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  1. anne.brook

    The journey has now begun

    Thanks for the info Stumped. It's so gooooooooooooooood to return to my friends here. You are all so knowledgeable. Victoria, as I am sure you all do, gets frustrated because she feels that she is mentally fit for life and the leg prevents her from being physically fit. But hey, look how far she has come since the awful day of the accident eight years ago.
  2. anne.brook

    The journey has now begun

    Hi Bear. Thank you for your reply. Victoria is off again today for yet another socket. So far, after over four years, they have still not been able to achieve a satisfactory suction leg for her. She is still wearing the elastic waist band. Unfortunately this gives her all sorts of problems. Now that she is no longer Anorexic and her weight is stable, things should start to improve. As her personal life is no better than it was, she has thrown herself back into education and has re-commenced her law degree. She has also become somewhat of a fitness fanatic. She goes to the gym at 6am each day before work for a workout, and every night after work she goes swimming. She has also become involved in mentoring some new amputees who have joined her gym. This includes a 15 year old girl who has recently become an ak amputee. So as you can see she really has taken her own life back again. I am amazed at just how many people have read this thread, and if even one person has found hope, it has been worthwhile. When I joined this forum, over four years ago, I was in a deep hole, not knowing what to do to help my beautiful, brave daughter. I could never have believed that life could be so good again. I know I have said it before, but it is all due to people like you who were able to help me to lift Victoria, and for this I will be eternally thankful.
  3. anne.brook

    New Here and SAD!

    Their opinion matters to you because you love them, as I am sure that they love you. As I said to you, I begged my daughter not to go through with the amputation, but it wasn't long before I realised that she was right and I was wrong. I didn't have to experience her pain, just as your friends and family don't have to experience yours. At the end of the day the choice has to be yours and yours alone. Just by them visiting this forum might help them to accept your choice. It certainly helped me.
  4. anne.brook

    The journey has now begun

    Hi all. Again time has passed in a flash. Victoria is continuing to progress although there are still many problems with getting a correct fit in her socket. She is still driving and working. She has finally kicked the Anorexia and is a comfortable size 12(UK),10(US). I still think of you all here and will never forget the support you afforded my family. Victoria's daughter is now at University, doing a Nursing Masters degree. I would love to hear how you are all doing.
  5. anne.brook

    New Here and SAD!

    Hi Jenn I am not an amputee, but the mother of an RAKA. My daughter, likeyou, had a RTA almost 8 years ago. That accident, like yours was also her fault. She went through 47 operations in 4 years before electing for above knee amputation because of the pain. I begged her not to have the surgery, but she said that the pain was no longer bearable. I have to say that 3 days after her surgery, I visited her I the hospital and knew, immediately that she had been right and I had been wrong. The pain was gone from her face and I knew that I had my daughter back again. I am not going to say that her road to recovery was an easy one, and for a long time both she and I NEEDED the expertise of both her surgeon, physiotherapist and friends here on this site. She now walks, drives and works full time. Only you can decide what is best for you, but I know that you will find friends here on this site who may be able to answer some of your questions for you. My prayers go out to you and I hope that you indeed find the right answer for you, as my daughter did. You might be interested to read the thread I started about her journey. It is under "Greatest Hit Threads" and entitled "The Journey Has Now Begun". It was a thread I started Just before her ampuration. There were almost 19,000 viewings of the thread and I had over 360 replies.