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  1. hy all since 2 months ago y had been diagnosticated with perthes dessease on my lbk doctors says that normaly the solution is to wear an abduction brace ,but in my case it will be dificult to wear on by the other leg amputation . i would like to intent it. does anyone to wear that brace in the same situation . regards i send a pic of the brace

    Help for clogs size conversion

    it seems that no body ampute use to wear clogs in that case wearing nomal shoes a 28 prosthetic feet which is it size? thanks again
  3. hi all im looking for to buy a new pair of wooden clogs with closed back ¡ i wear a dynamic foot size 28 i would like to know the clog size for this foot regards martan

    stubbies protheses?

    kap Thanks for your request. the question is to be prepared to begin this new step. it was so much traumatic for you walking out home ? regards

    stubbies protheses?

    Hi all. Thanks for your replys. I dont know what to do i think i´ll never to walk with then and by other hand im afraid for the look with these devices. my large is 1,84 m and doctor says with stubbies will be 1,48m more or less. thanks again
  6. Hi all i back again, ihad need and other surgery on my left leg. now i have ampute my leg rak and lak. doctor says that is better for my a short stubbies protheses . iwould like to know if anyone has uses this protheses. regards Martan

    Home-built peg leg.

    i send several pics of this kind of pegleg

    Thomas splint

    Hi all I would like to know if anyone has used a Thomas splint on ¨good¨ leg at the same time wearing a ak prothese

    Home-built peg leg.

    Is posible to buy a peg leg at: http://www.ferrier.coupler.com/products.htm
  10. MARTAN

    Aircraft piloting?

    Here in Spain you can not accces to get the license (private or profesional) . the rules are very hard for people with some limitation. i had lost my licenses an types habilitations
  11. I have found a simply form to wear wooden (or not) clogs without back straps. i use the velcro prosthetic doctor use. y put a little bit (one part) at the end on clog. and the other one fixed at the nylon panty under toes. the ankle mooving is free. to wear then you must put a paper on the clog then put inside the feet ( on the paper) and finally pull back paper the feet will be fixed perfectly at clog. Martan
  12. MARTAN

    Aircraft piloting?

    Hy again. i sow you are on line at this time. Before my surgery. i was working as cabin crew ( attendant) at first but finaly y work as an air line transport pilot. I got the b-737/400 license and in that moment iwas studyng the dirences course for b-757/ 300. This week began the spanish open for sealplanes at Ocaña airport ( 100 km from Madrid) and i know one of the flyers is a paraplegic girl. she fly with the plane as well as i told you at last mail. Regards Martan
  13. MARTAN

    Aircraft piloting?

    Hy . Dependt were are you from because are very diferent de aviation rules in some countries. normaly you should not be a problen to fly sealplains. you must to makes some modifications. the braakes and vertical timon are fixed at the left panel of the cockpit. the brakes is s simply lever with tree points idem to timon lever when you need to apply the two levers you must fix the lever brakes at one of the tree point and at same time it is fixed to timon lever. BY BY Martan
  14. VISIT THE WEB SITE : http://www.talla.fi/