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    I find it to be the very best product for amputees. I have used it since the ACA convention in 2006. It is fantastic. JudyH (Now JudyT)
  2. JudyH

    Where Y'all from

    Mid-west. I lived in Mt.Clemens MI when I joined the forum but have since re married and moved to Dearborn, MI. I am in the process of setting up a support group on this side of town in connection with the Dearborn Commission on Disability Concerns.
  3. JudyH

    knee walker

    This may not be of interest to you but my invention is a sling that hangs in a walker you put your knee in the sling and you have complete mobility. I invented it when I ran into a hotel room that was supposed to be handicapped accessible and wasn't. My wheelchair would not go thru the bathroom door. With it I could go out the door to the car, fold the walker and pull it across into the car. I can go to the store, pump gas and it travels beautifully. It is great at night when you need to use the restroom.
  4. JudyH

    knee walker

    there is a better one that is a lot cheaper. It is my invention pm me and I will tell you about it.
  5. JudyH


    I used to own an antiquarian bookstore and now am an independent Herbalife distributor.
  6. I know I haven't been active on the forum for a while and I certainly miss all of you. A miracle (to me) I just found oujt that Bob and I can get married without losing my ss. I wish you all could be there to celebrate with me.

  7. JudyH

    Merry Christmas

    A Merry Christmas and a healthy asnd happy New Year from Bob and I and Rhett & Scarlett (Dachshunds) and Mr. Boots (the cat). JudyH
  8. Ed, I use a metal liner drying rack. It is like 2 circles connected by a thin dowel. it almost looks like a hat stand but the liner dries overnight. I found the ad in InMotion magazine. I think it was $20 JudyH
  9. JudyH

    Caution for Mirror Therapy

    I discovered, by accident, that putting a vibrating pillow either under my good foot or on the end of the stump that it confuses the nerves or directs their attention elsewhere. JudyH
  10. JudyH

    Are you active with your kind of amputation?

    Judy, the foot sounds like an Echelon and you're going to love that and the vacuum suspension. I think it's about 80% of a real leg. I think the name is Profero or something like that - when I talk to my prothetist I'll ask JudyH
  11. WE will be flying to Las Vewgas in January for a training seminar. We are taking Spirit airlines and I need to find out what we can and cannot take as medical necessities. Does anyone have any info? JudyH
  12. JudyH


    This is a little late but it was very scary for me. As some of you know my husband of 43 years died in July of 2005 and I lost my right leg in November of 2005. Double whammy. I got my first leg in Jan 2006. In February 2007 I decided that I did not want to be alone for the rest of my life. I paid for one month of Eharmony and I met a wonderful man. We were both up front about our disabilities. Bob was going blind and a life long diabetic. I mentioned my amputation. We answered 28 of the 29 questions exactly the same. B ob was also the only man who replied that was not concerned about body type. Neither of us will ever b e mistaken for twiggy. We have been together ever since. We cannot marry or I will lose my Social Security but we had a commitment ceremony with a minister. I figure we are married before God and I edon't really care what the state thinks. I will be changing my name. I guess I was very lucky and I have never been happier in my life. JudyH
  13. JudyH

    Are you active with your kind of amputation?

    Mary, I haven't been on the forum for almost a year due to all kinds of medical problems between me and my husband. I am very active with my BK amputation. I almost never even use a cane (unless by back is giving me a prob lem). I usually don't think about it. I put my leg on in the morning carry a couple extra socks in my purse and go for it. Until my husband became ill we walked the dogs 2 miles a day. I am getting a new foot and suspension system in the next couple of weeks. The foot (can't remember the name) automatially adjusts for ramps,stairs, rough ground and !!!! heel height.I hav e had a pin system since Jan 2006 but my stump is shrinking some and I have been walking out of my liner. I am going with a vacuum system this time. When I had my amputation the surgeon told me I two decisions to make 1. did I want to live or die and 2. did I want him to cut it off in 2 inch incrementss or cut it off at the best spot. I said I wanted to live and he had one shot at it to get it right. I have b een very satisfied. JudyH
  14. JudyH


    Put a plastic bage over your artificial foot. Judy
  15. JudyH

    Finally Back to Work!!!

    I will be working in the local Community Action office. I will take applications of people who need assistance with lights, gas, rent, etc. It's the title for the non profit organization in our state that helps low income people when they need it. We won't "give" them money,(it's paid directly to those places) we help them with applications for assistance with programs that would help them. In Illinois, if you are under certain low income levels, there are programs that can help you in emergency situations, with lights, gas, and even rent, (if you have been attempting to pay them) things of that nature. It will be my job to take those applications, to help them apply for others, and to know about all of the programs that will help them. I'll have to attend county meetings, etc, on all of this.. It is a "good fit" job. They have made this job for "after hours" workers, so that if they are working, and still need help, they can apply after work hours, so, once I am familiar with all job duties, I'll be running the office during my hours... I figure, that one means, ME.. I'll probably be the only one there. I'm looking forward to it. And, I will miss my clients at the tax office.. I like working with people...Been thinking about working part time in another office in town.. I know I will bring them business, cause I'll pull my clients with me.. They are still asking where I'm going if I am going to do taxes this year.. Cheryl, the thing about taxes are... it's like putting a new jgsaw puzzle together every year.. You have to know your stuff, but guaranteed, the feds will change it every year.. it is a constant state of learning and classes...... maybe I won't miss it.. Higgy - I think the job was made for you - good luck. Judy
  16. JudyH

    Happy Birthday Higgy

    Higgy - Have a great day! Jusdy
  17. I use a Comfort Ag under liner because the silicone makes me itch. If you contact them they will send you a free one. JudyH
  18. JudyH

    Falling on stump.

    I fell on my stump the night I came home from the hospital - I went down in the bathroom and slammed my stump into the side of the tub - I called my doctor and he said if it was not bleeding thru ( it had a huge bandage on it) he said to put an ice pack on and come in in the morning. JudyH
  19. JudyH

    Cold PAINFUL stump

    If your doc is ignoring your pain - get a second opinion. And keep asking until you get a solution to the problem. JudyH
  20. I envy you high activity life. Unfortunately with 4 stents, diabetes and severe neuropathy that is not an option 4 me. I hope all turns out well from your latest accident. Keep your hopes up.

  21. JudyH


    Neal, Before I got the Comfort Ag underliners I could only wear my leg for an hour or two. Once I got them there is no stopping me. My record is 36 hours when I was at the hospital with my best friend. Sometimes it will be very wet when I take it off but it doesn't aggravate my le at ll. JudyH
  22. JudyH

    bone spurs

    Stubby, I agree with you 100% about your prothetist. I really lucked out with mine. In the area where I lived there were several prothetic companies. One of which I would rather live in a wheel chair than go to. I am in the process of getting a new leg and I never cease to be amazed at the amount of time he spends to make certain that everything is right for me. If I call him he will squeeze me in ASAP or will stop on his way home from work. I was very difficult to fit because I couldn't stand anything on my shin bone. he refused to give up and finally cut a relief in the front of my socket which finally solved the problem. JudyH
  23. JudyH


    Neal - I use the Comfort Ag underliner. If I didn't wear it I would be pouring the sweat out. JudyH
  24. JudyH

    Holiday snaps

    Cat - wow the pics are incredible. Thanks JudyH
  25. JudyH


    Welcome back Brenda. You are just a youngster. I became officially old (according to Social Security) and just welcomed my third GREAT GRAND CHILD. I also have 4 kids and 10 grandchildren. We all have issues with computers and families and whatever. Good luck. JudyH