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    I enjoy shopping for clothes and shoes, dancing and going on the internet (especially ebay and msn).

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  1. lisa

    Neuromas are a pain!

    Hi Sue I know you had your surgery 6 years ago, but I wondered whether this surgery helped you with your pain? Lisa
  2. lisa

    Do I have a neuroma?

    Thank you everyone for responding. For some reason I haven't received any notifications, so didn't realise anyone had replied. I definitely have a neuroma and from what the Doctor has said, it's a big one. Stupid thing is, if you read my posts on here, I have thought this for a while and I did go to my GP and she brushed off my concerns and prescribed tramadol. I am being referred to a specialist and will definitely base my decision on everything but I am going to go through all the posts on here first.
  3. lisa

    Electric Shock Type Spasm

    Hi Kathy I didn't realise anyone had responded. Anyway I have had my MRI scan results today and it is a neuroma. I am just waiting to see a specialist, but if surgery is an option, then I will definitely have it removed. The Doctor seems to think it is 13cm's long, but even she thought that must be wrong.
  4. Hi Everyone It's been a while since I have posted, but I am hoping that someone maybe able to help and advise me. I became an amputee 12 years ago and have always suffered with phantom limb pain, and in the early days I would experience an electric shock type spasm approximately twice a year. Over the years this has increased and I am now suffering on average once a month. It is now so bad, that even with tramadol, I can be screaming for days. The only relief I get is when I punch my stump, as this seems to distribute the pain, so it isn't so intense. I am literally at my wits end, because to be honest I would pretty much would try anything, at this point. I know I'm not alone in this pain, but am willing to try any suggestions. Thanks in advance Lisa
  5. Hi Everyone It's been a long time since I was last on here, and I'm hoping that someone might be able to help? I have had nerve damage and phantom pain since my leg was amputated, but in the last year I have experienced a pain that literally leaves me screaming in pain and none of my medication even cuts it and this pain can go on for 2 days. I am experiencing this kind of pain, at least once a month. Could this be a neuroma? Is there medication that will ease this kind of pain?
  6. lisa

    Amputee T- Shirts

    My partner had one made for me which said " I'm leg disabled, not head disabled!"