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  1. Dave 06

    Pinching and blisters

    I have the same problems. Why? I dont know. I just do like Mick said, I use a VERY SMALL AMOUNT of Vasaline in the area. I cant stress enough not to use alot or you will be swimming in it. When I put it on, I always put the Vasaline on the same area daily and check for anything that might give me trouble during the day. I do have to mention that the area I have problems with is the skin graft area that is very thin skin so I think that is my problem with blisters and such. Hope this helps !!
  2. Dave 06

    It's me

    Who let the Cat out the bag? Good to see you here again. Been way too long.
  3. Dave 06

    Cruise questions

    Just a few things to add. #1 On Carnival, you no longer have to wear the life vest during Muster drill. You Just have to show up at your station ( Hint: The vests are in your room and are marked (Ex. Muster station D)and the location is marked on the map on your cabin door. #2 While the pool areas are relatively "slip free", Caution should be taken in the areas leading to and from the pool as some are tiled and water is tracked by guests. Im only saying this after almost busting my butt on wet tile. To put smooth tile next to a pool area is insane (it was the buffee room). #3 If you go for the "fine dining" at your selected time (ex 8:00pm/ table 123) Dont wait in line for the half hour like everyone else. Have a seat at the bar or lounge area and let the line go in ahead of you and just follow the end of it in. Your not going to miss anything and you wont have to stand in line. PS. This will be your table for the rest of the cruise and the people at your table (strangers) will also be the same. Good luck with that part. Our table mates where duds. #4 suntan lotion/lip balm (so many people were fried not taking into account the reflections off the ocean and the constant "wind burn" if your out on the deck. (Im not refering to "tanning", just walking around.
  4. Im going on a cruise to the Bahamas and would like any hear from anyone who has done this. Im looking for any tips (amputee wise) to make this trip easier on me.
  5. Dave 06

    Merry Christmas

    Happy Holidays Everyone !!!!
  6. Dave 06

    Are you active with your kind of amputation?

    Shoveled snow off a driveway and 235 feet of sidewalk this morning and I feel great !! So, yes I can say Im active. Good Luck.
  7. Dave 06

    I hate cold weather!

    Like some, a few zingers and zappers and a little pain if the leg is over worked that day, but nothing that is unmanageable with the right medication and rest. By the way, I love the cold weather because my leg doesnt sweat at all like the humid summers of Virginia.
  8. Dave 06

    Facebook / Myspace

    Just a little note to those that play poker on the internet against other users. If you play poker on Zynga or Playdom's WSOP, be warned that their sites are not secure against hackers who want to steal your poker chips. I had 920 million poker chips hacked from my Playdom WSOP account. The sites are now being over run with hackers because there are many flaws in there security on their servers. Some cheaters have a way to win the hand 100% of the time, no matter what the hand is. Some just empty your account. There are even reports of ways that a cheater has a way to see everyone elses cards. I loved playing poker and was very good at it, but to log on and see that you lost all your chips to a cheater completely ruins the game. Its a real shame that I have to give up a favorite pastime, but I can no longer trust the sites to even try again. "Burn me once shame on you, burn me twice, shame on me" Thanks for listening to my rant and be careful out there.
  9. Dave 06

    Life Insurance

    I recently shopped around for new life insurance and learned about how they put a number (1-5) 5 being a bigger risk on the medication you take. Taking Gabapentin (Neurontin) puts you at a 4. I think that there is a misunderstanding in the insurance field that some people dont take it for seizures, just to calm the nerves in the body, in my case, my leg. Anybody have any comments on this? By the way, this was Farmers Insurance Co.
  10. Dave 06

    On my Christmas list

    Actually I was thinking of making my own "fairing". When I was a teenager,I used to get fiberglass and resin and apply it to bicycle frames and make contours on the frame. I also did body modifications on cars, Recessed lights ect.when I got to driving age. Its sort of the same concept. I dont see me or anyone else footing (pun) the bill for one of these legs.
  11. http://www.bespokeinnovations.com/prosthetics/home/home.html
  12. Dave 06

    Make your own socket!

    Been there, Done that. You dont get the best results by flinging yourself into a guardrail at 60 MPH. Leave it up to the pros.
  13. Dave 06

    Did I miss the memo???

    Been busy making a homemade snow plow for my lawn tractor before it snows. Other that, normal goings on.
  14. Dave 06

    My husband and myself are glad to meet you all

    Welcome to the forum both of you. Hope you enjoy it here. Dave RBK 7/10/05
  15. Dave 06

    RBK to compete in show

    Kelly Bruno of Durham, NC will compete in this years show. She was the fastest amputee to finish in the Ironman World Championships in 2007 in Kona , Hawaii. The show starts Sept. 15th 8pm Eastern time on CBS.