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  1. Sunshine

    Question for all AK's and BK's

    Yes, I think it would be a great idea
  2. Sunshine

    Overdue Update from Marilyn

    Hi Marylin, No words can describe what you must be going through at present. You are such a lovely person and i believe your children take after you. You do not deserve all of this sadness. I am deeply sorry for the loss of your son Luke and for the prospect of facing more treatment. I think of you daily and hope you get some good back in your life. Good lookfor your biopsy Lots of love Yvonne
  3. Sunshine


    Hi Andy, I am doing a degree in Radiography. I am not staying away, the college is about 50 minutes away so i am going to drive every day. This past month i think i have seen every department going, i feel i have been prodded and poaked in every direction!!! I feel some people are a bit dubious of me even tackling this type of occupation because it involves standing all day. I register this Sunday and Fresher week is the same as you. Good luck also, what are you studying? Is your Uni far from home? Love Yvonne xx
  4. Hi Mel, Well done Mel :D , You help so many people on this site, and to get Limbs 4 Life up and running is a great achievement. You should be proud of yourself. Love Yvonne xx
  5. Sunshine

    My Race For Life

    Hi Judy, We can both sit in and be miserable together i will eat the savoury foods and you can eat the sweet :D . It is just so boring, even though i might not be planning to do anything. The fact that you can't makes it worse. I am so sorry you are struggling aswell. I wore my leg for the first time last night when i went out for a meal with some friends. It was Ok but today i have not wore the leg because it feels bad. Even though the scab has come off it still seems quite raw. I am not going to wear my leg tomorrow and hopefully wear it Tuesday. I have been very lucky as this is my first sore but from what i have read on this site, i am no where near on my own. Happy slouching :D :) :D Love Yvonne xx
  6. Sunshine

    Hello Everyone

    Hi Kimbo. Welcome to this wonderful place. Love Yvonne xx
  7. Sunshine

    I'm Back

    Hi Marylin, Glad you are back, i missed you. You will need another drink after all of this. Now make sure you are out of the room where the computer is :D :D Love Yvonne xx
  8. Sunshine

    New person on board

    Sorry, i meant to say 'views' silly me
  9. Sunshine

    New person on board

    Hi Paul, Welcome to the forum, I look forward to exchanging vies and laughs. Love Yvonne xx
  10. Sunshine

    AKA Sockets

    I have a liner with a string pull through and tie. I do not know what this is called, sorry. Love Yvonne
  11. Sunshine

    New friend (I hope)!

    Hi Keith. It is nice you have joined us, we are lovely people. Honest Love Yvonne xx
  12. Sunshine

    New Amputee

    Sam, Welcome aboard. It is always nice to meet new people and to share opinions/ stories etc. I am 31, Above knee amp - 2005 - Cancer Love Yvonne xx
  13. Sunshine

    Double wall sockets question

    Ah Yes, I also think their is alot of pressure on a below knee so it must make the socket more flexible.
  14. Sunshine

    My Race For Life

    Thanks everyone, just an update.... I have not wore my leg since Sunday, i got a sore on the back of my leg with rubbing. It is not too big but i dare not use my leg till the sore dries out and gets smaller. I will try my leg over the weekend if it keeps improving. So take note "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME IF YOU NEED TO USE YOUR LEG THE WEEK AFTER :D " Saying this i am so pleased i did the walk. Love Yvonne xx P.S. I am really surprised at how much i am missing my leg, i did not realise that i made it part of me.
  15. Sunshine

    Double wall sockets question

    Hi Neal, If i am thinking what you are on about, the inner flexible liner is so that the hard outer liner does not dig in your leg/groin. I have just got a new socket with a flexi liner and it is so much better. I can wear and walk alot more than when i had no inner liner. Love Yvonne xx P.S. I hope this helps