, and every night after work she goes swimming. She has also become involved in mentoring some new amputees who have joined her gym. This includes a 15 year old girl who has recently become an ak amputee. So as you can see she really has taken her own life back again. I am amazed at just how many people have read this thread, and if even one person has found hope, it has been worthwhile. When I joined this forum, over four years ago, I was in a deep hole, not knowing what to do to help my beautiful, brave daughter. I could never have believed that life could be so good again. I know I have said it before, but it is all due to people like you who were able to help me to lift Victoria, and for this I will be eternally thankful.
  3. anne.brook

    New Here and SAD!

    Their opinion matters to you because you love them, as I am sure that they love you. As I said to you, I begged my daughter not to go through with the amputation, but it wasn't long before I realised that she was right and I was wrong. I didn't have to experience her pain, just as your friends and family don't have to experience yours. At the end of the day the choice has to be yours and yours alone. Just by them visiting this forum might help them to accept your choice. It certainly helped me.
  4. anne.brook

    The journey has now begun

    Hi all. Again time has passed in a flash. Victoria is continuing to progress although there are still many problems with getting a correct fit in her socket. She is still driving and working. She has finally kicked the Anorexia and is a comfortable size 12(UK),10(US). I still think of you all here and will never forget the support you afforded my family. Victoria's daughter is now at University, doing a Nursing Masters degree. I would love to hear how you are all doing.
  5. anne.brook

    New Here and SAD!

    Hi Jenn I am not an amputee, but the mother of an RAKA. My daughter, likeyou, had a RTA almost 8 years ago. That accident, like yours was also her fault. She went through 47 operations in 4 years before electing for above knee amputation because of the pain. I begged her not to have the surgery, but she said that the pain was no longer bearable. I have to say that 3 days after her surgery, I visited her I the hospital and knew, immediately that she had been right and I had been wrong. The pain was gone from her face and I knew that I had my daughter back again. I am not going to say that her road to recovery was an easy one, and for a long time both she and I NEEDED the expertise of both her surgeon, physiotherapist and friends here on this site. She now walks, drives and works full time. Only you can decide what is best for you, but I know that you will find friends here on this site who may be able to answer some of your questions for you. My prayers go out to you and I hope that you indeed find the right answer for you, as my daughter did. You might be interested to read the thread I started about her journey. It is under "Greatest Hit Threads" and entitled "The Journey Has Now Begun". It was a thread I started Just before her ampuration. There were almost 19,000 viewings of the thread and I had over 360 replies.
  6. anne.brook

    The journey has now begun

    Wow how time has flown. I didn't realise that is is almost a year since I last posted. Victoria is now a fully paid up member of the British tax payers society. She works at the local prison in an admin role. She has been there for almost 9 months and loves it. She is also taking a University degree, with which she hopes to get into forensics. There are ongoing problems with her prosthetic leg, but she doesn't let it get her down. She still goes to concerts, dances, and pretty much does anything her peers do, and even on a very bad day, she refuses to get back into her wheelchair. I thank the Lord for giving me back my beautiful, gutsy daughter who I lost for four years after that terrible accident. All the hard work and tears have paid off, and besides her full time job, she finds time to cares for me as my own health deteriorates. Why only a couple of weeks ago she cam round to clean my windows for me. I will never forget, too, my friends here on the forum who supported me during those deep dark days. Also I hope that some of the 17.000 pluss visitore to this thread have taken some comfort.
  7. anne.brook

    another lost sheep has come home!

    Hi Neil It is nice to see you back again. You may remember me, I am VickiB's mum. I too have been remiss and not visited the site as often as often as I should, but I have my own health issues.
  8. anne.brook

    The journey has now begun

    Hi friends. Yet again time has passed so quickly. Victoria has changed her job and now works in an administrative role in the local prison. She has only been in her new role for 3 weeks so is still learning, but is enjoying it nonetheless. Around 8 months ago her low-life of a husband started sniffing around her again (now that all the hard work is done). I decided to take a back seat and pick up the pieces, if necessary. She was really happy that they were going to try and make things work again, and she was making plans for him to move back in. True to form the rat broke her hart again, when he told her that a girl he was seeing after he left her was expecting his baby, and he wants to be part of the baby's life. Yet again my beautiful, brave daughter is trying to rebuild her life. But hey, now I've got that off my chest, I can talk about the positives. Although now very skinny after all her weight loss, Victoria has stabilised. We had thought that the shrinkage of her leg would have stopped by now (almost 2 years) but that is not the case. But sh is only having to recast every three months, so it's not so bad. Victoria's daughter, my grandaughter, is nearly 18 now so is beginning to reach out to her own interests and although she does not spend quite so much time at home, is still a very caring daughter, and a great sense of support for her mum. My own health issues seem to be sorting themselves out. I am receiving treatment for Diabetes, Osteo Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Am am still awaiting results of other investigsations. But I feel much better in myself. My husband has booked to take me off another cruise early next year, and to visit a place I have always dreamed of seeing (The Taj Mahal). It is a relitively short trip of one month, but it will be the first break we have had for over a year. Victoria is also going to be taking a holiday with a girlfriend in Spain, She is very nervous of sitting on a beach with her swimmig leg, but I think it is a step in the right direction. Up until now she has refused to go anywhere that she might be seen without her leg on. I look forward to reading more from my friends in the forum, and will never forget the support and friendship you have all provided since Victoria's decision to proceed with her amp.
  9. anne.brook

    The journey has now begun

    Hi friends, I can't believe that it's been so many months since my last visit. Victoria continues to do well in her job, and has slowly pulled away and is living her own life. Obviously the last five and a half years have created a closeness between us that goes beyond mother and daughter. She continues to have socket problems and her continued weight loss and the stump shrinkage mean that she is constantly needing re-casting. I intimated in previous posts that I was having health problems myself. Unfortunately these have become quite serious but Victoria is being a tower of strength to me whilst I am awaiting results of many things including the possibility of bowel cancer. On a separate note has anyone heard anythingv from Gil? He and I used to exchange many e-mails but they have been returned to me for some time now.
  10. anne.brook

    The journey has now begun

    Neil, you've made me cry :D . Seriously though, if you knew Victoria's courage, you would know just how easy it is to love her. She is without doubt one of the bravest people I know. She absolutely loves her job, although she is stlll finding it hard with the socket problem. She saw the prosthetist yesterday and they have discovered a lump in her groin from the ill fitting socket. An unusual type of silicone belt has been ordered from America for her, which I understand will eliminate the problems she has been having. It will also be cosmetically better. Victoria still continues to lose weight, and the waist belt that she currently wears does spoil the look of any clothes she wears. On this note, she is now have a meal at work each day in the Ikea canteen, so fingers crossed :D Victoria has tried for so long to get back into the workplace, and now that she has a job, would you believe that another Company that had previously turned her down has asked to to go for interview. It gave her great pleasure to thank them for their interest but decline their offer.
  11. anne.brook

    The journey has now begun

    Sorry Ally, I only answered the first part. Victoria won't use her wheelchair and she doesn't like anyone seeing her without her leg on so I guess that's a no no. When she gets home from work the first thing she does is takes her leg off. That useless piece of !x!x!x! she had for a husband caused more harm than enough.
  12. anne.brook

    The journey has now begun

    Thanks for the info folks. I will pass it on to Victoria. Ally I am not sure what type of socket she has, but I will ask her when she gets home from work tonight. I know that the belt she wears around her waist is an osso bock.
  13. anne.brook

    The journey has now begun

    Victoria has just completed her first week at her new job. She looks so proud to at last be a useful member of society. This is where I hope we can get some advice. Her job is fairly sedentary, sitting at a desk mainly using the telephone. However, at the end of the day, she is finding that she is really sore and can't wait to take her leg off. She normally puts her leg on at around 7am, and gets home around 6 in the evening, but has been donig that for many months now. Could the air conditioning at work affect the stump? could sitting on a particular type of chair make a difference? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  14. anne.brook

    The journey has now begun

    Hi All. The time really flies, I have just noticed that it's May since I gave you an update on Victoria. Things have continued to progress for her, so much so that she starts a new job tomorrow with Ikea in their Customer Services Department. Needless to say she is very nervous since it has been five years since her horrific accident and all that followed. I just know that she will make a huge success of her new challenge, just as she rose to all the other challenges she has faced in recent years. But hey, you all know that I'm just a proud mom. Unfortunately the new man in her life turned out to be a horror and we are still trying to get him to move on. Even though their relationship broke down, Victoria has gained another daughter as his daughter wanted to stay with her after he left, but she's a nice girl and the same age as Victoria's daughter. We have just taken her into our family. On a different note, my tests turned out to be less than I would have hoped for and I now have rheumatoid arthritis as well as osteo arthritis. I have now been put on steroids, and although they greatly reduce the pain, I am concerned about the nasty side effects. I have told my specialist that I sill take the prednisilone for one month for some relief from the pain, but after that if he can't find an alternative, I will live with the pain and leave the pills alone.
  15. anne.brook


    Hi Marsha, Welcome to this wonderful forum. I, like you, am not the amputee, but someone who loves them very much. In my case, it's my daughter who is an RAKA, but unlike you, her husband chose to walk out on her two days after surgery. My friends here have been a tower of strength to all of our family both before and since Victoria's amp, and quite frankly I don't how we'd have got through without them. You look a wonderful loving couple, and your son is adorable.