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  1. stevec

    What you look like?

    This is getting udderly rediculous now
  2. stevec


    I know it's a daft question, but why is it strange? It could be an allergic reaction, or a sweat rash, or a liner burn (not so likely as it's on the bottom of your legs), or a fungal infection...or some other 'weird and wonderful' skin lesion. You really need it looked at by a doctor, Steve, which I know isn't much help on a bank holiday weekend. :(Lizzie :) PS Why do these things ALWAYS happen on a bank holiday weekend? Sweat rash was my first thought, as it has been hot lately and I have been extremely active at work (even more than usual) walking a hell of a lot and climbing ladders, crawling under desks etc and have been sweating bucketfuls. Going to stay off them for as long as possible today, and see if it dies down. And in answer to other people, not wearing new liners, had these ones about 4 years now, I have had this before but only for a couple of days then it just seem to disappear of it's own accord.
  3. stevec

    What you look like?

    Well done great topic everyone! :-) Been far too busy with work this week so sorry for being so quiet!
  4. stevec


    Strange rash on the bottom of both my stumps, only hurts first thing in the morning, but it bloody hurts :-(
  5. stevec


    Good luck mate, must have been a hard decision. I didn't have to decide it was forced upon me, but it aint all that bad IMHO. :)
  6. stevec


    Thanks everyone for the welcome! Back at work today after a week and a bit off :( Can't be bothered!
  7. stevec


    Thank you Lizzie!
  8. stevec

    What you look like?

    :) Nowt wrong with a few greys man!
  9. stevec


    And hello to you too! :)
  10. stevec

    Where Y'all from

    Mackem a nice accent? Ok if you say so :)
  11. stevec


    G'day mate! :) Sorry that is my best aussie impression! ;)
  12. stevec


    :) We'll say 21 then ;)
  13. stevec

    What you look like?

    Ah shush man! It's the only one I had handy :)
  14. stevec


    Ah a lass who thinks like me! Think we'll get on well love ;)