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  1. Hi Kait Welcome. i am an above knee amputee but like the others above was an elective one. My issues started when I had a head on meeting with a lorry. After 2 years and a lot of surgeries and pain relief later I made the decision I would fight for amputation. My leg didn't work and was extremely painful. My battle took 2 years and it was only after op number 46 it was finally agreed to. My battle wasn't' just with the doctors but also like you, with my family, don't get me wrong they were extremely supportive but still didn't want me to have it done. Even on the day of surgery my mum tried telling me it was ok if I didn't want to go through with it. If I could give some advice, you just have to make them see that you haven't rushed into it and have been thorough with your research. My mum was always of the opinion that whilst I had my leg they may come up with something that would make it work. At the end of the day it is you that has to live with the pain etc so it has to be your decision. It is tough broaching the subject with doctors but you have to be strong. At the point of amputation they also discussed fusion but that would not remove the pain. For me amputation was/and has been the best option. As Cheryl said above there are ups and downs. I have been lucky with regards to protetists etc. My main issue has been trouble with sockets fitting but there are improvements being made all the time with regards to laser fittings etc. I was 32 when I had my amputation and for me it gave me my life back. It is not something to take lightly but you appear to have researched it and wayed up the pros and cons of both. I wish you all the best for whatever you decide. Vicki x
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    The journey has now begun

    Hi there I don't post on here very often but mum sends me links every once in a while. Can't believe it's been nearly 11 years since this post was first added. A quick update is things are going really well with regards to my leg apart from socket issues from time to time which is just an inconvenience. Unforetunately we lost my stepdad nearly 3 years ago and I now provide more support to mum as her health continues to deteriorate. She keeps herself busy. It struggles with walking and with her hands. just want to say thanks for all the support you all showed to both mum and me along with your advice and encouragement. I hope you are all well. Vicki
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    Hello All, Basset Here,

    Hi there, i cannot offer you much advice with regards to sockets etc as I am an above knee amputee. However, I had to comment as my story is very similar to yours as in I had a motorbike accident and 47 ops later they FINALLY agreed to amputate. I can honestly say I haven't looked back since 2 days after the surgery. Prior to my amputation my family really didn't want me to have it done but when they saw my face 2 days after the op, siting in my wheelchair with the biggest smile on my face they agreed it was the best thing I could've done. I am now nearly 11 years along the line and still face struggles from time to time but nothing compared to where I was. You may face some frustrations a long the way but be patient and don't be to hard on yourself. take each day as it comes and enjoy your new pain free life. I never used this forum massively but my mum used to come here daily and somewhere there is a three that she posted about my journey before and through my amputation. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Vicki This is the thread my mum posted with regards to my journey from the day I went down to surgery. Am not sure if this is any help but may help Home /Amputee Forum /Greatest Hit Threads /The journey has now begun
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    Hi Bobby i have a silicone liner and use iceross lubricant spray. It made by Ossur and costs approx £5.95 a bottle. An average bottle lasts approx 1 1/2 months. Alternatively I was told by my hospital to use water with a couple of drops of washing up liquid in it. Hope this helps icki
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    New Here and SAD!

    Hi there and welcome to the site. My mum sent you a reply earlier (Anne.Brooke) from a non-amputees point but I wanted to share my experience from an amputees point of view. I joined this forum about 4 years ago now for exactly the same reason as you did I was considering amputation and needed advice. My story is similar to yours, like you i had an accident that was completely my fault but it was just that AN ACCIDENT. The doctors fought for 4 years to save my leg but after 46 operations and a whole lot of morphine later against my families wishes I opted for an above knee amputation. This was not a decision I made lightly and it was an even harder one because not only was I trying to convince myself it was the right thing to do but I was also trying to convince the doctors and my family. Once the doctors finally agreed things moved quickly. I was still unsure at the point I was wheeled down to theatre but when I was with it enough the next day I knew things were on the up. Two days later I definately knew I had done the right thing as I was pain free for the first time in 4 years. The road to recovery was not always an easy one, there was good days and bad days but as time has gone on the bad days are few and far between and even my bad days now would've been classed as a good day 4 years ago. I am now drug free, working full time, driving and just catching up on my lost years. The people on here are a wealth of knowledge and have offered nothing but advice and support for not only me but my family as well. You say your family do not want you to have an amputation the same as mine didn't but may I suggest you get them to look on here. Amputation for me was the loss of my leg but the beginning of my life. You have to decide what is right for you but if I can be any more help please feel free to contact me. Good luck and take care Vicki xx
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    Where Y'all from

    Good old sunny England
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    Amputation or not?

    Hi Steve I had that tough decision to make last April time. I had a motorbike accident 5 yrs ago and lost most of the skin on the lower half of my right leg along with many other injuries to that leg. For this reason my skin was not stable enough to take a knee replacement. The doctors were fantastic and did everyting they could to help eliviate the pain but for me the pain outwayed what i got out of keeping my leg. It is not an easy decison to make but the way i made my decision was listening to what people had to say then maing a lst of the pros and cons of keeping the leg. Obviously my decision was to get rid of it, it is tough and no-one can tell you what to do. For me it was the best decison I ever made and I can honestly say I have not looked back. I am not saying it was a walk in the park but my quality of life has more than doubled. I feel like me again and not the drug induced zombie i had become existing on morphine and pain. I wish you all the best in your decision.
  8. Hey Garrett Welcome to the forum. These ppl on here are a wealth of knowledge and experience.
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    Ditch and Run

    Hi Stormy. Welcome firstly. I can kinda understand what you have been through although my story is slightly diff. I had a motorbike accident 5 yrs ago, shed loads of failed surgery and opted to have my leg removed last yr. 3 wks before my amputation my husband was finding it increasingly difficult to cope and left. He returned 2 days before surgery but then proceeded to leave 1 wk after. Things are tough but beleive me they do get easier. I wish you all the luck in the world.
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    Everyones story

    Hi All Welcome to all the newbies. Alot of you prob no my story from the diary mum kept but for those who don't. I lost my leg last June as a result of motorbike accident 5 yrs ago now (don't time fly). 46 failed op and huge doses of morphine drove me to amputation and all I can say is I have never looked back. I have found me again and not the drug induced zombie I have been. I now m the proud owner of a sensor knee which is absolutely fab, and will be all the better once i get rid of the belt that holds my leg on at the mo.
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    LBK, July 19th, 2007

    Hi Welcome. I have been an amputee for just over a yr. Mine was also through an injury and I seem to have experienced like you alot of problems before they amputated my leg. I too found this site before my amp and asked question after question. They are a wealth of knowledge who are always willing to offer their advice from people who have been there rather than through text book answers. Keep us updated please as to how things go. My understanding is that they seem to do things alot differently in the states to the way they do things in the sunny old UK. But the results are the same. I can remember waiting fro my first leg (even though I only waited 3 wks from amp but it seemed like a lifetime. Things do progress quickly though (believe me it flys). Take care
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    Hi I would just like to say welcome to the forum. I am quite new to this as I only had my leg done a year ago but boy time does fly. It seems like forever but in the same breath also only seems 5 mins. These guys n girls are a wealth of knowledge through experience and I cert have found it a great help.
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    The journey has now begun

    Thank you Ally. I am actually at the hospital on Wednesday for a casting (fingers crossed) for a spare/swimming leg). I will discuss the socket then.
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    The journey has now begun

    Thank you Bearlover. Yes I most definately agree with you when I look back to where I was a year ago and where I am now it is so far apart it is amazing. I get my off days like I expect many of you do but doesn't everybody?
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    The journey has now begun

    Hi all Sorry it has been so long since my last post. I know mum has been keeping you posted on updates. As you are all aware I am now back in the workplace and although tired from all the learning, I am loving it. Ally I am unsure what my sockets name is apart from a few rude words at the moment . My problem is not so much from stump pain but more from the blisters that I seem to have appearing in my groin on an almost daily basis. I am using a skin protector called Cavilon which is meant to act like a second skin to give the area double protection from friction and sweating, as well as Lyofoam which is a non adhesive foam to add extra cushioning. I have come to the conclusion it may well be down to the fact that for the last yr or so I have lived mainly in lose fitting jogging bottoms, now I am not allowed to wear these so have been wearing Jeans which I think squashes my socket into my groin more causing friction. I have today been out and invested in some loose fitting smart trousers which, hopefully, being that they are not such a heavy material will not do this. I would like to thank you all for your continued support. You really are a wealth of knowledge.
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    Hello! Your newest member writes in

    Hi Mr Phil Sorry for the late welcome. I had my rak amp done 3 months ago ao as a result of a motorbike acident 4 yrs ago so am really new to all this, I recieved my leg 3 n half wks after the amp n haven't looked back. Glad to her your getting o with life n not letting things get in ur way it's certainly an inspiration to me to no there is def more to life now.
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    Juzo Stump Supports

    Hi All Sorry for any confusion caused, I was issued with a Juzo at the beginning of rehab but have shrunk down 3 sizes since the beginning. We have asked the physio's over the last few wks if we can have a couple of replacements as mine have holes in them where I have caught the safety pin through a part of it when pinning my trouser leg up, we have been waiting for them but they have not materialised. This is why mum asked if anyone knew where else we could get hold of them from. Never mind we will just have to keep badgering them for 1. Thanks
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    The journey has now begun

    Hi all again Mum what can I say you know without a shadow of a doubt our loves on the same wavelength As for your support I could not have got through all this without you or your support, you never cease to amaze me and where you manage to find just the right words at exctly the right time. The last few mnths have been tough for all of us and all I can say mum is you've shone brighter than anyone I know or could possibly wish to know. Thanks just doesn't seem to express how both grateful and lucky I am to have such a great person fighting my corner. Ilove you mum and thanks for everything. I'll c u l8r
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    another newbie

    Hi Craig I would first like to say welcome to the forum. I like you had a motorbike accident in Aug 2002 and had my amputation in June of this year. Electing to have it amputated was quite possibly the hardest decision of my life but as soon as I came round from the op being pain free made it all worth it. It is tough initially and quite frustrating but believe me when I say things soon progress quite quickly (or they did for me), and after only 3 months I am now up and walking around with my new leg and 1 walking stick (with a view to get rid of it within the next few wks). My life has changed and I have had to make some changes to the way I do things but it hasn't stopped me doing anything I never did before. I wish you all the best for your surgery and if I can be of any help to you just ask.
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    The journey has now begun

    Hi All As mum said I am now officially not an addict :D . It feels so good. I am at home as we speak and adapting to it nicely, I miss mum but as she said she's only round the corner if I need her. My stump has shrunk down yet again but i'm off to the hosp again on Wed so maybe they'll line it AGAIN :( with a view to doing yet another casting but we'll see. Physio is going really well although i'm desperately trying to lose the stick i'm using, which hoefully will happe within the next few wks or so. So all in all things are defintely looking up. Speak Soon
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    The journey has now begun

    Hi all I apologise for not dropping in for a while but I am at last getting my life back after 4 yrs :D. I went to the rehab centre today to once again have my socket lined, it's sooooooooooooo frustrating i've only had it 2 wks. Physio has been cut to twice a wk with a plan to discharge me by the end of Oct so i'm definately making progress in the right direction. I'm off home on Friday for the wkend so hopefully mum can have a well earned break, with a view to making the full transistion home by the time i'm discharged from physio. As mum mentioned Ialso aim to be back at work after christmas, I no it'll be tough initially but it's just the next stage to normality. Thanks for all your aupport guys n girls. I will update you as things progress n check in more often.
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    Hello (aka my story)

    Hi I'm a leg amputee so can't begin to understand your frustrations but just wanted to say hello n welcome.
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    Hi Victoria Welcome to the forum. My names also the same but usually get callled Vicki. I can understand exactly where your coming from as only 11 wks ago I had an elective AKA. The decision for me came as a result of a motorbike accident 4 yrs ago followed by 46 ops to reconstruct the leg. Obviously the attempts were in vein and the leg was shot. Like you I considered amputation for quite a while before I made the decision, once I had made the decision things got worse because I was then second guessing myself all the time about every aspect of the op i.e. what if the pain's still there, how will I cope with an artificial limb, what if they can do something else to repair the leg. It was just like I was having a full scale war with myself in my head. These feelings stayed with me until I was put under anaesthetic. Once I came round I instantly knew i'd done the right thing, for me the pain had stopped so it was worth it. I am new to all this and still getting to grips with walking and adjusting to life without my old leg so there are still alot of things I have to learn but there are many wise people on this forum who have been a great soruce of comfort and wisdom not just to me but to my family also. If I can be of any help to you pls don't hesitate to ask. Best of Luck
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    Hi Chris, I'm Vickib's mum, and just wanted to add my best wishes to those of others in the forum. Victoria's amp was just nine weeks ago, and she has cxome such a long way in that time. I am sure that you will do equally as well, just by the tone of your posts.
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    Hi Chris Just wanted to say glad everything went ok :D . You sound just like me by the way you sound relieved. There will be lots of highs :lol: n also a few lows :( but as i've discovered is all part of the process. If I can be of any help please don't hesitate to ask or pm me. KR