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  1. dak102054

    Scar Tissue

    :) Hi Marilyn, I have been walking off and on now for a week and I bottom out terribly. I have the feeling that I am going to have the same problems you are. I see my legman this Wednesday and I will ask him to check my socket closely. I am up to wearing 6 one-plys daily and that still isn't enough. And, I will talk to my therapist on Friday. I remember you posting when you made the transition from walker to cane. Today I made a milestone by being able to walk with one hand only on the bars. Then I could balance my weight on the stump for about 15 seconds, 5 times. I used the walker a lot today. Was able to get out of the car and use it to go into the lab for bloodwork. Each day I get to go a little further. And, I am only into my first week of my new level~ Let me know what you do to help allieviate your problem. I do take mental notes on all of the advice from Everyome Here! Till later............. Deb B)
  2. dak102054

    im so scarred

    :) Hi Claire, Now that time has gone by since your accident, how do you feel now? All of the advice that you received here is genuine and honest. I am a lbk 51 year old woman who became a new person on Dec., 05. Let me let you know what my main concerns are today: 1. Losing weight 2. Getting my hair cut 3. Nervous about starting college again (today is my first class) 4. What clothes to wear tomorrow 5. Figuring out what to fix for dinner I made the decision 2 weeks ago that I was going to get my "normal" life back. I have had my prothestic for exatly one week. With 3 therapy sessions behind me, I am confident enough to use the walker more and I can balance my weight on the residual limb (stump). I still have to use a wheelchair at times, mainly at home, strict therapist and legman rules! I very rarely think about the missing foot. I am in a much better frame of mind, healthier and happier since the amputation. Of course my circumstances are way different from yours. I had a life-threatening staph infection from a "Charcot Foot" which a percentage of diabetics get this condition. So, I am curious as to how you are dealing with this today. Let us know. Till later.......... Deb B)
  3. dak102054


    :) Hi Lizzie, I may have misread Mike's post. I do know that there are related risks with High Blood Pressure and uncontrolled blood sugars. If Mike takes your advice, he should have a 75% chance of NOT developing diabetes. Life has always had a 25% chance of something happening. Mike, do keep an eye on your good foot and leg. Look for cold spots, tingling or anything unusal. See a doctor and get evaluated. If you are comfortable with the idea, have the doctor do a blood test that shows your blood levels for the past 3 months. I think it is called the "ADL" test, but don't quote me on it. Till later.......... Deb B)
  4. dak102054


    :) Good Morning Mike, I have never heard of a connection between amputation and diabetes. If you are not predisposed to getting the disease, then your chances of contracting it are slim. As Lizzie says, watch your weight and what you eat. I am a diabetic and was considered "brittle" in the past due to not being able to control it. After my amputation, my sugar levels became normal and I no longer take insulin. I have found my success with it due to my ADA diet. (American Diabetes Assoc. diet). My unfortunate side is that I inherited my diabetes. It is profliferent on my mothers side of the family. Both grandparents, several aunts, uncles and cousins are all diabetic. My grandmother lived with it most of her life and she passed on at the age of 82. So, I wasn't a stranger to the lifestyle of the diabetic. Till later......... Deb B)
  5. dak102054

    New Guy

    :) Welcome mtman.... I am a new amputee of 4 months. I had to have my left foot and ankle removed because of infection and broken bones. I had a condition called "Charcot Foot" that afflicts diabetics. I haven't regretted the surgery. I am getting my health back daily and I haven't felt this good in 20 years! (I am 51 years young) They made me what is called a "long stump amputee". I only lost the ankle and foot. I got my first prostetic last Thursday. I am doing outside PT and using my protho's about 6 hours a day. I have a great "Legman" (my prostotist-spelling?). My first temp socket fits like a glove. I am coming along fine. I really enjoy my life now. I don't have to drag around a swollen foot and leg. My ankle always ached and most of that is gone. I see my future being much brighter since I am healing my body day-by-day. I have a better attitude about life and I actually feel "young" again. And energy galore. Just keep thinking about how much brighter your future will be. After getting your life back you can do anything you want to. Till later............ Deb B)
  6. dak102054

    Attitudes towards Amputation

    ;) Hi Pixy, I hope you received the survey I mailed. As I take this day by day, I am finding that I can deal with this easier. Where I live, I would have to travel over 32 miles for a support group in the Baltimore area. I have decided to start one in the county I live in. I have a great network going with my legman, primary doctor and therapist. I was amazed at how many amputees live in this county! I have talked to a widow about her husband. She spotted right off that I had a prosthetic on even with the pants leg hiding all of the hardware. She offered to keep in touch and help when needed. I have had more curious people than stares and rude comments. Most people want to know how it works and if it is easier to get around. In my case the answer is always "YES" because I had a Charcot Foot that was the size of a football. And the swelling spread up my leg to my knee. Luckily, I still have most of my calf area. It is called a long stump. I don't regret any of this. I didn't have pain before the operation, just discomfort, which I am experiencing now (it fasinates me). I am healthy, happy even if I'm not totally mobile yet, but I will be soon! :D :) I have decided to go as a Pirate for Halloween. I can fashion a "Pegleg" out of foam to slip over the hardware and socket. ARGHHH!! Till later....... Deb B)
  7. dak102054

    Intelligence test

    :P Hey, I tried, really did. Then I remembered that I have a teflon brain. Nothing sticks to it! :lol: :P Deb B)
  8. dak102054


    Had a "brain duh" today. After taking off my leg, I was sitting in the wheelchair, I wanted a drink and went to get up without the leg on. I started to topple over when I realized that my left foot "wasn't" touching the floor. Caught myself in record time and gave myself one hell of a adrenaline rush! :o I thought to myself "how stupid was that?". Till later........... Deb B)
  9. dak102054

    surgery date

    Hi Naylor, I want to wish you all the good luck in the world! Don't fret too much over the diabete's issue. Do what your doctor tells you and you will be fine. Cherylm and I had the exact same condition. I became very septic and was on antibiotics (4 different ones) for over a month, while in the hospital. While I was getting my body back to somewhat of a normalacy, I also got my brittle diabetes under control. I used to take 25 units of insulin and 2 oral medicines daily. Today I take one 2.5 mg. glipizide pill. My sugar tests in the normal ranges every day and the 3 month test (can't think of the name at the moment) has leveled out. Needless to say, my primary doctor is pleased. See this operation as getting your life back. Look forward and not backward..... believe me, I know as well as everyone here on the forum. Till later........... Deb B)
  10. dak102054

    Among the Walking Again

    :) Geez John, you sound like my husband! But, I rule here in this household..... I am the one who gets the remote first :P LOL!!! I was thinking today about the "stairs" trip. After I stopped shaking and the adrenaline rush wore off, I felt that I did an accomplishment. I am having a rough time getting online, because I am 1 week away from a new semester at college. I have a lot of errands to run....Thank goodness that I can drive again. Oh, I almost forgot. When my family built my ramp off of my laundry room, they also installed handrails. The decking is 4 ft. wide, to accomodate a 360 degree turn of my wheelchair. I walked down and back up (16ft.) without the walker, just using the railings to steady me. I will add this to my daily exercises and hopefully it will help to regain my balance. Till later........... Deb B)
  11. dak102054

    Among the Walking Again

    Hi John and CarpetLady, John, you old rascal! ;) Actually, I laid there and talked to my husband until we both fell asleep. Tonight I will have it all to myself! My husband works the late shift overnight. I found it very nerve wrecking going up for the first time. I was SCARED but, I made it without any mishaps. I live in an old house and our upstairs landing is very small with step ups on both sides to go into my bedroom and the opposite doorway leads into our upstairs tv room in which the bathroom is off of. The height of the step up is about 8 inches or more. That was the most scariest move I have ever made! This is an example of how you "improvise" how to do it without killing yourself. I put the walker up into the room and held onto the doorframe and hoisted my fat butt up while leaning on the frame. Grabbed the walker for dear life and headed past my son's long legs (He is 6'4") to the bathroom. Thank God my bathroom has turning room in it. When leaving, I just repeated the steps going out and down. I chickened out when it came time to go back down the steps. I went on my butt holding onto the railing. Maybe tomorrow I will be braver! I wish I could draw a picture for you to see how steep those steps are! My house was built in 1902 with a center staircase leading UP! If anyone has been in the Navy, remembers what their "steps" looked on ship. Well, mind are at a 60 degree angle. Enough said! Till later............ Deb B)
  12. dak102054

    Attitudes towards Amputation

    B) Hi Pixy, What a great idea! You will probably get lots of reply's on this subject. I am a new amputee. My operation was done on December 20, 2005. I had a condition called Charcot Foot. Cherylm and I had the exact same disease and type of amputation. I haven't got a lot of experience with this new world yet, but, what I have had experience with has been enlightening to basically because I have had forums like this to teach me what to expect. I am definitly sure they didn't have support groups for the new amputee's during the 40's, 50's, clear up into the 80's. I noticed that you saw improvements in prostetics around the time of TV shows like "The Bionic Woman", "The Six Million Dollar Man", etc. Since then, the industry has boomed. Check out the "Biohybrid Limb" being developed by Brown University. I forget the web site address, so I hope someone here can get it for you. Today, I was able to use my first temporary protho's in therapy. I have graduated from level 1 to level 2. In my book of rules, level 3 is the light at the end of the tunnel. I will have reached my pinocle. Do I regret losing my foot. No. My reasoning on this was I had a damaged foot that couldn't be fixed. I was very ill with infection, and now I am healthy. I feel great and my new foot works for me. Even though I've only had it for one day. It fits me like a glove. The proth company is considered the best and my leggist is top line. He fitted me perfectly. I don't think that the limbs they made 60 years ago didn't fit well and made the residual limb very sore. If you need anymore info or stories, please let me know. I will help as much as I can.... :D Till later.......... Deb B)
  13. dak102054

    I walked with a cane today!

    :D Hey Marilyn, You go girl!!!! You graduated from walker to cane, and I graduated from wheelchair to walker. I will catch up with you sometime soon! You took your leg off and I had to put my foot back in the front. I hit too hard getting into the car and the whole thing went sideways. Boy did that look funny! My husband started laughing and said that would get some stares! :P Betcha you will be stronger next week and walk a little farther with that cane, hopefully, unaided! :) Till later............. Deb B)
  14. dak102054

    Among the Walking Again

    :) Hey Guys, Well, I did PT today and didn't die from exhaustion! :D Actually, it was very easy. I only did leg exercises and walked the hallway with my walker. They needed to assess me to see what needed to be worked on first. Luckily, not much. Just my hips are slightly out of alignment. I asked if it was okay for me to drive, all I can say is "I'm back on the road, so look out!" I had a reputation of having a "lead" foot. Now I can tell the cops that I do! :D My therapist is really a cutie. I asked him if he was going to be my permanent man, when he said yes, I thought that therapy is definitely going to be worth it. :D He seems to know his stuff, but I will make my decision as I get to know him more. Okay, seriously. His name is Rick, so that when I mention his name, you will know who I am talking about at times. He was pleased that I had already used the long bars. He wanted to see if I knew how to take off and re-attach my prothesis and I had to go through all of that. I had a heck of a time getting that liner on right and lining up the pin!, Shhheesh, how long does it take to get that thing right the first time? I was able to wear the foot for 5 hours today. I wasn't real sweaty when I removed it. I get to go upstairs tonight to get into my own bed. I haven't been up there for 4 months. Another milestone! I can see them just keeping on coming :D Till later.............. Deb
  15. dak102054

    Among the Walking Again

    :) Thanks to all of you! I had a pleasant experience yesterday evening. All of the neighborhood kids showed up at my door and wanted to see my new foot. I had already taken of the leg and was resting, but I showed it to them. They wanted to know how it worked and did the foot look "real". I had to take off the shoe and sock to show them everything. Then they wanted to see my stump "naked". I thought for sure it would scare them, but, they were more curious than ever. I will let all of you know how I feel that afternoon after PT. Deb B)