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  1. peacebaby


    I use a left foot accelerator pedal. I have for 8 years now. :) I'm still waiting for the hapless thief who doesn't know to remove it and tries to steal the vehicle. ROFL... should be good for some laughs :)
  2. peacebaby

    Attitudes about "Handicapped Parking"

    Here is a trend I am seeing in this state. (just moved to tx from or). People with placards parking next to disabled parking spots... in the white lines... so not in the spot but in the white lines.... Where I can't open my door... or my kids door... What is up with that??? So far I haven't said anything because.. i'm a live and let live person.. but sometimes I have to crawl over seats to get in my car... anyone have any thoughts... or just let it go? '
  3. peacebaby

    Attitudes about "Handicapped Parking"

    No it was not wrong for you to use you handicapped placard. I don't use the spot if there is a regular one nearby or if I am having a "good" leg day. If I am having a "bad" leg day you bet I use it. I ripped off my leg and showed it to one sanctimonious so-and-so when she told me I was much to young o have a handicapped placard and that I should leave it to older people who "really deserve it". It left her speechless. JudyH rofl i've always wanted to do that.... I've been an amputee since I was little, so people are always wondering if i'm not allowed in those spots. I don't know why... I walk with quite a limp. Laugh.
  4. peacebaby

    Water/beach activity leg

    Has anyone found a prosthetic that works for swimming? or Has anyone ever found a good solution for water slides (or water park activities)? Has anyone with a c-leg had issues with disney's splash mountain? Peace :)
  5. peacebaby

    Increased airport security after 9/11

    joe.. ... just read your post... maybe it was a female thing? or the time of day???? *shrug*
  6. peacebaby

    Increased airport security after 9/11

    I just had to fly 3000 miles for a funeral. I was unsure if I should run my c-leg through the purse belt (those funky electronics you know). So I just submitted to a pat down/wanding treatment.. what was really funny was that I got through security faster in philly (5-7 mins) on my way home then leaving portland on my way there (25-30 mins). Love those big east coast cities :) :) :)
  7. peacebaby

    Iam Here

    Errrrmmmm Giggle .... We'll have none of that thank you very much. Life is far too serious, we're amputees remember, I mean how could we possibly have a sense of humour :lol: :P *laugh* :lol:
  8. peacebaby

    What you look like?

    hmmmmmmmmmm it didn't add the attachment.. lets try this pics
  9. peacebaby

    What you look like?

    ok here is me :)
  10. peacebaby


    I'll have you know I resemble that remark :lol: Sigh - I rest my case B) *laugh* I c :)
  11. peacebaby


    more near portland oregon....
  12. peacebaby


    Hello, i'm a 29 year old amputee who lives in nw usa. I had my amptation when I was 5 years old. One of my legs was slightly shorter then the other when I was born, the doc's went in to check it out didnt clean off their tools too well and I ended up with a staph infection which turned into ostyomylitis. So after lifts and walkers and braces they decided amputation would be the best option. They got rid of 1/2 my foot and rounded my ankle (basically). Later (around 7 or 8?) they immobilized my knee (metal plate). I currently use the c-leg and except for minor cosmetic concerns I love it. Peacebaby
  13. peacebaby


    There is nothing in this entire world that makes me break out in a cold sweat as shoe shopping does. I dislike it so much. *shiver* I would really like a flat pair of shoes or boots that look good with a nice dress. I almost wore tennis shoes for my wedding.. *laugh* in fact *rofl* i think my mom decorated some white keds for me heh (its been so long i can't remember.. i know we were talking about doing that). anyway.. i think i need sleep now.. I'm really glad i'm not the only one who would like the shoe issue to change.. :) want to start a new shoe company? *grin* i'm game :) *(heh just read all the other posts.. maybe we should start our own company)*
  14. peacebaby

    Airport security

    I just started wearing a dress, taking my leg off and running it through the luggage belt by the metal detectors. heh.. that really got the airport security to notice me *laugh*. In fact when i walked by later they were still laughing. heh I guess after almost 25 years of this I was sick of the pat downs, the wanding and the stares (for no good reason). :) I GAVE them a reason to stare *laugh* :lol: Peacebaby