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  1. mtman

    Another surgery for me!

    If I want to keep her, and I do, then I guess she'll be the only one to give me a sponge bath. :D
  2. mtman

    Hello Everyone. I am new.

    Looks like you cheated the Grim Reaper. Good for you. Glad you are here. I understand the reconstructive surgery delimma. I will be having surgery number five on the 6th of Feb on my left ankle. If this one doesn't work then I'm having them take it off. It's cool to have so many countries represented here. I can say I know people from all over the world. If we could just get someone from Greenland we may have every continant represented.
  3. mtman

    Another surgery for me!

    Well, I saw my orthopedic surgeon today. It looks like I’ll be having surgery number four in the last year and a half on Feb. 6th on my darn ankle. This time the whole thing will be fused. I just had my sub-taylor fused last June. If this doesn’t work the da thing (foot) is coming off! That was an option but I decided to see if the fusion would work first. I’m getting rather tired of this. The nurses aren’t that bad looking but my wife won’t let them give me a sponge bath. What the heck fun would that be. This time I’ll at least do it closer to home instead of three hours away like last time. That’ll make it easier on my wife. We are planning on moving into a new house next month so she’s not happy about doing all the heavy lifting. It’ll be nice when I can get back into the working world again. I’ve enjoyed (for the most part) being a stay home dad but I miss working too.
  4. mtman

    Happy Birthday Ally

    I found my glasses. They were on top of my head.
  5. mtman

    Happy Birthday Ally

    The forties are not too bad. I’ve been here for seven years now... at least if I remember right. Now where did I put my glasses? Happy Birthday Ally!!!
  6. mtman

    Why wait until New Years?

    I thinc the best enventting this cenery is the sepll cheker. i coldn't oporate without it!
  7. mtman

    Why wait until New Years?

    Why can't you do your plumbing anymore? My BK never kept me from crawling under the house, (once I left my leg behind and came out of the hole "without a leg to stand on" and had to go back under and get it :lol: ), or doing anthing else. I've built three bathrooms - one handicapped shower for me, ( all tile), one for my wife and one in a guest house that I built from ground (foundation) up, - Including the plumbing, wiring, drywall, etc. - all by myself. That plus remodeled and extended the original house, doubling it's size. I quit contracting because of my circulation, (or the lack of it), not my amputation. I'm not saying, "Look at me here", what I am saying is that if an old man with a bad heart and little circulation can do it, I know that you can. This photography sounds like a real good deal, but until it get's rolling, you might want to rethink quitting your day job. (I've meant this as a help - I hope it was taken that way.) As for wives, I also have the good fortune (48 years) to be married to the "strength of my life". She is an amazing woman, and I do love her dearly. (Correction - the hearts not bad, just the circulatiion supplying it, The heart and lungs definitely had to be strong to withstand 43 operations.) My problem is that I’m still stuck with my foot which is pretty much useless for anything more than walking around the house. Any physical activity such as walking my daughter to school will haunt me for the next two days and force me back on my crutches. If I could get something done about it I would stay with plumbing. It would sure pay better than photography. Just not as fun.
  8. mtman

    I'm home from the hospital!

    Opps! I guess I was so happy for you that I posted twice. :D
  9. mtman

    I'm home from the hospital!

    That’s a great Christmas present. You will be in my prayers for a quick recovery.
  10. mtman

    I'm home from the hospital!

    That’s a great Christmas present. You will be in my prayers for a quick recovery.
  11. mtman

    Why wait until New Years?

    Well I started my new years resolution a month early because I started back into weight lifting a month ago after a two year break. I’ve also lost twenty pounds of weight that I’ve put on with my inactivity due to my three surgeries. For this coming year I need to find/start a new career to replace the plumbing one I had since I can’t do that anymore. I had a call this morning from someone wanting me to shoot (Photography) a banquet. It won’t pay much but may get my name out there. I need to work with my daughter (she’s six) more this year so she can read better. She wants to read books so bad because myself, my niece and older daughter are big readers and she wants to read like us. I will do my best to show my wife how much I love and appreciate her. She’s the sole bread winner now and has worked many hours during this Christmas season since she’s a retail manager. She’s a fantastic woman!!! I am one lucky guy.
  12. mtman

    hello there

    Good move Cat. I would hate to see Ray have his identity stolen.
  13. mtman

    hello there

    I guess I need to say something. Maybe I’m missing something here- maybe Ray has posted before and has created some resentment before which is why there is so much hostility to him now. I don’t know. This is the first I’ve read his posts. I can understand where he is coming from as far as not wanting to be thought of as a wanna be. I was/am there too. What I read in his post was a teenage curiosity about the fascinating area of prosthetics. I was a very curious teenager too taking apart clock radios and separating the components to make new ones and things like that. I don’t want to discourage someone who may have the brains to maybe find future prosthetics that will help amputees. Am I wrong here? Has he been here before causing problems? Bring me up to speed.
  14. mtman

    The Long Thread

    Let’s see. Does saying John Wayne age me too much? Clint Eastwood? I really don’t pay much attention to, “famous” people. The people I look up to tend to be more real people like my wife, dad, brothers, sisters and people like our military soldiers. I’ve meet a few, “famous” people from Senators, Congressmen to a former president of the United States. But I gravitate toward real people who do things for others and not just themselves (this tends to exclude politicians and TV personalities). Sorry for deviating here.