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  1. Smarie

    Advice needed

    She saw it Tuesday and she said it made her sad because she didn't have any toes. I explained that her new leg would have toes and she seemed ok after that. But she definately didn't like having it touched. We had to take her in becasue she was having pains. She had been fine, no medicine for days, and then all the sudden she started having these waves of pain. They it was healing fine and put her cast back on. Still don't know why she's having pains. I guess it could be because she's walking. She bends her leg left down so it's even with the right and walks. There's no stopping her. :)
  2. Smarie

    Advice needed

    Thank you all for the advice. Savnnah is home and doing great! She is climbing all over the furniture and scooting all over the place. She's even figured out how to stand on her one leg and open doors. She has just amazed us. She didn't complain of any pain today so she didn't take any medicine. She's been playing and laughing ever since she got home. Anyway, I just wanted to thank ya'll for the advice and update you on Savannah.
  3. Smarie

    Advice needed

    Thanks Lizzie for the links and advice. I didn't even realize they made amputee dolls. I have a lot to learn. Thanks for reposting the links, I didn't see the previous post. Sorry if it was a duplicate.
  4. Smarie

    Advice needed

    Hi, My daughter will be having her leg amputeted below the knee tomorrow, April 17th. I have prepared her as much as can but I don't know how much she fully understands. She's not quite four, she will be in July. She knows the doctor will be removing her leg and she will have to heal for a while and then she'll get a new "plastic" leg. But I'm afraid of her reaction and emotions when she wakes up after surgery and the reality of the situation hits her. I know once she gets her prosthetic she'll be fine. But the 6-8 weeks she's without one concerns me. That can seem like an eternity to a child. Are there any books that deal with this? Any suggestions on how I can help her through this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!