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    Question for all AK's and BK's

    Yes, I think it would be a great idea
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    Overdue Update from Marilyn

    Hi Marylin, No words can describe what you must be going through at present. You are such a lovely person and i believe your children take after you. You do not deserve all of this sadness. I am deeply sorry for the loss of your son Luke and for the prospect of facing more treatment. I think of you daily and hope you get some good back in your life. Good lookfor your biopsy Lots of love Yvonne
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    Hi Andy, I am doing a degree in Radiography. I am not staying away, the college is about 50 minutes away so i am going to drive every day. This past month i think i have seen every department going, i feel i have been prodded and poaked in every direction!!! I feel some people are a bit dubious of me even tackling this type of occupation because it involves standing all day. I register this Sunday and Fresher week is the same as you. Good luck also, what are you studying? Is your Uni far from home? Love Yvonne xx
  4. Hi, Did anyone see the TV programme on BBC1 'Real Story Special - The McCartneys Versus the Fur Trade'?. (Wed 19th April 06) What did you think? I thought Heather did great, she definately got the message across. It was about the fur trade using cats and dogs fur. There was some distressing footage of a man skinning an alsation dog whilst it was alive because apparently the fur is better quality . There was a coat with i think 21 cats furs I just cannot even try to think what people are thinking, or not thinking when they wear these animals. Love Yvonne
  5. Sunshine

    What Is Your Occupation?

    Hello everyone, Sorry i have not been on for a while, i have been busy. We are in the middle of moving house and i seem to be at the limb centre, physio or working out every day!!!! I am due to start a Radiography Degree in September 2006. But i am worried about standing (pottering from here to there) for long periods. In Feb 2007 i will have to stand for 8 hours for 8 weeks (Placement). It has been just over 5 months sinve i started wearing my prosthetic leg (above knee). I am using 1-2 sticks and standing is worse than my walking. So my question is "what is your occupation and is it full time or part time?" and do you think i am doing this too soon? Love Yvonne xx
  6. Sunshine

    My Race For Life

    Hello everyone, I wanted to let you all know how i got on at the Race For Life, Carlisle, 2/7/2006 I managed to do just over 3 km (2 miles) out of 5km. The most i have done once before was 1 mile. The local paper which i have included wrote a bit about me, i was very surprised. It might have had something to do with us being last from the start line and then everyone going home as i was still walking . I wore shorts (which is a first!) and surprisingly i was not bothered at all. I wanted to say thank you to you all and this site because you have kept me going. Love Yvonne xx P.S. I never blow my own trumpet but i am quite chuffed with myself :D :D :D This is the article below= 4,000 RUNNERS BRAVE THE HEAT Published on 03/07/2006 By Deborah Kuiper A CROWD of organisers, helpers and ambulance staff gathered at the Race for Life finish to cheer Yvonne Lowery across the line. They wanted to pay tribute to the courage and determination that enabled her to walk the course in spite of having lost a leg to cancer just months before. The 31-year-old from Plumbland, who walked 3km of the 5km course, had her right leg amputated in November 2005 after cancer returned to her knee for a second time. She has since undergone intensive physiotherapy and is learning to cope with a prosthetic leg. “I wanted to prove the cancer hadn’t beaten me and to show I was coming to terms with the prosthetic,” she said, “It has been difficult. This is a new leg and I have to learn to walk on it. My physiotherapist was very supportive when I said I was going to do it.” At first, Wigton physiotherapist Jane Carr was worried that Yvonne had taken on too much as she was still getting used to a new leg. “I asked for advice and she said ‘don’t do it!’” Yvonne said. Yvonne was accompanied by mother-in-law Marjorie Lowery and aunt Ann Kyle and greeted at the finish line by her husband Ben Lowery and father John Gradwell. She walked the course with a wheelchair in case the distance was too much for her. “We brought the chair thinking she would want to be wheeled but she walked the whole way,” Mrs Lowery said, “The people lift your spirits. People going past the other way clapped and said well done. It’s a nice atmosphere.” Race for Life organiser Janice Burtt cheered Yvonne across the finish line. She said: “She was very brave to take on the course and she raised £400. She really shows that this is not a race it’s more of a personal challenge.” “The response we have had from Carlisle has been amazing. All the help and support and everyone who has come along have made it a great day. More than 4,000 women gathered in the summer sunshine to take part in the ninth Race for Life yesterday, and in spite of the sweltering 30C temperature they ran, jogged and walked the course, many in memory of loved ones who have died of cancer. First across the line was Alison Armstrong, from Longsowerby, Carlisle, who finished the 5km course in 17 minutes. She was congratulated by Carlisle Mayor Peter Farmer. The 33-year-old, a member of the Border Harriers athletic club, was running the race for her grandad James Turner. She was closely followed by fellow Harrier Lisa Uren. The Upperby School teacher who was running as part of the school team said the heat made it hard. “You don’t realise it at the time but when you stop you realise how much it has taken out of you.” Close on her heels, Leanne Wade, 27, from Currock was running in memory of her grandma Irene Peascod who died of lung cancer. Many women walked the course in groups, some of them pushing wheelchairs and some with the help of a stick. Three generations of one family took part in memory of Michael Wilson who died of cancer. His widow Margaret Wilson, 60, from Uldale, overcame an arthritic knee to complete the course. I just thought I could do it,” she said, “It hasn’t bothered me until the last half mile.” The 15-strong team of Egremont Bunnies nearly didn’t make it to the race at all when their minibus broke down. Lynn Kirkbride, from Egremont, said: “We set off at 9am. We got to the garage at Distington and the bus broke down. We had to phone our husbands to come with cars to pick us up. “But we got here on time. We parked the cars and got to the start just as the warm-up was finishing.” Teammate Janice Shepherd said: “We kept seeing all these cars going past with women with race T-shirts on. We nearly thumbed a lift.” The team of wives and mothers from Windscale Football Club have raised more than £1,000 between them. One of the youngest people to cross the finish line was seven-month-old Dylan Rhodes who was carried by mum Tammy Welsh, 32, from Carlisle. She said: “I ran it last year when I was five months pregnant so I thought it was only right he should come again this year. “It was very hot with him on my back. He was awake all the way round and people were talking to him, it was a lovely atmosphere. “It is a fantastic cause. The more people who raise money the better.” Jo Lewis, from Castle Carrock, ran with her daughters Rachel, nine, and Megan, eight. “We are running for everybody who has been touched by cancer,” she said, “It’s a lovely atmosphere and fantastic that people take it on board. There was a lot of emotion.” Compere William Harrison interrupted his honeymoon to attend the event after commentator David McNeil was forced to pull out at the last minute. Mr Harrison, who works for Cancer Research said: “It was a last minute panic. I got married on Friday but my wife Pauline didn’t mind me coming today. ” The Race for Life, returned to the Sheepmount Stadium in Bitts Park this year for the first time since the floods. The event is run by Cancer Research UK with help from Cumbria army cadets, members of the Rotary Club and Carlisle Ladies Circle who handed out 4,000 cartons of cranberry juice to runners crossing the finishing line. Organisers hope to raise about £230,000.
  7. Hi Mel, Well done Mel :D , You help so many people on this site, and to get Limbs 4 Life up and running is a great achievement. You should be proud of yourself. Love Yvonne xx
  8. Sunshine

    My Race For Life

    Hi Judy, We can both sit in and be miserable together i will eat the savoury foods and you can eat the sweet :D . It is just so boring, even though i might not be planning to do anything. The fact that you can't makes it worse. I am so sorry you are struggling aswell. I wore my leg for the first time last night when i went out for a meal with some friends. It was Ok but today i have not wore the leg because it feels bad. Even though the scab has come off it still seems quite raw. I am not going to wear my leg tomorrow and hopefully wear it Tuesday. I have been very lucky as this is my first sore but from what i have read on this site, i am no where near on my own. Happy slouching :D :) :D Love Yvonne xx
  9. Sunshine

    Hello Everyone

    Hi Kimbo. Welcome to this wonderful place. Love Yvonne xx
  10. Sunshine

    I'm Back

    Hi Marylin, Glad you are back, i missed you. You will need another drink after all of this. Now make sure you are out of the room where the computer is :D :D Love Yvonne xx
  11. Sunshine

    New person on board

    Sorry, i meant to say 'views' silly me
  12. Sunshine

    New person on board

    Hi Paul, Welcome to the forum, I look forward to exchanging vies and laughs. Love Yvonne xx
  13. Sunshine

    AKA Sockets

    I have a liner with a string pull through and tie. I do not know what this is called, sorry. Love Yvonne
  14. Sunshine

    New friend (I hope)!

    Hi Keith. It is nice you have joined us, we are lovely people. Honest Love Yvonne xx
  15. Sunshine

    New Amputee

    Sam, Welcome aboard. It is always nice to meet new people and to share opinions/ stories etc. I am 31, Above knee amp - 2005 - Cancer Love Yvonne xx
  16. Sunshine

    Double wall sockets question

    Ah Yes, I also think their is alot of pressure on a below knee so it must make the socket more flexible.
  17. Sunshine

    My Race For Life

    Thanks everyone, just an update.... I have not wore my leg since Sunday, i got a sore on the back of my leg with rubbing. It is not too big but i dare not use my leg till the sore dries out and gets smaller. I will try my leg over the weekend if it keeps improving. So take note "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME IF YOU NEED TO USE YOUR LEG THE WEEK AFTER :D " Saying this i am so pleased i did the walk. Love Yvonne xx P.S. I am really surprised at how much i am missing my leg, i did not realise that i made it part of me.
  18. Sunshine

    Double wall sockets question

    Hi Neal, If i am thinking what you are on about, the inner flexible liner is so that the hard outer liner does not dig in your leg/groin. I have just got a new socket with a flexi liner and it is so much better. I can wear and walk alot more than when i had no inner liner. Love Yvonne xx P.S. I hope this helps
  19. Sunshine


    Hi Mike, I am watching the footage on the television now. I think it is just so sad of all the people affected. It is not only the victims but people who were not involved also. It brings us together, it is just a shame it takes something like this. My thoughts are with the people who have lost their life and their family and also with strong people like yourself Mike. Love Yvonne xx
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    Afet, I was just getting to know you and it is sounds as if you are leaving us. Thank you so much for your kind words and support. I wish you all the luck for your future. Love Yvonne xx
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    I'm here, I am going nowhere Love Yvonne xx
  22. Sunshine

    The journey has now begun

    Hi Anne, Thank you for giving us an update, you will be so drained. But you seem to be very strong. Laughter is also very good. I found after my amputation i was happy, i thought i was supposed to be sad but for me being happy helped me recover quicker i feel. The many puns we would say without knowing, till the other person would say "YVONNE" but then we would all start laughing. Such as "When i get back on my feet", "Just do one step at a time", "I want to get so legless when i get out". At first my dad would tell me off for laughing. But then soon realised that i was not being sick or thoughtless, and it was my way of accepting what had happened. Victoria sounds like a gem, tell her we think of her lots Love Yvonne xx
  23. Sunshine

    My Race For Life

    Thanks for your support. I have had a lovely quiet day today (Too hot though!!) I feel as if i have rode a horse for 10 hours . I have a sore where the socket touches at the back of the top leg. I am staying away from my leg for a couple of days. Is it best to leave the sore alone as i am doing or has anyone any ideas to heal it quicker? (I have been very lucky and this is my first one so this is new to me) Love Yvonne xx
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    Karen, Best of luck, we are all thinking of you Love Yvonne xx
  25. Sunshine

    What Is Your Occupation?

    Wow, Where do i start - Ally, I agree with dancingfool. Do you get more hours in the day than us??? :D :D Higgy, Don't worry, i was not giving in, i was just trying to be realistic!! I have tried 2 times to do Radiography, the first time i had chemotherapy and radiotherapy just before i started the degree and then last year i had my amputation, just 2 months after starting the course. I was gutted. So this September was going to be my 3 effort. I was just going through the same thoughts as previous. "What if i cannot to this degree??". I met up with some friends yesterday and had a physio session, so i had a GOOD chat with everyone, getting their ideas and sharing my fears. The conclusion is to go into a radiographl dept for a day and see if i can last 5 minutes or 5 hours!! This will then at least put my mind at rest to see what i am capable of at present. And either do the coourse full time, part time or go in another direction. I have the race for life (3 mile walk ) tomorrow so i might arrange the visit the week after next (give me time to recover from my death bed!!). :D . Love Yvonne xx